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Top 10 WordPress Facebook Plugins & Widgets to Grow Your Blog

In the age of information and digitalization, online social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram become the way that all people can stay connected. Meanwhile, WordPress is one of the leading platforms for websites and blogging. The greatest news is that both of them now can be integrated into one.

In order to make the integration easier and efficiently, there are more and more WordPress Facebook plugins or widgets developed in the market. Currently, Facebook is the largest social media networking platform in the world and has over 1 billion active users. So, to integrate Facebook with your WordPress blog, it will better help to grow your traffic and business. In the following post, we will introduce top 10 WordPress Facebook plugins and widgets to you.

1. Custom Facebook Feed

This WordPress Facebook plugin enables you to display your content on your WordPress site from a Facebook page. It is responsive, customizable and SEO friendly!

Having Custom Facebook Feed installed and activated on your WordPress website, you are able to fetch more than one feed from various Facebook pages as well as display these posts anywhere you want on your site by utilizing a shortcode only. Also, this plugin allows you to build up a new page for your Facebook feeds, or show the Facebook feeds in your sidebar.

In addition, Custom Facebook Feed is specially optimized for faster speed and ease of use. In another word, you can easily use the plugin to modify your feeds’ style and colors from your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Shared Counts

We really recommend you to use this WordPress social media plugin, which can help you easily integrate social sharing buttons into your posts, and Facebook sharing button is included.

Shared Counts is highly optimized for performance and speed as well. Using this WordPress Facebook plugin on site, you can easily and accurately display share counts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. To ensure better performance, the plugin includes different button styles, allowing you to select the best one to fit your website.

3. Facebook Reviews

This plugin can help you show those Facebook page reviews on your site easily. Coming with a straightforward widget, Facebook Reviews enables you to connect your WordPress site to your Facebook page, and then display your Facebook audience’s reviews on your site directly.

With those Facebook user’s reviews, your WordPress website will have strong proof to help build trust between your users and websites with your personalized brand. Facebook Reviews has free version and premium version. Normally, you can just get the free one which can work well, but if you need better functionality especially the schema.org rich snippets reviews, you need the premium version to help you.

4. Pixel Cat – Facebook Pixel

This WordPress Facebook plugin can help you add the Facebook retargeting pixel to your site, and that pixel enables you to display the customized ads to your Facebook users who ever visited your site.

Besides, Pixel Cat Facebook Pixel can help you track your WooCommerce store customers, and display better ads to them in their own Facebook feeds.

5. AccessPress Facebook Auto Post

According to the name of this plugin, AccessPress Facebook Auto Post can help you shared your new posts on your Facebook page or new profile automatically. For activation, you need connect to your WordPress website profile as well as authorize your site.

Even better, with the plugin on site, you can be free to select the content you are willing to share pages, posts as well as custom post types. Also, the plugin allows you to disable each single iterm’s sharing before publication.

6. Facebook Widget

This is an extremely straightforward WordPress Facebook plugin enabling you to add a Facebook page plugin to your site’s sidebar easily. Facebook Widget can offer you a shortcode which are used to display Facebook Like box on you site quickly.

Besides, the plugin includes multiple customization options, allowing you to display or hide the profile pictures and page cover, select language, and customize height and width.

7. Nextend Social Connect

It is an amazing WordPress social media plugin, allowing you to register as well as login on your site by using social profiles. Currently, Nextend Social Connect can support users to login on your site with their Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles.

Your users can choose to login your site by using default signup way or using your Facebook login, because this plugin can really work seamless with default WordPress login as well as registration methods. After registering, your users can choose to disconnect their Facebook or other social media accounts anytime by going to their user profile page in the admin area.

8. WP Embed Facebook

As the name implies, WP Embed Facebook can help you embed the Facebook pages, events, videos, and profiles on your site more easily.

What’s more, the plugin allows you to add Facebook sharing button or like box on your site. WP Embed Facebook includes a shortcode which is used to embed various items on your WordPress site; for beginners, the plugin also provides good documentation available to help you use it efficiently.

9. Easy Facebook Like Box

Easy Facebook Like Box is another easy-to-use plugin to help you integrate Facebook into your WordPress blog.

It is free and easy to setup and install. The highlights of its features are custom Facebook fee, Auto-pop-up, and Facebook Page Plugin. Moreover, it offers the option to display or hide connections and faces. The plugin comes with responsive layouts, 75 locales, supports multiple languages, and generates shortcodes with widget forms. Easy-to-use features make the plugin handy and useful.

10. Facebook Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Publish can help you shared your posts on your blog with your Facebook users immediately. It offers you some quick configurations to make it with freedom.

With Facebook Auto Publish, you can post all your post and categorize some to your preference. The plugin allows you to post content from your blog to your Facebook page with related images and links. It comes with customizable massage format specially designed for Facebook. You can share which post you want because the plugin has a filter to ensure you can only share posts from preference category.

Other more, Facebook Auto Publish also provides some customization options to help you edit the posts you are to share on Facebook, such as publish date, post tile, excerpt, permalink, description, and so on.

These 10 easy to use and free WordPress Facebook plugins are all here, and there is no ranking between them. We really hope you can get a good partner to help develop your WordPress blog better and get more traffic. If you are interested in WordPress, you could visit our WordPress Tutorial.

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  1. Facebook now is the largest social media in the world and the idea to add Facebook icon in my blog is totally good. Thank the author and i got new ideas to boost my blog’s traffic and engage more follower to my blog. This is a good tool guide for bloggers.

  2. I like social media networks, which are wonderful to make me connect to the outside world and friends around the world. Also, i have to say to integrate social media into blog platforms, which is a great idea to attract more visitors and get more chances to make deals.

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