Things You Should Know For Google Domain Registration Service

Description: Are you looking to get your domain registered with Google but are unaware about the procedure? Here is a guide that will help you clear all your doubts.

Google stepped into the market of domain registration services just last year and seems to have bought turmoil among the other domain registration services, the biggest fish in this market was GoDaddy and the company sure is posing threats from the free services that Google has to offer. Read on to know more about Google Domain name registration.

What is Google Domains?

According to Google, Google domains are a simple way to set up web address with easy tools of management. It is an invite-only beta service. ICANN has registered Google as a valid registration service provider for some high-class domain names like .com, .net, .biz, .pro, .info, .name and .org. What makes Google Domain name registration different from the others is that they don’t charge anything for private registration unlike the other famous registrars. Because of this the name, contact details and address of the person registering for a domain can be kept hidden. Google domain also comprises of customized branded emails which will have your and your company’s name. It also offers free email and domain forwarding to any Gmail address.

google domains

The company proposes about 100 subdomains, various management tools and customer support through phone. The site does not display any costs for the new services instead they ask the probable consumers to apply for a trial code.

Google declares their services to be dependable, offers consistent hosting, features like mobile site management, e-commerce, drag and drop web building and customizable features.

Here are some features that Google Domain name registration has to offer its users

Domain Management Tools:

Domain management tools let you make changes to your name server records, A record and CNAME.

Ventures with Famous Website Builders:

Google has also ventured with some famous website builders such as Weebly, Shopify, and Squarespace so the users can build beautiful website without having too much technical knowledge.


Private Name Registration:

This is a feature that has made Google Domains famous which is the buyer doesn’t have to pay anything for private name registration either if he is making a domain purchase or if he is transferring his domain to Google from another registrar.

Domain Forwarding:

With this feature a domain owner can forward a domain to another domain name. This feature is not uncommon for other registering domain providers as well.

Branded E-mails:

This feature is one of the best in the list. This lets you create around 100 email aliases with the domain name that you have and send it to your Gmail.

Domain Registration

In order to register a new domain you need to buy at least one year of registration. You need to ensure whether Google Domains is available in the country you reside. Check Google Domain Availability to figure out whether you are covered by Google Domains.

Once you have selected a domain you need to add it to the cart and then proceed to checkout. Before you can checkout you will get a prompt ‘confirm contact information’. Once you enter your contact information Google uses this as public contact information in the WHOIS database for your domain. Remember that the e-mail that you use to login Google Domains can be used to access your Google Domain account. You can check your purchase details before clicking the ‘buy’ button.


The amount of money that you would pay for the Google Domain name registration depends on the number of years that you have selected to register for that domain which could range from one to ten years. The person registered the domain is now the owner of the domain and hold the rights of the domain for the registered years. You can renew the registration of the domain for indefinite period.

There could be some who would be unsure of the number of years that they would like to have the domain for. In this case the safest thing to do would be to select one year and later on think about renewing it or not. Google also offers you auto-renewal and manual renewal option; you can select the best option that suits you.

Renewing Domain Registration

There are two ways in which the domain can be renewed

Auto renew – Where Google will bill you every year after auto renewal of the domain has been completed. This is done before the domain can expire and if you have selected the option for it to be auto renewed.

Add Years – You could go to the ‘Expires’ tab and select the number of years that you wish to increase for your domain. You have the option from one to ten.


Renewing Expired Domain

Normally if your domain expires you have thirty days to renew your registration which can be done by adding years to it like above.

But if it has been anywhere from sixty to ninety days then you need to restore the registration of your domain by paying an extra fee of about $100. The restoration fee will depend on the number of days it has been lapsed and it will also vary for different domain TLD’s. You can know the amount of the restoration fee from Domain TLD’s.

On My Domain’s Screen if you click on the name of the domain you will get a pop-up box asking you to restore your domain. If you click on ‘Restore my domain’ you will be guided to the page where you can add another year to your domain. If the ‘Restore my domain’ is not seen you will see an ‘Expired’ tab, click on it and then click on ‘Add and restore registration’.

You can check for expired and deletion of domain registrations to get more details about it. Google has been with us on the web since ages, it is reliable and the brand is definitely going to provide good services.

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