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How to Exclude Specific Authors, Pages and More from Your WordPress Search

When you are managing your WordPress website which offers WordPress search for something for your users, have you ever w...

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How to Block WordPress Users without Deleting Their Accounts?

When you are managing your WordPress website, have you ever wanted to blog your WordPress users from your site? For thos...

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How to Upload a HTML Page to WordPress without 404 Error?

Have you ever encountered the 404 error when uploading a HTML page to your WordPress website? It is likely that you need...

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Top 10 Catalog WordPress Themes 2020

For those online websites selling products, presentation is vital. It can woo visitors and increase your sales. However,...

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How to Create WordPress Product Catalog without Any Shopping Cart?

If you are managing your WordPress website and planning to add your products on it, you need to classify these products....

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How to Add Content Locking in WordPress?

Have you ever tried to add content locking to WordPress? Currently, there are many webmasters have added it on site to i...

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Top 10 WordPress Facebook Plugins & Widgets to Grow Your Blog

In the age of information and digitalization, online social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagr...

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How to Create Interactive Images on Your WordPress Website?

Have you ever heard of interactive images? If you do, then do you ever plan to create them for your own WordPress blog? ...

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How to Sell Ads on Your WordPress Blog?

Do you plan to sell ads on your WordPress website or blog? It is one of the most common methods to monetize your blog or...

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How to Use Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in WordPress?

Have you ever heard about the way of displaying certain posts by using Google AdSense on your WordPress site? The matche...

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How to Use FOMO to Increase Conversions for Your WordPress Website?

Have you ever heard of FOMO? It is actually the abbreviation of “fear of missing out”, which is a marketing skill using ...

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How to Add a WordPress Custom User Registration Form on Your Website?

A beautiful and clean user registration form can easily catch users’ names and engage more users to your websites. Howev...

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How to Set, Get, and Delete Cookies in Your WordPress Website?

Cookies are actually a useful tool storing the temporary data in users’ browsers and then using it to improve user exper...

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20+ Best Free WooCommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

People may know that WooCommerce is similar to WordPress, coming with a large number of plugins and extensions. And thes...

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How to Translate WordPress Plugins in Your Language

It is well-known that WordPress is an open source platform offering users a number of types of plugins to enhance their ...