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The Most Common SEO Mistakes

Description: A list of mistakes that is common with all SEO users. Optimizing a sight may sound easy but it is necessary to confirm if you are doing right. These mistakes will change your way of designing SEO strategies for your website.

We have all been there! Designing a website and trying to optimize it with the help of SEO techniques. Choosing the right SEO techniques and constantly trying it on the website yet at times the graph is only slow and moving but not what we desire it to be. So what can be the SEO mistakes we have been doing or SEO mistakes to avoid for getting our much needed traffic to our site! Well things do get easier with time and we have listed here some of the SEO mistakes to avoid to get the best of optimizing done for your site and get it converted into money really fast and easy!9-21

  1. Not using Analytics or tools to the best

We get so occupied in finding the right content and the words which we think are calculative and will earn good traffic. And when they do we just declare them to be the right content for driving in content when the truth is – the best way to understand the traffic pattern is analytics. Analytics gives you an account of what actually is getting converted into money and what is the right content which is earning traffic although.  Analytics provides the in-depth analysis of what is getting converted into money. Sometimes you may get a thousand readers in second but Google may convert only a handful of it into money. So the relevancy and converting knowledge comes from using analytics.

  1. Not being location specific while posting

While you are writing from a specific location, you always aim to target the audiences from all around the world and in that haste you do not provide the details of the location or relevant phone number as you think that will make you location specific. But providing location actually works in your favour as it helps in finding the right audience which is in need of the information you provide. This helps in getting local rankings which can anyday be turned into city, national or international rankings.

  1. Irrelevant Keywords in the content2

Keywords play a big role in optimizing the website and finding the right traffic. There are keywords failures and it is one of the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid. People do fall into a trap of using keywords which are:

  • Generalized
  • Attracts local traffic
  • Attracts free information seekers
  • Gains likes of irrelevant readers etc.

However focus must be given to using the most relevant and relatable keywords which are a reflection of the work you are doing online. Being keyword focused and writing content surrounding them makes a bigger impact on the internet in pulling the graph and driving traffic towards the content. This makes it easier to filter your content and bring the right kind of audience to your website. The right readers get converted better than free information readers.

  1. Common titles and descriptions

Websites and contents are all about being unique. If you do not have a special name, website or logo, it will become very difficult to make a mark on the internet. Similar names confuse people and even more the Google trackers. So if you have a common name there are high chances that all the names relatable to yours will be taken into count and thus make you fall in the ranking. To gain a good ranking and presence on the net it is important that you stand out and choose unique names, titles and descriptions which are reflective of the content, are catchy to the readers as well as can be tracked easily and solely! This will make the searchers land to your page without efforts and thus increase the website traffic.

  1. Not using anchor textsSimferopol, Russia - June 22, 2014: Google biggest Internet search engine. domain was registered September 15, 1997

One of the guiltiest pleasures of writing posts on the internet is the non-usage of anchor texts. We do find it in a variety of websites but still choose to ignore it as they don’t appeal us. The truth is that using anchor texts helps in gaining hits and earns people interests. Interconnecting with a variety of posts helps keeping the readers on your website and not diverts anywhere else in search of the relevant content. Using anchor texts helps in making arrangements for the reader’s further interest and interlinking of the articles which serves as a good base for making traffic.

  1. Focusing on link quantity and not on quality

One of the simplest SEO techniques that people learn early is to use and modify the right kind of links to get an upper hand in the search engines. But this can prove to be one of the SEO mistakes to avoid. While you may be concentrating on reducing the words in your links and framing the words short and crisp, there is a need to select the words appropriately which suits the content, the website name, title and description. Use of heavy words, grammatically sound but irrelevant with the content you have put up with the link shall not fetch you traffic. Instead try focusing on the quality of the links produced. You may have a word or two increased in your link but it shall show the name of the content, or your title, description, website name etc.

  1. Poor Content

The last and definitely the most important mistake committed by people on the internet. This is one SEO mistake to avoid if you are indeed working hard on making a difference. People are coming to your website to read the content, in the end it is the content which makes the readers return, read again and rely on your website for future further traffic. If making use of SEO techniques may fetch you readers and traffic and make them hit on your website, it is the content on the website which decides if there shall be further clicks or not. The content makes the reader stay on the website, like, comment, share and make the website bigger. Quality content brings in quality readers which turns the clicks into money!4

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