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Tips for Engaging Readers with Post Reactions in WordPress

Do you have any thought or idea for increasing the engagement of the users of the website? Post reaction is one of the best ways to ensure that your readers would leave quality feedback on the blogs present in your website rather than leaving any kind of comment. Let us check out how one can add post reactions on the WordPress.

It is important to keep in mind that the reaction feature present in the Blogger platform helps individuals (visitors) to have an anonymous and easy means of providing a great amount of feedback on the various posts, and that too without leaving any kind of comments. Most of the WordPress developers have got great amount of queries from the users regarding the means of replicating the basic functionalities present in the WordPress. The best part is that there is a WordPress plugin for this functionality.

post-reactionThe first and foremost thing, you have to do is to install the given plugin and activate it. Once the Reaction Button plugin of the tool is activated, then you have to go to the Settings option and click on the Reaction Button, so that the given plugins settings can be configured. The interesting aspect is that the first option will display the reaction button. You do have to make sure that the button is activated.

Suppose you leave it unchecked, then what happens is that the reaction button will not get displayed on the given website and the plugin will not work even if it is in active mode. Once that is done, then the next option that you have in your hands is selecting where the buttons have to appear. Basically, it is quite easy to customize the given text which appears in front of the button and even with the label of the button. Now the default buttons would be Interesting, Sucks, Awesome, Boring, and Useful.

In addition, among the other kinds of settings, you do have to make decision on what type of the WordPress page button be shown and even try to restrict it as per one vote for each user and try to exclude any among of categories. Of course, you do have other kinds of options like customizing the way on how the reaction button is displayed.

checkboxNow even though such kinds of buttons are quite pre-styled, you may feel that it is not up to the mark to the color scheme of the website. So, in case if you do want to customize the appearance, then you do have to first disable the plugin and its default CSS. This is quite easy to do and you can simply do it in the setting page of the plugin. Another easy way is by clicking the checkboxes, which will help you to view the links of the plugin reaction button or the buttons.css stylesheet.

Just click on the given link so that you can copy the elements and get them customized. Once that is done, the next thing that you have to do is copy and then paste the given customized CSS present in your theme or the given stylesheet of the child theme. If the above aspects or methods don’t work, you could simply try to engage the reader through the Character reaction. The method is quite simple and it involves in engaging the readers and trying to invoke his or her interest in various events that unfold around a given character especially when the users is not getting interested in using the tool.

It is quite essential that you get the attention and response of the readers or users through various comments or feedback. Such kind of attempt is the clear proof of their thoughts, speech, action, etc. related to the events that are going around the given users. It even gives a clear cut view of what kind of events are not affected by those events and even about the readers too who may remain uninvolved and untouched. It is important to make the readers involved in the action and the contents of your website. Each reader or user who comes to the website has to dive in and enjoy and gather extensive experience from the stories and have the exhilarating experience.

Each user or the reader of your website comes or visits a given page with the gradual need that he or she has to know what kind of information is present and how it is presented. Naturally, your website do has to be informative and the presentation of the information should be neat and clean. The entire website should try to bring the reader to the website more often and make him or her a regular visitor who never leaves the website, even though what kind of extensive features or gimmicks the competitors provide.

To conclude, there is no hard and fast rule that the post reaction is going to give you instant results. Yes they do give the best results if they are employed in the right manner.

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