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synthesis-banner-wordpress-hostingIn the following post, we are going to make a comprehensive review on Synthesis in respects of its hosting price value, usability, performance, and support.  We hope it can help our readers to know whether Synthesis is a trustable web hosting provider or not.

Synthesis ( was found by Copyblooger Media in 2010. The company is a web host who only focuses on developing superfast and secure WordPress hosting solutions. To be one of the best professional managed WordPress hosting providers, Synthesis also delivers SEO tools and content marketing besides WordPress hosting to help webmasters build and manage their websites easily and successfully.

Synthesis Current Promotions

It is well-known that managed WordPress hosting is not very cheap, even a little expensive. However, at Synthesis, customers now can receive 10% discounts from the monthly prices, when they purchase quarterly terms. For example, the company Standard plan normally starts at $47 per month, after 10% discounts, it will renew at $42.33/mo.

Synthesis Exclusive Deal Synthesis Exclusive Deal
10% Off

Synthesis Review on Price Value

Synthesis has 4 major managed WordPress hosting packages, namely Enterprise, Advanced, Professional, and Standard; besides, the company also provides custom managed WordPress hosting plan for large, complex organizations. Synthesis offers different features in each package to meet almost every kind of customers’ requirements.

Here, we will take Standard plan as our example to show Synthesis managed WordPress hosting features. In terms of technical specs, Standard includes 1 domain, 10,000 daily traffic, 2 TB monthly bandwidth, 10 GB backup storage, 20 GB disk space, as well as 1 GB memory.

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In addition, Synthesis also includes many high-performed features. Its Standard contains Genesis Framework, non-Genesis themes, Genesis support, brute force prevention, SSL certificate, Site Sensor, the Pro version of W3 Total Cache, fragment caching, and more.

Moreover, Synthesis provides many free marketing tools, including site optimization, on-page optimization, keyword research, influencer Outreach tools and social media research. With these powerful marketing tools, webmasters can easily handle their online business successfully.

Providing rich-feature managed WordPress hosting packages, Synthesis also sets affordable prices for customers. Just like that we mentioned in promotions, its Standard is the cheapest one. For monthly terms, it is $47/month; for quarterly terms, it is only $42.33/ month after 10% discounts around. In terms of payment, customers can choose to pay with credit card (such as VISA, and American Express) or pay with PayPal.

Furthermore, we are glad to tell webmasters that Synthesis offers Standard and Professional customers with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, webmasters can freely try Synthesis managed WordPress hosting with zero risk. As for another two higher packages, the company allows customers to talk about the guarantee policy with it directly.

So now we know it clearly that Synthesis offers a wide range of features to its managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price with flexible guarantee. High price value will be the first point to attract the eyes of webmasters.

Synthesis Review on Performance

Synthesis runs their managed WordPress hosting based on virtual private server, which can ensure better security and performance. Besides, the company builds efficient NGINX architecture, on which the performance of customers’ websites can be radically improved. That’s why Synthesis can guarantee 99.9% uptime. Let’s see the details in below.

Synthesis VPS technology is based on OS virtualization and provides all the benefits from virtualization, enhancing the server performance. As for its efficient architecture, it includes secured configurations which are created by Synthesis team who uses rich experience and audits input from 3rd parties, keeping the bad gays away. Meanwhile, Synthesis provides customers with NGINX as well as PHP-FPM, which will give them the same software that heavy traffic websites use.

Additionally, self-healing process is also in the architecture. Synthesis utilizes specific tools to determine all software process’s health on VPS. iWatch support comes in the architecture as well, monitoring critical files real-time. At the same time, the company also provides CloudFlare support, 24 hour network monitoring and more to ensure the security of customers’ websites.

Due to its state-of-the-art architecture and dedicated VPS, Synthesis brings breakthrough speed and security of WordPress hosting solutions to customers.

Synthesis Review on Usability

To help webmasters, especially some beginners, build and run their online business smoothly, Synthesis also offers many easy-to-use features.

For webmaster, the migration seems to be the most difficult and complex task. But at Synthesis, they can free from it. The company offers optional migration services including migration, dehacking and clean-ups. If customers need it, via support deck, they can easily request it for a fixed fee of $99.

In addition, customers can enjoy many marketing tools packaged in every plan to begin and extend their online business easily. Free malware removal and brute force prevention can automatically scan and solve security problems.

Moreover, Synthesis will offer daily backups that allows webmaster to restore their sites in minutes. So customers will never be bothered by content loss any more. All these features can help save more energy and time for webmasters to do what they like to do on their sites.

Synthesis Review on Support

Synthesis only provides managed WordPress hosting, thus the company will manage the servers, configurations, network, security and any other questions from customers. If customers sign up their accounts, they will get 24/7 email or help desk support from Synthesis WordPress expert team. Besides, Synthesis also prepares FAQ and Blog for customers to search necessary information they may need.

To be honest, Synthesis customer support is pretty good, but the company still needs to step forward and improve it, so that customers can get better and instant help from its experts.


In a nutshell, even though Synthesis is very young, the company pays 100% attention to managed WordPress and does great job now. Rich features and powerful tools at affordable price make Synthesis possess high price value. Exclusive architecture based on dedicated VPS guarantees Synthesis premium performance. From these two points, we could say that Synthesis is a good web host for managed WordPress hosting.

If Synthesis can make great progress on customers support in the future, we believe that the company could be one of the best managed WordPress hosting in the industry. At present, Synthesis is still a good choice for webmasters, especially for small to medium organizations.

To read more information about Synthesis or its managed WordPress hosting solutions, please go to

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