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Best SEO Practices for Your Magento Product Pages

After getting your Magentowebsite up and running, you might be feeling distressed about how to optimize it for search en...

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Check out These SEO Settings before Launch a New WordPress Site

You’re rest assured that everything on your WordPress site just looks great, from design to call-to-action to backups. I...

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Some Game-Changing SEO Trends For 2020

2017 has been proven to be a seismic year for the world of SEO. Google, synonymous with search engine itself on a world ...

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How to Promote Your Business On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site for career professionals, where you can find a job as well as connect with joint ve...

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Top Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings

When you are making marketing for your sites, Twitter is usually one of those commonly used tool, but you may find diffe...

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Guide on Website Image Optimization For Ecommerce Site

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when you are running an online store or any other ecommerce si...

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7 Simple SEO Tricks And Tips That Still Bring Improvements in 2020

The Internet spans an extensive worldwide web with millions of websites, and in this sea of websites, you never know wha...


SEO vs. SMO: What Is The Difference Between Them?

If you have not been living under a rock so far, you obviously must have heard about SEO and SMO. The first term stands ...


Elucidated The Importance Of The Search Engine Marketing Techniques

With the recent trend of the social media marketing, we all must have heard of the term “search engine marketing”. Ever ...

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Long Tail Keywords or Short Tail Keywords – Which Is Better For Your Website?

In the regular short tail vs long tail keywords showdowns, sometimes, the former is the winner and at other times the la...

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How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your PPC

One of the major ways to make money from your blog or through the Internet is through adverts. There are also advert com...

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HTTP vs. HTTPS and SEO: Why You Need to Switch to HTTPS

Last August, Google launched an announcement of giving a ranking boost to secure HTTPS/SSL sites so as to keep everyone ...

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SEO vs. PPC: Which Is Right for Your Website

One question you will have to deliberate on when you want to make a decision on monetizing your website is, “SEO vs PPC,...

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Why Do Sites Rank High On Google Results When They Are Not Optimized?

How to rank higher on Google search is the aim of each and every website owner and it requires them to follow some pre-d...

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Do Keywords Still Matter for Your Website?

If we talk about the old 2000s, the microsite owners were becoming millionaires as their business was sky-rocketing with...