The Ultimate Guide on How to SEO Your Travel Site

travel website guide

How to increase sales and bookings from your travel site? How to keep the stable growth of your travel site? It is so simple but you can find the answer from this ultimate guide. We will introduce a special term – travel SEO, which refers to the set of steps of your travel site optimization for current search engines. Namely, it is a set of SEO practices specifically for travel sites, rather than just a theoretical conception.

About the Importance of Travel SEO

If you are a newbie in the SEO field or digital marketing, you should understand the importance of SEO to the success of your site and numerous benefits of SEO for your site and business. So, to make you pay more attention to travel SEO, we’d like to introduce the importance of it at first.

Get more leads from search engine

Every webmaster does SEO for the major purpose of increasing the exposure and higher rankings in the result pages for keywords about your business. For instance, after an Internet user types “good WordPress hosting providers in the US” on Google search engine, the websites that are optimized for SEO appear in the results firstly. It means those websites get more qualified leads.

For travel sites, there is a report about travelers’ behaviors showing that there are multitudes of people starting their travel as well as booking process via search engines. So, as a webmaster of a travel site, if you have a bad ranking for your travel business keywords, you must lose a large percentage of marketing shares in the travel industry.


Cost-Effective SEO Practice vs. PPC

There are some travels websites which do not practice SEO cannot appear in the best places in result pages but still can rank drive traffics from searches via PPC as well as in special Google AdWords. Although it is a pretty practice and AdWords (one of the best marketing methods) to obtain the more targeted traffic to your travel website rapidly, it is not as cost-effective as SEO.  Even though it’s less expensive, for long term, SEO should be the better investment compared to PPC.

Guarantee Your Travel Business Growth

Do you know how many leads and bookings you can obtain if you got 2,000 people visiting your travel site or blog every day? And what does this bring for you travel business plans?

According to the real travel businesses, the constant target traffic flow can transform a business and really generate chances for business growth.

It is true that there is nothing guaranteed in digital marketing and SEO, but to achieve higher rankings in a right ways cam really make great differences for your travel business. After learn how important SEO for travel business, you can be more patient to SEO your travel site by following the tips below!

Tips of Travel Site SEO

Local SEO

In the first place, we are going to introduce local SEO that is the way to optimize your travel site website, making the site show up when visitors are searching for your location or searching via mobile device located in the area that is just close to the physical business location.

If you want to make your business appear in the local SEO result pages, there are several things you have to do:

  • Build your own Google My Business account and then verify the business address;
  • Improve the account profile with your accurate business description, contact methods, your real photos as well as other things required;
  • Add the schema info. to the homepage;
  • Add the real local address to the homepage;
  • Optimize your descriptions, h1 tags, as well as page titles to reference your business location;
  • Get quality links from highly trusted websites and local websites;
  • Ensure that the business name, business address as well as your phone number is the same at all channels like Google maps, your site, the local directories, and social media pages.

Things above are not complete for local SEO, but these things are enough for you to get started.

Homepage SEO

Homepage is just like the face to a person, which is very important for all websites. Well, so does for your travel website.

If you are running a travel website, you need to include these content on you homepage, which are nice photos of happy travelers on holidays and your properties, the most popular properties on your travel business, the most popular content from your travel blog, the simple introduction about your business as well your differences in services and properties, special deals, and the easy ways to search your properties for visitors.

As for homepage SEO, your homepage should release the signals about your travel business nature and the locations of your properties to Google. Make your homepage SEO-friendly start from homepage description and title, and be sure to add the schema information with your address as well as other contact information.

Category & Tag Page SEO

The categories as well as tag pages consist of the structure of your travel website. What is the good structure for a travel website?

A travel website with a good structure must include the dedicated landing page for each City/State, the dedicated landing page for special area, and the optimized page for each property.

The picture as following shows the good structure of a travel website.

travel website structure

On WordPress platform, “City/State” pages as well as “Special Area” are possibly categories. Ignoring the platforms, you should ensure that your destination pages are all SEO optimized. It means that these pages need unique content and titles, as well as proper h1 tags, which are included in sitemap that is submitted to Google. The showcase of your properties for some special areas should be included as well.

Property Page SEO

To create property pages is to show more information of your particular property for visitors. These informative pages cloud convince potential customers convert. As for your travel website, to create good property pages, you should pay attention to these things: detailed description for properties, nice photos to rich your image gallery, a clear map to show your property’s exact location, the item of facility & service available, the prices & availability calendar, the item of user review, contact information, live chat item, and CTA item.

Technical SEO

Here comes technical SEO practice which is important as well. For your travel site, there are many thing need to be fully optimized, including page speed, 404 pages, the use of canonical URLS, mobile friendliness, implementation of multi-language site, image and video optimization, sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools configurations, and more.

Blogging for Your Travel Business and Website


Travel is more like a kind of visual topics. Readers and visitors prefer to enjoy the nice photos of destinations and properties, which can encourage them to go to special area or cities to spend their holidays.

Additionally, travel is not only an experience but also one of the best ways to share travelers’ experiences. Via what you offer to the potential customers through your travel blog and content marketing, they can create the beautiful expectations and convert finally.

To help you blogging well for your travel blog, we recommend you some popular post ideas in the industry. There are travel tips, destinations in particular areas, typical travel guides for those travelers with children, guides for young travelers, special tips for large travel groups, the best series for special activities like swimming, local guides including where to eat, go in the morning or night, and etc.


According to the tips above, we learn that for the webmasters of travel websites, they need to pay attention to local SEO, homepage SEO, category & tag page SEO, property page SEO, technical SEO, as well as blogging SEO practices. Actually, with the popularization of social media, the social media SEO also has more powerful impact than ever. Taking advantage of that, you should have active social media for your travel business and site. Practice these SEO tips patiently, your travel website must be more attractive.

To learn more tips for SEO, please go to Our Webmaster Blog.

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