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Top 10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins Of 2017

With WordPress gaining its popularity as a widely used CMS, there are experts who come up with different useful plugins that offer useful features making different jobs and functions on the WordPress website simple and exciting. While old will always be gold there are several new plugins which have been noticed exclusively and are also loved by the people. Here are top 10 coolest WordPress plugins of 2017.

All In One Rich Snippets

coolest WordPress plugins

The first plugin is about rich snippets which is an HTML code placed on web pages to mark it up. A rich snippet tells your content story in short in the search results such as Google or Bing. There are times when they appear in the news feed of Facebook with ratings, image etc. This helps you in increasing the click through rate of your website. Besides you website also gets a higher rank in the search results. Snippets should be used correctly with description and title for it to appear on top of the search results and this plugin ensures that the snippet does come up in the search results.


No one likes spam, is it? Besides annoying you it is also not good for the credibility of your website. Having it filtered manually is difficult and also a waste of time. Alkismet is has been around since 2005 and boasts of cleaning spam at an average speed to 7.5 million per hour. Akismet’ s is anti-spam service which competently processes and analyses huge data of websites and communities. It fights newest and muddiest strategies used by the most spammers. This wonderful feature makes Akismet one of the coolest WordPress plugins which you can have on your WordPress site.

WP Smush – Image Optimization

There are both free and premium versions of this plugin. Image optimization will become as super easy with this plugin. With the WP Smush resizing images are super easy and the large images are scaled automatically. The Auto-Smush feature compresses images automatically so the speed of your website is not affected. You can also keep the information of photographs if you want. The premium version optimizes images up to 32 GB from camera to website directly. The lossless compression squeezes even the last byte of the image and Bulk Smush saves space on the server.

Social Icons

This is a free plugin and its wonderful features make it one of the coolest WordPress plugin to use for your website. Having social icons on your website is important because it is through these icons that your content is shared. This makes your website and its content known to more people increasing your clientele. There are more than 100 social icons from which you can select. All you need to do is drag and drop then in the place you desire. The size of the icon can be changed as you want.

W3 Total Cache

coolest WordPress plugins

This is yet another useful plugin which helps in smooth functioning of your website. The main function of this plugin is to cache all the pages and better the performance of your site and improve the user experience too. You can cache browsers, database, objects and much more. You can also integrate CDN services and decrease the page load time. This is a free version however, it can be upgraded to a premium one which unlocks more features than the free one.

Broken Link Checker

The next in the list of 10 coolest WordPress plugins is the broken line checker. The main function of this plugin is to screen your entire website and inform you about any broken links.

Wordfence Security

coolest WordPress plugins

This is one of the best and most downloaded security plugins in WordPress. The security of your website is the most important thing to consider with the internet so full of cyber criminals who are always on their look out to attack websites. Wordfence security plugin has both free and premium version. Although for the beginning if you wish you could take the free version but when it comes to security you definitely won’t mind spending an extra bit to have your online business secure. Wordfence Security premium plugin has a range of features such as Firewall, tracking live traffic, country blocking, blocks brute force attacks, advanced manual blocking, automated daily scanning, checking password strengths are just a few to name.


The list of 10 coolest WordPress plugins is incomplete without this wonderful plugin. The function of this plugin is to monitor the 404 errors, passes a URL through another file, page or website, keeps a record of these redirected URL’s, automated addition of 301 redirection when the URL of post changes and much more. The plugin is available in 25 different languages. Redirection plugin is very useful when the directory of WordPress installation is being changed or the pages from an old website are being migrated to a new one.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

coolest WordPress plugins

There is nothing more than your website being Search Engine Optimized and this plugin has been developed for this job specifically. There are many important features such as the using the snippet editor to see how your post would look like on Google, it checks whether the keyword is being used often and in the exact place, checks the length of sentences etc. There are many more such SEO related features which you get with this plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps

coolest WordPress plugins

The Google XML Sitemaps is a free plugin which helps the search engines to index your site in a better way. It carves the path for the crawlers to view the entire structure of your site and retrieve it in an efficient way. All WordPress generated pages and custom URL’s are supported by this plugin. Every time you post content in your site this plugin informs the search engines about it. This plugin has been working efficiently for the past 9 years which makes it one of the coolest WordPress plugins to have for your site.

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