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Tips to Improve Your WordPress Website’s Responsiveness for Mobile

Due to the increasing number of mobile device users and the rising trend of internet users to perform their online activities on mobile handsets, you should consider having a mobile responsive design ready for your website. The responsive design by name indicates a self detection mechanism that can communicate the display window size with the website themes.

01_Responsive_web_designAs a result, with responsive website you WordPress will appear perfectly on tabs, smart phones and on pads. Since more people are spending even higher time with mobile browsing, it is likely to be the next evolution that is soon going to hit the world with such changes. People are more likely to use their smart phones, tabs and pads to browse your website than their laptops or desktops.

Top tips to improve WordPress website’s mobile view conversion

Here are the tips to make your WordPress website responsive for mobile viewers.

  1. Using Mobile Friendly Themes: As new themes are emerging, both the free and premium ones, developers are making responsive designs. You can decide to pick such themes as they will ensure your website’s better visibility across all mediums. If you are not sure which theme would be perfect for this purpose, and then be aware that all the default themes of WordPress are now responsive.
  2. Use Plugins: The heart of WordPress’s superior popularity is its plugins abundance, multiple functionality and wider availability. Besides easy use, such plugins can help you to convert your website into responsive one from static or dynamic ones. A plugin will not only take your content on the site, but also it will turn the site architecture into adaptive to the display device’s browser’s perimeter.
  3. Using Minimal Graphics: Many artistic designers prefer their website to become their paintings canvass. Therefore, they use large image files which pose challenge to making a mobile friendly website design for your WordPress. It is better to have image file right in controllable shape and size and in number. Another important aspect is the use of content types on site. Frequent usage of different content can also hamper the responsiveness of your website. So, have control on that matter.
  4. Purposeful Text: If you have already reviewed and visited few mobile version of WordPress website’s then you might have observed that they do not have the same amount of texts they used to have in earlier versions. Mobile viewing adds the navigation to become adaptive which itself become more communicative than any static page. And use of key text message makes the whole of the website into a blue pearl with fantastic design and message appeal. Therefore, think about the text message to send to your website that you want to convert for mobile phone viewing.

Surely there are other key tips beside the ones we mentioned here. However, these four forms the basis of improving the mobile viewership of your WordPress website being responsive. Now, we would like to see how we can make mobile browser responsive WordPress website.

How to make your WordPress website mobile responsive?

Besides the HTML code one that helps to turn your website to go responsive is the CSS media query. Even in CSS media query there is no much but only putting the 100% in its width description can make the work easier for you. Media queries comprises with the container description where you need to mention the width and margin. You can manually add different measurements to go there and or directly put a percentage figure to make the appearance automatically adjustable with the mobile browser’s measurement.

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