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Top 10 FAQ Plugins for WordPress Websites

A FAQ page, namely a Frequently Asked Question page, is a very common web page online, especially for business websites or blogs. FAQ pages play an important role in relieving the requirement of online customer support. If you ever have the experience of answering customers’ questions via emails, you would know how time-consuming and tedious it is to offer answer to the same question again and again. With FAQ pages, you will be released from the job by sharing answers to common questions held by visitors and customers.

In this article, I’m going to introduce the Top 10 FAQ Plugins for your WordPress site. They make it very simple and easy to create visually appealing while user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions pages.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ


HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin is the best free FAQ plugin on the web. It is also a rare FAQ plugin that guarantees full responsiveness and compatibility with every responsive theme.

Highlighted Features:

This FAQ plugin is user-friendly and customizable, enabling you to change the color, font size, and etc. to perfectly match your website theme. HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin also supports adding multiple categories FAQs and custom sorting options. Importantly, you can create a full FAQ web page or just add it as a sidebar widget in your WordPress website.

Price: Free

Arconix FAQ

If you’re looking for a free FAQ plugin that makes adding a stylish FAQ section to your WordPress website a piece of cake, Arconix FAQ plugin should be ranked high on your list.

Highlighted Features:

Arconix FAQ plugin is shortcode-driven; in other words, it lets you add an FAQ section to anywhere on your WordPress website with minimal fuss. Typically, two FAQ types are supported: jQuery toggle and accordion box. You are the decider of whether displaying all answers as default or hiding them before the visitor click to access them.

Price: Free

WP responsive FAQ with category plugin

With 7000+ of active installations, WP responsive FAQ with category plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins to create FAQ pages. It also features both free and paid versions to meet different needs.

Highlighted Features:

The free version enables you to add, manage and display frequently asked questions on your WordPress website. It includes over 15 designs for FAQ with accordion, which can be added and managed with short codes and shortcode parameters. Or, you can customize your FAQ page through a CSS and JS file.

On the other side, the pro version of the FAQ plugin charges from $10 and provides more advanced features, such as WooCommerce product support, Visual Composer support, additional templates, and colours and animations. Extra services are also available with shortcodes.

Price: Free or $10.

WooCommerce Product FAQs

If you’re using WooCommerce plugin to sell products on your WordPress websites, you should consider using the free WooCommerce Product FAQs plugin to extend your WooCommerce site’s functionality. It allows for asking, answering and viewing the FAQs in a similar way as eBay’s “Ask Buyer” system behaves.

Highlighted Features:

WooCommerce Product FAQs lets visitors or customers ask questions about specific products and access answers to their questions. As the store owner, you can manually add questions to specific products. Whenever there is a new question, you will get notifications with links; on customer side, they will also be notified if their question has been answered.

Price: Free

Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ is another popular free FAQ plugin that comes with a paid version at the same time. Like other options, this FAQ plugin lets you select from multiple FAQ layouts and FAQ styles.

Highlighted Features:

With Ultimate FAQ plugin, you can add as many FAQs as you want, create unlimited FAQ tags and categories as needed. The best of all, it supports exporting all FAQs to a PDF and can be used for any content that works similarly to FAQ and that needs to be hidden until it is clicked, for instance, job postings and recipes. It also allows you to insert custom CSS to have a stylish FAQ post.

The premium Ultimate FAQ plugin features more services, including icon sets, User-submitted FAQs, WooCommerce widgets, sharing FAQs on social media, creating SEO-friendly FAQ, FAQ category, and FAQ tag permalinks, and more.

Price: Free or $30

Quick and Easy FAQs

Another free FAQ plugin with over 8000 active installations, Quick and Easy FAQs makes it quick and easy to create beautiful FAQ page that features custom post type and can be later displayed on your WordPress website using shortcodes.

Highlighted Features:

This plugin supports various shortcodes, such as options to display FAQs in toggle style, in simple list style, in filterable toggle style. The text, background and border of the toggle style are all customizable.

Price: Free

Spider FAQ

Spider FAQ plugin helps you add a fully FAQ section to your WordPress website, listing down the frequently asked questions related to your business. You can choose from the free and commercial version in accordance with your website needs and budget.

Highlighted Features:

With this FAQ plugin, you are able to create a well-designed and informative FAQ section by organizing the questions based on different categories and including searching possibility for simpler use.

The commercial Spider FAQ version goes a step further, offering built-in themes and possibility of creating new themes from scratch. Therefore, you can change the color, font, dimensions and appearance of each element of the FAQ.

Price: Free or $20

Fancy FAQ

The plugin brings fully featured FAQ custom post type to your WordPress dashboard and you can create detailed FAQ section and create categories according to your need.

Highlighted Features:

Fancy FAQ plugin is fully responsive and works perfectly with different website layout; in other words, your users will experience better. You can add anything (images, videos, etc.) in answer section through editor and place them in Post, Page or Widget using shortcodes.

Price: $18

Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ plugin just includes a premium version with $16 for the one-time payment. Similar to many other popular FAQ plugins, this solution comes with great features to enable for addressing user concerns and increasing your conversions.

Highlighted Features:

Accordion FAQ plugin is famous for the popular accordion-styled FAQ display and you can benefit from multiple FAQ pages and customizable templates supported. If you’re a beginner, you can follow the step-by-step documentation included to easily set up the plugin and address the issues you’ve encountered with it.

Price: $16

Superior FAQ

Again, a widely-used premium FAQ plugin that is highly customizable and supports deep-linking & permalinks.

Highlighted Features:

Coming with three shortcodes—FAQ Search Box, FAQ Listing, and Most Popular FAQs—Superior FAQ plugin lets you create a custom post and embed it anywhere on your WordPress website. Two layouts are available, simple and boxed.

Importantly, in addition the search box that allows users to type the question they are looking for an answer, Superior FAQ plugin also has an intelligent voting system which enables users to vote for a favorable FAQ.

Price: $17

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to build a successful WordPress website, adding an FAQ section to your site is advisable because it offers you a channel to understand what your visitors require and give highly informative answers back accordingly. Every FAQ plugin on our list is well-designed and easy to use. However, which should be your final choice, free or premium, depends on your website purpose as well as your budget for it.

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