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The Real Value of Content in Web Design

Having quality content in your website will help you stand out from the crowd. Your content should be addictive and should able to grab the attention of your viewers instantaneously. Good website content is the key to a flourishing business. Besides being keyword-rich content of a website, they should be meaningful, expressive and convey the right message to its readers. They should also be influential and winning so potential readers are converted to customers.


Copywrite Your Content and Get it Copyrighted

You could be good in your business but you might not have writing skills. Copywriting your content is a good idea. Copywriting is when you hire a professional to have your content written specially for marketing. Once you have quality content created for your website get it copyrighted so your investment in hiring the professional writer is not wasted. Copyrighted content is considered valuable.

Visual Content

Content doesn’t always mean written text there are videos and images also which are a part of your website content. Videos convey complete messages and it is easier to connect to the minds of the people. Custom videos are a good way to engross the audience and convey messages easily; the viewers don’t have to read and understand huge texts.  Presentations, illustrations, diagrams etc. are all excellent ways to put across your message. Challenging conceptions can be easily explained through visual depictions. Good website content is actually a blend of written and visual text.

A Uniquely Designed Website Strengthens the Foundation of Your Contentweb-design2

According to statistics it takes just 5 seconds for a visitor to decide whether or not to stay in your website. Reading text or watching video comes later, he first has to stay to further reconnoitre your website and this can be done by having a captivating design. The appearance of your website is what grabs the attention of the visitor who then proceeds to go through the bold taglines and finally explores the related content that will help them to make the purchase.

The design of the website should be such that it helps your potential customers to connect with your website. A well designed website also depicts the brand worthiness of your company which is the most important key to invigorate purchasing decision in any visitor. The design should work in hand with the content and the brand of your company so it reflects the core values of your business and helps to convert the visitors into buyers.

The typography, colour and resolution of the screen should all be in sync with each other so the viewers are excited to further dive in to discover what your website has in store for them.

Stock Photography Should be Avoided

If you want to be famed for good website content then try and be as realistic as you can. People connect themselves with the pictures and images that you post on the website. Natural and real pictures bring out the originality in them. It builds your credibility and widens the chances of your website to make more sales compared to the other websites using stock images. It also reveals how powerful your company’s sense of marketing is.

Marketing the Content

Every company that is doing business online is aware of the term ‘content marketing’.  Content marketing is basically creating, sharing and publishing the content to gain more customers and extend the market. There are different ways how you could present the content. There are videos, case studies, posts, pictures, news, how to do guides etc.

Content marketing is all about strategy and is one of the best ways to make your website popular. Germane and valuable content if posted regularly will help to boost the SEO of your website and help your posts to come on top of all the results.

How Important is Website Content

It goes unsaid that good content is what draws viewers to the website which then turns these potential customers to buyers. Good content is also loved by search engines and regularly updated content is what they are looking forward to. You need to give the people what they want and a search engine’s job is to aid them in their search. For example, what is the total number of pages that contain the product description on your website? You might not have enough pages. For instance, in a blog one can change and add new content daily. Every content added is considered as a new entry and acts as a landing page for your website.

Content marketing helps you in establishing relationships with your customers which is why it is good to post information that is both valuable and beneficial. These lines of trust deepen gradually with every useful content that you post in your website.

Take the Help of Social Media4

Good website content shouldn’t be hidden, publicise it and let everyone know what you have in store for them. Social media platform is the largest free platform that you can use to advertise what you have. There is no cheaper way to promote your content. Your content will be available to millions, easy promotion. Just make sure it is quality content. Social websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are good options to promote your content. However, every social website is different and has a different set of demographic crowd so the content that you are posting or promoting in the website should match the intensity of the people who are viewing it.

Having good website content will not only help you expand your business but also build your brands integrity. Powerful content is the foundation for your company’s website and you should ensure that the content is created right.

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