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Tips to Ask for Blog Sponsorship When You are Afraid

As for those who are familiar with blogging business, they must understand that asking for pay for their blogs is one of the most difficult things when starting this business. Some bloggers even said that it is very scared to that, especially for newbies in blogging field.

However, that is indispensable for those bloggers who desire success. Sponsorships are one of the vital sources of incomes for successful bloggers. If you are terrified to ask for the payment for what you are actually worth, you are absolutely losers in the industry. To help you overcome this vital step, we will introduce some useful tips to pitching a client or a brand, which has already worked for you, especially when you are afraid to ask.

Be Wise to Choose Your Prospect

Success is always for those who are well-prepared, so dose for asking sponsorships. When you decide to pitch, you need to do several things first, setting yourself up and improving your chances to create successful pitch to those prospective band customers. Be aware that being wise to choose your prospect is even half the battle. In below, we will guide you to choose the perfect brand to pitch.

Work with the Brands Your Prefer

Think carefully before you answer the question that which brands or products you prefer. There are some questions that could help you. What are those products you are fond of but you never what to purchase from competitors? What will you recommend to your really close friends? It cloud be those big brands, but besides, you could also think about some local grocers or shops which you are willing to back over and over again.

For instance, the grocery market is the place where I frequent. It is also a common place available for all people in my country and they are the largest source of traffic. Then, the grocery market can be a perfect brand to pitch within my own niche.

Build Relationships with Chosen Brands & Bloggers

When you begin to participate into expos and conferences, it is also the time for you start to build the relationships with your chosen brands and blogger. To make it, you need to get the good samples of the brands and then write a short but positive review or make a simple but clear review video on the brands. The review is important to your success in developing the relationships, so you should try your best to ensure that piece is successful!

Do Homework

When you choose a brand to pitch, you have to do some research on it! Try your best to learn its background and study it “about page”. Figure out what the press discuss about it, what the brand is talking about on the social media, and what the differences are between the current promotions and seasonal items.

Never create the pitch idea that is far away from your current audience or niche, but work hard to catch up with them for creative pitch ideas. It can ensure that you always target the right persons pitching for sponsorships. You can use Google, check out social media contact list and LinkedIn contacts, or research their linked websites to find them out!

Follow Them

Once you got them, you should follow them and champion them! Speak out loud the brands and the features make you love them as many as possible! You can share what they share, such as deals and events. Besides, you can subscribe these brands’ newsletters and participate in their campaigns.

Always Listen to the Feedback from These Brands Followed

Here is a thing you need to pay attention to, which is their feedback. Namely, you need to observe that how much they are reaching back to you, when you are reaching to them. Did they compliant you? Did they send thanks?

Additionally, the discussion about their products or brands is a good method to interact with them. You can start it in the means of email or using social media. There is no perfect brand in the market, so once you have some questions about their brands, you can ask them in a good manner. Remember that! If you can operate appropriately, you can learn a lot about their needs and then incorporate them into your own niche.

Actively Sell

Many experienced bloggers think that to ask for money is a much difficult task, let alone those newbies to do this. However, if you can do it professionally and properly, it is just a piece of cake. You have already selected the prospective customers and directly pitch them. Therefore, if these customers are not interested in it, they will not respond.

Real Lessons from a Successful Yard Sale Case

I have ever read a case about yard sale that was the first yard sale made by the owner after she began to engage customers. According to this case, we conclude 4 useful lessons for you in below:

  • Upsell Your Brand or Products

The owner noticed that there was a customer who browsed her Christian books but the customer did not select a Bible that the owner has elsewhere, so the owner actively showed the customer where to get those. The deal was made easily. So, it is quite simple to make sale and the upselling is easy after you make the first upselling.

For you, observe carefully and find out what our prospective customer want or is looking for, and then offer them the right things. The deal is done!

  • Tell The Value

When the owner found a woman looking for kids’ clothes, the owner clearly told the woman which items were nearly new and only worn once or twice. It’ simple, but her deal is done well! Showing the “new”of her items with lower pricing is to show the best value of her items. That’s the reason why the deal is made successfully.

  • Provide Compelling Reasons

The owner encountered a customer wanting to buy a certain book, but the customer was conflicted about it and wanted to learn the reasons that the owner decided to sale it. The owner told the customer that she has used it and the book has served it use. Deal! It is simple like that. Sometimes, the buyers just need a compelling reason for them to make the decision.

Set Pricing

In Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins, we have talked about this issue that setting pricing could be the hardest part for bloggers. How to set reasonable prices? Here are 3 tips:

Groundwork Helps before Pitching

Make all brands’ research. Craft beautiful media kits in the form of PDF. Design your websites in place. Join a blogger support group for encouragement and questions. Utilize guides like “Pitch Session” to pitching a guide such as “Pitch Session”. Get sponsored projects already.

Remember that it is not the time to pitch before you finished a sponsored post. It is because that you even do have work or cases to show in front of your customers. To obtain your sponsored protects by the ways of joining groups where might be easier to start the first one.

Understand and Figure Out the Value

You can set the prices according to many resources. You should understand your work and figure out what they are worth. You are a blogger but you are not only sale your posts but also advertising for your blog’s life. If there is a person considering that your prices are a little high, you could not be willing to take the time.

You can start by checking out your previously pay posts, and then gradually raises the prices from there. However, when you are doing freelance writing, you can set higher rates than you charge on your blog. Of course, you can tweak the prices to get the better response, but remember that if you decide to step down, you need to do it gradually as well.

Always Under-Promise but Over-Deliver

It is an old saying but still good advice. You should set the reasonable prices and show what you can offer for the rate. When the customers are engaged, you can offer a little more than that.


In fact, asking for sponsorships is not so difficult as you think. When you make the first step, and then the next steps are easier! Even though you are afraid of it, you can follow the tip about to get started.

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