Tips to Get High Quality Backlinks

Entire web is controlled by the links, which are one of those many important things for any webmasters. SEO is now gaining major traction since it is very important for search engines such as Google. Since the introduction of SEO strategies, backlinks are often referred as major element that affects the success of SEO. Since creating backlinks free is considered important for the success of your website or blog, this article will be talking about various tips to create backlinks free.


Marketing you website / blogs through articles:

Article marketing is being used as one of the best methods to achieve quality backlinks for various blogs and websites. However, when attempting to create backlinks free through articles, there are many aspects that should be considered to make sure this method works in a proper manner. First of all, one should not just do guest posting on any random website. The marketing article should be posted on related websites only. Here is a case, if you are a marketing firm, your marketing article should be posted on such website that is targeting marketing niche only.

Anchor text is another major factor to take in consider. Make sure that anchor text is being used effectively in the marketing article. Your link would be completely valueless if you do not use anchor text effectively. Make sure that you are submitting your articles to a directory that is reputable and contains quality content only. Also, make sure that it has listing authority in search engines. If you are using dofollow directories, make sure that they have authorities for listings in search engines since many nofollow websites are not counted by any search engines.

Let social networking step in:


Social networking is a great underutilized method that can be used in order to get quality backlinks and create backlinks free for you website or blogs. There are many social websites that possess high rank on their social networking and bookmarking. Such websites are useful to drive high traffic to your account. However, some of them are no-follow and there are still some dofollow. There are many twitter accounts with a rank of less than 10. You can use your social bookmarking and networking account to generate quality back links. You might have noticed that there are many social websites that allow us to add links to our websites and blogs in our bio. We must not underestimate this option and rather make effective use of them to create backlinks free.

Using press release websites:

Quality backlinks for your websites and blogs can also be acquired by making use of press release websites. This is the easiest method to get backlinks since press release websites supply content to many small websites. Those small websites are most likely of getting picked up by search engines, which means that you can generate backlinks through multiple websites like this. It provides more exposure for blogs and websites. When hoping best out of your news release, there are many things to think about. Make sure to give your press release a newsworthy and attractive title so that more people would be interested in reading your news release. Many people will attempt to scrape your content without benefit you with any credits. To avoid such situation, make sure that a link to your website is included in the body of the content.

Exchanging links:


This method is kind of old fashioned, yet works in its own unique way. This method is recommended for newbie on the internet to get good rankings on some keywords by exchanging links. When implementing link exchanges to create backlinks free, you must make sure that you have a separate website to collect / put other people’s links. In this way, your main website would be safe and would not be penalized by search engines.

Submitting articles / eBooks to document sharing sites:

You can also submit your content through articles and eBooks to document sharing websites. This can be done by converting your articles and other contents to pdf files and then uploading this file to document sharing platforms and websites. Doing so will leave a backlink to your website. This method is considered risky by many peoples. However, it can fetch you high quality back links since most of those document sharing websites are considered as a trusted resource by Google and other search engines.

Blogging as Guest:

Guest blogging is highly recommended method to get quality backlinks to your site and blogs. Backlinks that are built through guest blogging are of high quality compared to the article marketing. Many guess blogging platforms are trustworthy according to Google and they never publish duplicate content. Most of these platforms possess higher page rank. Your article is likely to stay on their homepage for a period and attract more peoples that are directly transferred to your website.

Commenting on Blog posts:


It is still being argued if this method generates backlinks or not. However, most of the bloggers believe that this is a great way for building backlinks. Blog commenting does not mean that you just go and spam someone’s blog with irrelevant comments. You can still use this method by writing valuable and relevant comments only. It should be noticed that commenting on no-follow blogs is totally useless. Do-follow blogs and documents are best to comment on. You can simply get a list of do-follow blog in order to improve the quality of your blog commenting.


We hope this article would have given you enough knowledge about generating backlinks for your websites and blogs. Since backlinks are an important aspect of SEO, it is important for every blogger and website holder to know about them. Methods described in the article would surely help your in order to create backlinks free. It is important to know that not all the links are same. Generating quality backlinks would throw more traffic. You will notice instant improvement in your search engine ranking once you implement the methods above.

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