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Top 10 WordPress Forms Plugins

As one of the essential elements to each website, the contact form is very important to webmasters. Well, to choose a right one for your site is of course significant to the site development. Actually, there are a great amount of options in this field and you can make full use of the tight plugin to make your WordPress contact form brilliant.


However, everyone knows that choosing from too many choices is the really hard task to make the right decision. Taking that into consideration, we compose this tutorial to direct you choose the suitable WP contact form plugin for your WP website, from the currently popular and easy-to-use WP form plugins in below.

Top 10 WordPress Form Plugins

We review the WordPress form plugin based on the popularity, updates, user feedback collected from WordPress community. We are happy to list them out one by one without any particular orders. You could check out their features and pricing and balance your need and budget, and finally get the right answer.

Contact Form 7

This form plugin is simple as well as flexible! As for you, Contact Form 7 offers the power to build multiple contact forms. Even better, it includes some simple markups for your contact form customizations. This plugin also includes the mail setting configuration options and message options to change the default settings. And all these options are located in your custom dashboard.

As for key features, Contact Form 7 mainly includes easy setup, easy mail settings configuration, and easy default message customization. Generally, Contact Form 7 is such a straightforward contact form plugin for making various simple contact forms, even though it still has some mini bugs when updating.


More importantly, Contact Form 7 is a free contact form plugin offered on the market. Customers can easily to get and try it for the real experience without any worry.

Ninja Forms

As for both developers and beginners, we think Ninja Forms is a suitable plugin. On one hand, Ninja Forms has the drag-and-drop interface, which makes the form creation and design very simple and effective. That’s what those beginners need. On the other hand, it comes with a number of filters and the custom field templates, which are good for developers and other advanced users to create the higher level customization.

Ninja Forms includes an intuitive interface, unlimited fields, unlimited forms, and unlimited submissions. With it, you can also have the power to force the required fields as well as correct the data formatting.


Besides, the basic form of Ninja Forms does not contain the conditional logic. It is a wonderful feature that many users desire, but note that this is only available when you add it on. Fortunately, Ninja Forms is a free contact form plugin as well.


This is a powerful contact form plugin, allowing you to build anything from one simple contact form to the complex booking form. Its form builder, Drag-and-drop editor, is extremely easy-to-use, and even does not require any coding skill.

With Quform, you can view those submitted entries within your WP admin field through email. By using filter and the custom autoreply options, you can even strip those unwanted data. What’s more Quform gives the ability for you to use the custom validators or built-in validators to force those specific data.

Generally, Quform comes with an easy-to-use interface, the capability of import and export, as well as 15 element types. Such a powerful form plugin charges at $29, and customers need to think about their budget and the needs with the form plugin.

Form Maker

This contact form plugin also provides you with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that is so simple that you can freely create the simple forms as you want. Form Maker generally offers you tens customizable themes, multipage forms, customizable emails, and submission management.

The form plugin also has PayPal integration and many other add-ons that are paid features. If you need to make the plugin more powerful and fit your needs more, you can add those additional features like Dropbox integration, MailChimp integration, as well as conditional mailing.


At the very beginning, you can use this plugin free for charge. Only when you add more features, will you charge you the fees of add-ons.

Jetpack Contact Form Module

This plugin comes with a number of features. One of the prominent is the contact form module. When it is activated from the setting screen, then there will be a new contact form creating option appearing in the WordPress editor.

Additionally, Jetpack has another special feature that its contact form includes the fair limitation on customization options. If you have already installed it on your WordPress and only have some simple requirements, then we think Jetpack should fit your site.

Well, Jetpack allows you add the contact form to any page or post you need, customize your submission via customizable buttons, and customize your notification emails. Besides, all contact form creations happen within your WordPress editor, so you can get a familiar editor interface for your creation.


Jetpack Contact Form is a free tool as well, customers could try it before making the finally decision.

Fast Secure Contact Form

If we talk about the free but really robust contact form plugins, then Fast Secure Contact Form must be in the list. This contact form plugin enables you to create as well as edit the forms within the drag-and-drop interface. Meanwhile, it also allows you to remove or add any field as you need.

Specifically, if you need to use the contact form to schedule some appointments, then Fast Secure Contact Form is an appropriate form plugin. Through vCita platform, it can offer you many options to make online schedule, book appointments, and invoicing.


Fast Secure Contact Form generally can make you easily customize the form edition, send your confirmation emails, and also you can even redirect your visitors to most URL. You can use this contact form free for charge.


eForm has a prominent character that is specializing in supercharging humble contact forms, and then make you get the creative from surveys, payment estimations, and quizzes. What’s more, eForm also offers customers more than 35 form elements and more than 100 fonts which are all built in, for you to freely customize your contact forms.

eForm also allows you to practice conditional logic in your forms, upload files, and add on mathematical formulas. You can even easily categories contact forms and edit submissions. Besides, eForm comes with built-in quizzes system, survey analytics, as well as PayPal integration.


Differently, eForm does not be offered free for charge. Normally, it is from $35. Considering its features and functionality, we think it can be a good alternative, but you still need to think about whether the pricing is affordable or not.

Visual Form Builder

It comes with 18 types of field and multiple payouts for choosing; so that you can use it create professional contact forms easily and quickly. Visual Form Builder can be customized and make the form submissions go to multiple emails. You can customize the email receipts and send them to all users via options included.

This plugin also allows you to place multiple contact forms on a single page or post, as well as duplicate the contact forms via 1 click. What’s more, this plugin will automatically store your contact forms entries in WordPress databases, so that you can directly manage the data within WordPress dashboard.


This is free contact form software that comes with simple editing interface, export entries option and multiple field and layout options.

Form Builder

By default, Form Builder comes with 10 templates that can make you design and build simple contact forms easier. If you are searching from an easy-to-use and quick form, then this basic plugin is a good tool to do this job. Nevertheless, it comes with a lack of stylistics. If you also take the aesthetics seriously, then we think you might need the upgraded Form Builder.

With that upgraded Form Builder, you can receive up to 37 form themes all based on various color schemes, the different options to add submission sections. You can also get the power to export your submitted data to the XML or CSV formats.


Besides, this basic plugin also contains Google Maps, various redirect options, and email options for users and administrators. You can pay zero to start contact form creation with this basic Form Builder.

Formidable Forms

For the simple and quick form, you can also consider Formidable Forms plugin. It offers multiple customization options. Even though these options are somewhat limited with the free version, there are still enough options for all kinds of simple uses. The drag-and-drop editor can help your build the form from the scratches or you can use the default templates to quickly build some forms.

Other more, this free basic plugin only allows 7 field types, so if you need more, you need to upgrade to the premium version including up to 15 extra field types. You can also get the some admin options, which can give the ability to edit, view and delete the entries, and generate stats and graphs on the collected data.


Formidable Forms has free version which also offers unlimited email notifications as well as import and export forums via XML format.


As we mentioned at the very beginning, contact forms are very important to your website conversion rate. On current market, there are a great number of plugins available, but it is a little hard to try the best suitable one for your site in the first time. In this article, we conclude some best WordPress contact form plugins, all based on support, user number and their feedback. You could go through them one by one and try them one by one until the best one appears.

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