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Top 10 Valuable Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

chrome-extensions-wordpressThere is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the well and widely used browsers around the world. In addition to the speed, there are other interactive features like the extensions. The Chrome Extensions can add up a lot of extra functionality for the browser, in order to make it interactive with various other tools like WordPress.

The following are some of the ten useful and best possible Google Chrome extensions available for the WordPress and it enable to uncertainty help in improving the workflow of WordPress.

Google Drive would offer an easy means of collaborating and sharing documents. Even the sending to the WordPress extensions would allow one to send documents and file from Google Drive to the WordPress website. Automatically it would easily import images and even preserves the function of formatting.

  • MultiPress: There are awesome and various bookmarklet present in the WordPress and one of them is called Press This. Basically, it would allow one to share the various links from any place. In addition, MultiPress has got extendable functionality of the Press This and it allows one to add various blogs.
  • PageXray: The PageXray has the extensive feature which allows one to know which CMS a particular website is currently using. Now in the WordPress run website, it would try to find out the plugins and WordPress themes that run on the website. Of course, it may not be able to find out the given plugins however, one can simply find out some of the most often used plugins.
  • WordPress Website Manager: Now for users who can manage the various WordPress website, the WordPress Website Manager can give a simpler and faster means to switch among the dashboards. Besides that it provides a lot faster access to various sections of the website and you even have the option to add a lot of websites of your choice.
  • WordPress Style Editor: The best part of using the Google Chrome and its developer tool is that it is a great means of customizing the themes of your choice. But in case if you simply testr the CSS change given in the developer tool, then you could simply add it to the given theme of your choice stylesheet.
  • Version Check of WordPress: With regard to the WordPress, it is used in more than 23% of the various sites. It can be surprising to most of people that some people still use the outdated version of the WordPress. The WordPress Version Check would simply look out the version of the WordPress run websites. Even it would highlight whether the website is still using outdated version of the WordPress.
  • Comment Saver: Basically, the comment saver a help in keeping track of the posts and comments which you simply write anywhere on the website. One thing about this extension is that it is quite useful for those users who constantly write on various websites and even actively take part in the comments. In addition, it even allows you to filter those websites which you don’t want to track.
  • WordPress-Admin-Bar-ControlAdmin Bar Control of WordPress: There are various means of disabling the WordPress admin bar. And it is for each of the WordPress websites that you work on. All you have to do is just click on the extension button so that it can hide or display the admin bar and that too without disabling the tool.
  • WP Write: The WP Write is nothing but a lightweight browser run client for the WordPress website. Not only it works on offline mode, it even makes it the best and ideal companion to save the given post ideas and work on the drafts and that too without taking the internet connection.
  • Saving to Pocket: This so called pocket is nothing but a modern bookmarking tool which even allows one to save the given favorite videos, articles, web pages, etc. And you can just revisit the pocket dashboard so that you can read them later on. Basically, this simply allows you to never forget any interesting piece of information and that too due to the lack of time. Plus you can easily add the Pocket to the given WordPress blog thereby giving the user a great chance and opportunity to save the articles to read later on.
  • Blipshot: The Blipshot is a single click screenshot for the Google Chrome. With a single of the screenshot extension of the Google Chrome, you can just access it. All you need to do is click the button and it would automatically save the screenshot of the whole page which later on you can drop and drag or edit in order to meet the needs of yours.

To conclude, the above given are some of the basic and commonly used Google Chrome extension. You can check them out and find out how much interesting they are.

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