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The Holiday Season Is Coming. What Can You Do For Your eCommerce Site?

Admit it or not, the holidays are coming soon. And this is a great marketing opportunity for your eCommerce business. If you have started your prep work, you can feel free to face the orders rolling in. But, if you still don’t plan things out in advance, you’d better spend some time having a brief look at this checklist that is helpful for getting everything well organized.

Top 10 eCommerce Days of the Holiday Season

There are some most important days during the holiday season, which, as an online retailer, you should mark them down and launch your campaigns in accordance with different festival culture.

  • Thanksgiving
  • Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

While there are also other holidays spread throughout the year, like April Fool’s Day and Mother’s Day, the holidays celebrated at the end of the year must prior to your list. All statistics have proven that these days are most profitable for you as long as your eCommerce site is hyped ahead of the schedule.

Some Awesome eCommerce Tips to Sleigh the 2017 Holiday Season

As a small online retailor, your eCommerce site needs to be in tip-top shape for the season so that you can keep up with your larger competitors. Now, ready to get started?

Site Traffic. If you don’t want to lose valuable sales because of the site slowdown or system crashing, you need to proactively inform your web hosting provider of your sales and promotions during the holiday season, making sure they are prepared to handle sudden high traffic. Otherwise, if you find them are unable to give you enough support in terms of site speed and reliability, migrating to a more reliable solution as soon as possible is also recommended.

Load Test. Conducting a load test is necessary, from which you can clearly know whether or not your site is capable of keeping good speed experience even in traffic spikes; if not, do everything you can to optimize your eCommerce site.

Site Security. An online attack can lead to your eCommerce site being down. It can be extremely costly if it happens. So, try your best to secure your site, such as updating your plugins and themes or installing a premium SSL certificate.

Mobile Responsiveness. Projections say around 30 percent of shoppers nowadays will complete their purchase on their phones or another mobile device. Make sure you have a mobile responsive design is of great importance to draw attention of existing or potential mobile-side customers.

Mobile Friendly Emails. Checking email on mobile devices is steadily on the rise. When you plan to send sales emails, spend some time adding a clear call to action to your promotional link to drive mobile sales.

Mobile Traffic via Social. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are the most popular social networking platforms on the web. As with the popularity of smartphones, more and more people tend to download an app and check notifications directly from their phones. Therefore, when posting links to new sales or products and running paid ads on the social networks, you need to choose the best outlet for your ads and ensure your content fits your outlet and audience perfectly from both desktop and mobile devices.

Sales Planning. It could be a disaster to launch a sale with the wrong prices and products; even worse, you can lose money with the mistake. Plan early, including where, when and how is best to reach your customers, while paying attention to every single detail. Develop an omni-channel marketing plan that involves social media, email, and paid search options.

Email listings. Remove inactive users and segment your email lists to send them the most relevant content and better target your customers.

Traffic Tracking. Having a better understanding of your traffic for this year is helpful for planning for future holiday seasons. Leveraging some traffic tracking tools and conducting a small survey among your existing customers to know what drives people to your eCommerce site so you can constantly adjust your plans and get more buyers in the future.

Ad Keywords. Use some holiday-themed keywords for your paid search campaigns, such as “holiday”, “deals”, “Cyber Monday”, in which way you can stand out from competition in top search spots and customers who are using these terms can be captured.

Social Media Ads. Listen to what people are saying about you on social media and offer them targeted information when they mention your products in social channels. Meanwhile, add well-placed social sharing buttons to your company page to make it easier for people to share your content.

Graphic Design. Make sure all your website banners, best selling products and addons are in place so as to appear at the right time in consumer’s shopping process.

Checkout Process. Nothing is worse than something goes wrong when a consumer gets halfway through the purchase process. It’s not only about losing that particular deal but also far-reaching damage to your user experience and product image. Ensure a simple yet intuitive checkout process that works well every single time is especially important.

Gift Guides. Offering attractive gift cards, like Gifts for Beginners, Gifts for Developers, Gifts Under $5, etc., along with clear Gift Guides, is helpful for improving social engagement as well as increasing organic search placement.

Shipping Benefits. Give your customers one more reason to buy from you instead of from your competitors. If possible, offer free shipping, priority shipping or even overnight shipping options. Besides, be upfront about your shipping prices.

Plan Returns. It’s very possible that you experience a high rate of returns during the holidays. Make sure you’re ready to accept the return products and process refunds or exchanges.


The holiday season undoubtedly is a great chance for eCommerce sites to generate high profits. People are more likely to spend money over a short period of time during holidays. Offer most promotions and sales between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Plan ahead and ensure you’re well prepared to receive high purchase rate, from web hosting and mobile responsiveness to marketing and logistics. All aforementioned techniques combined together can be a recipe for success if you’re planning to get a huge success for the coming holidays.

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