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Tips to Successfully Market Your WordPress Meetup


People who like using WordPress can easily find nearby passionate and like-minded person. They like to learn from others on WordPress, and shared their own experience or knowledge of WordPress with others. About several years ago, WordPress.org posted “Year of the Meetup”. After that WordPress Foundation has always been encouraging more meetups.

Actually, it is tough to get a meetup off the ground, just like starting new business. It needs time and patience before you make it successfully and attract more crowds. That is also why we want to share this guide with you. In below, we are going to talk about server tips to help you get you WordPress meetup off the ground smoothly.

Hit Every Obvious Place but Stay away from Facebook Events

We encourage you to use Meetup.com and Eventbrite, because they include the built-in systems and audience to make your crowds in. Via them, you can easily utilize promoting services and event-planning. If you have check out other successful meetups, you can understand how well to use Meetup.com to make audience come to you.

However, we have a suggestion about using even-planning: do not use Facebook Events. People who accept the Facebook event invite usually feel annoyed, because the invite is the unsolicited notification and not welcoming. It means that these invited are sent by intruding on personal accounts. As for you, can you stand these invites? That’s why we do not recommend Facebook Event.

However, Meetup.com and Eventbrite are different. They make you get rid of that annoying. People can choose their particular interests; Meetup.com Eventbrite can send their notifications to those people through their profiles that can help the systems know that they want to get more information about the events related to their interests. If you use Meetup.com and Eventbrite, you will not make people hate you but attract more to you.

Learn How to Operate Meetup.com System

There are two tricks we want to share with you to make you operate Meetup.com wonderfully. The first is to write the best suitable headlines as well as descriptions. You need know that the words you used will make your turnout or break it. The second is that you need to promote and prepare your events ahead of the schedule. It is very common that not every member of a Meetup.com group can show up, and not all you RSVP can certainly realize.

Why should you send out your notification of a Meetup.com to the groups 5 days earlier than the event date? Imagine that if you host a Meetup.com with 30 attendees and your notifications are sent out automatically, you will have a full house. However, after you send out you notification and the members of the group find a low rate of attendance on your event page, the disaster will happen – fewer persons will attend eventually.

How to make your Meetup.com event page enticing? You can refer to the following features:

  • A group description to list the important searchable phrases and precise benefits of the meetup.
  • Photo albums
  • Unique and professional logo
  • Past events to show the meetup is really something
  • Several reviews from your attendees
  • A long list to topics showing you have many great events coming soon
  • Responses to your event comments, showing you are active to lead this group
  • A list of organizers’ contact information and websites
  • Note of fees for really serious RSVPs
  • The related links to this group

Apart from the former two tips, you need to look out for all abandoned meetups. There are always some members who are willing to join the group of some certain topics. However, the organizers always neglect them.

Join in WordPress Foundation

Meetup is come up by WordPress.org; therefore it will offer support to meetup organizers in terms of the costs of events. Although the Meetup.com system is not free, WordPress want to make a free access to its own platform. Having a powerful support is good to your meetup events is the reason that we want you to join in the WordPress Foundation.

Collaborate with Other Meetup Groups

People can participate in more than one meetup groups. It means that if you are leading a WordPress meetup group, your members can be the members of other blogging or tech industry meetups as well. So, why not host the collaborative events? Working with other groups can double the effect of your events and reach far more your target markets. It is win-win to all parts.

For example, the members who are interested in the WordPress will be more likely interested in social media marketing or HTML. This tip can not only widen your applicable topics, but also keep members engaged in new information.

Create a WordPress Site

To host WordPress meetup, of course you need a WordPress site. As a newbie, it is normal to host a WordPress site with a default theme. To start with that is better to start with nothing. After starting, you should promote the site for your credible brand to attract more members to you. The professional site design can speak to the general value you offer. It also shows the content you are talking about.

However, there are many most WordPress meetup websites which are designed so plainly. Currently, you can get numerous cheap and even free themes outside. If you make full use of the, you can easily set up a wonderful site for you events and organization. Besides, there are some plugins you may need for better control of events, such as Events Calendar and All-in-One Event Calendar.

Never Settle for Less

To put a wonderful event on a meetup is important to the success of the meetup group. The best possible speakers are the vital factor for an excellent meetup. Sometimes, food can make the meetup groups more active, bringing better efforts on it. However, if your budget is not enough, you do worry about it a lot, because the event and speakers are the most important, especially the great content, which can bring more excellent speakers participating in your meetup.

Venues Is Vital

As for those familiar with WordPress meetups, they must know that to find a suitable venue is the biggest challenge. So, as for you, you should firstly research the hurdles and the costs you may encounter and take in this meetup. Maybe you do not know that the first-hand research is always the most valuable information. Sometimes, the coffee shop will be an ideal venue for your WordPress meetup, but always remember to take the number of the group into consideration.



When you are running a meetup, your motivation should not be the financial. And if you are going to be part of WordPress Foundation, your motivation cannot be the financial. Actually, wanting to give back is the only commitment to run your meetup group.

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