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Sub Domain vs. Sub Directories, Which One Is Better For SEO?

Description: The whole world is going gaga over the internet. Each and every business wants to have their superiority over the search engine and they all want to become number one. But the debate over whether the subdomains are better or the subdirectories are best continues even today.

Sub Domain Vs. Sub Directories, Which One Is Better For SEO?


When it comes to search engine optimization you would agree that it is not the SEO that poses as the hardest thing but the understanding of the various types of variables that are responsible for making it work.  Some people get confused whether it is the subdomain or the subdirectory that is good as far as SEO is concerned. Well, the subdomains vs subdirectories debate is sure to continue till people find a definite answer to it.

Whether you should use subdomain or subdirectory for your website will depend on two factors such as

  • The type of business you are in as this will determine whether you want to have a subdomain or a subdirectory
  • The SEO is the factor that most people agree upon and would say that this will not show any difference. But, the fact is that it does matter a lot and that is why this debate is still on.

First things first what is a subdomain? Basically, subdomain as the name suggests is a subdomain of a parent domain.

What is subdirectory?


A folder is a subdirectory.

What is the difference?

When you talk of subdomain you talk of a domain under another domain. However, this subdomain which is actually a part of the main domain is treated like a totally different website by the search engine. If you have created a link juice for the main domain it is not necessarily leading to your subdomain. If you form a subdomain for your well established website it is most likely that all those back links would not work in the way you want them to as far as SEO is concerned. You will actually be starting from the scratch if you build a sub domain.

Good reasons to go for subdomain:

  • Language: If you want your website to show presence in areas of different languages then this is the thing to go for as you can establish a subdomain for each of the languages.
  • If you have to keep your franchises linked to your main domain then too you can go for subdomain for each one of them.
  • If your company is into selling products of different varieties and you want to focus on each of the items individually then subdomain is the best.

Although these are a few reasons why you should opt for subdomain but these can never become hard and fast rules. The only thing to remember is that when you make a subdomain you actually start from the scratch.

When you create a subdomain for the search engine it is yet another website it treats it as an independent entity unlike what you intended it to be. This is the reason that the SEO results of the search engine will not be the same as they are for the main website.

However, if you opt to make a subdirectory your same content will fetch you more rewarding results and you will have a great deal of traffic coming to your subfolder through your main website. Even if you plan on keeping the content for your subdirectory exactly same as that of your subdomain you will see a considerable difference in the amount of conversions happening at the subdirectory as compared to the subdomain that you were using previously.

There have been many experiments happening to come to a conclusion of subdomains vs subdirectories debate but the results have been so indefinite that you cannot say for sure whether you should opt for subdomains or subdirectories.

subdomains vs subdirectories debate still continues:


subdomain may be technically easier to maintain because of certain setups. It can have backlinks to the main site. But it still needs to establish its own identity and reputation whether it is through the backlink from the main site or from other sites. The main drawback is that the subfolder will never rank higher in the search engine as fast as the subdirectory.

The subdirectories are however meant to give faster results and can start working for you as soon as they are there in the online world. The blog is able to take up the place of the main site and therefore can start showing immediate results. Though you may design the website in a completely different way you will have a better integration of the sub directory with the main site. The backlinks that you created as well as the mentions of the folder on the other social platforms due to the content of your blog can help your subdirectory to come to the forefront in the search engine without a lot of efforts. You can even track the appearance of the blog and its access with the help of Google analytics.

Though the subdomains vs subdirectories debate is on and the experts point out that if your main domain or website has any kind of logical hierarchy and content that is semantically relevant it is always a good thing to choose subdirectories for your blog but if the situation is just the opposite, that is some portions of your main domain are not semantically relevant then subdomain is good enough.


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