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Top 10 WordPress Table Plugins 2020

For veterans in the blogging field, they must know that if the webmasters or bloggers want to make their website content and information be organized well, one of the best ways is to create tables. It is really helpful. If you are running a WordPress website for your business, you may already notice that WordPress tables are good tools to showcase your services or products’ prices. Tables are also good format used to show information for bloggers.

Actually, tables can be used in many different ways on a WordPress website. If your WordPress website does not include the table support from the core, then even though WordPress is a best CMS in the industry, there must be a big downfall. Well, it is also the chance for plugins get into the show. As a core part of WordPress ecosystem, plugins can plays the complementary tools for WordPress and add the features that core needs.

In this guide, we are to introduce you the list of the best WordPress table plugins. As the list name says, these plugins are developed for one simple thing only, creating tables. Some of them also include some other useful features for your site and we will go through them one by one.

Best WordPress Table Plugins

WP Dynamic Data Tables

This is an extremely reliable and robust WordPress plugin to import tables on your sites. In terms of file formats, WP Dynamic Data Tables can use widely used to import ODT, Excel, CSV, and MySQL queries easily without any hassle. Also, it can be used to intelligently import the data about one specific table file. Then, this plugin can use all the imported data to make charts, add sorting choices, set widths, and other more. Even better, it can be compatible with all custom page layouts.

In general, WP Dynamic Data Tables should be a straightforward option to all the data needing to be imported in your WordPress sites.

Table Maker

If you need a free and also competent table plugin, then we recommend you Table Maker that can help handle table data very well. Table Maker has an intuitive interface, which can enable you to create the data comparison tables with comforts from the WordPress dashboard.

Via Table Maker panel, you can have the options to add rows and columns, makes new tables, choose header colors, insert your headings as well as subheadings, and others. Being one of the best free table plugins, Table Maker can add the real images and data along with the levels of precision.


wpDataTables must be the first option coming out of experience bloggers’ mind. This is a premium plugin, offering you a great feature for what you pay.

You can feel comfortable when using it, because its table creation part is super easy and effective. As an easy to use table plugin, wpDataTables certainly features a great import functionality, and it allows you to create table from WordPress dashboard directly. There is only one shortage of wpDataTables, which is the lack of front-end edition support. Besides, there are some other customization features.

Key Features

  • CSV, XML, MySQL, Excel, JSON, and more can all be the sources for Importing;
  • Table data can be directly used to prepare charts, which is super useful;
  • Support multiple languages;
  • Support custom CSS/JS.

If the plugin can include an intuitive interface and a front-end editor, wpDataTables will better and attract more users to it. Even though, it is still an awesome plugin and provide comprehensive features to help create tables effortlessly.


TablePress is a feature-rich WordPress plugin supporting to create HTML tables. Also, it is available free of charge. You can find almost everything professional plugins should have and you may want.


TablePress enables you to import data via various sources, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, and HTML. That is great and can effectively make things work for most of you. Additionally, TablePress has a simple interface; it does not require coding to make tables at all. So, even for newbies, it is easy to use.

Other Features

  • By using a shortcode, TablePress can be embedded in any places;
  • Via TablePress, all tables are customizable with CSS;
  • It supports multiple languages and pagination.

League Table

For the premium WordPress table plugins, League Table should be listed in. according to its name, you may understand that League Table is to support sports websites. However, its flexible customization options make it premium to be used for any business or personal websites.

League Table only creates the responsive tables and they can be easily inserted into all part of your site with a shortcode. However, it does not include the import or export functionality, and for many users, that is a deal breaker, because to import and export data is a daily activity and developers shouldn’t ignore it. Whereas its premium features for table creation, if you don’t need to import and export data or is going to have a 3rd party service for that functionality, then League Table is still a premium alternative.

Key Features

  • It includes responsive layouts;
  • It has great documentation.

Easy Table

Easy Table is a popular, free WordPress table plugin, and has a pretty rating of 4.6, which is impressive. This plugin supports to create table directly from editor, WYSIWYG. As its name says, it makes table creation super easy. By using its simple table code, you can make it quickly with minimal design.

Ultimate Tables

This is a powerful table creation plugin allowing you to create giant tables with no bugs. If you just need that functionality, then Ultimate Tables is the right option! Maybe you see the mixed rating on its official page when checking this plugin details, but we have to say that the rating is unjust to its capabilities.

As its name says, Ultimate Tables has the capability to handle massive information effortlessly and create excellent tables for your WordPress websites. Besides, it supports pagination which comes in handy when displaying tons of data. In the backend, the plugin features sorting. As for customization, Ultimate Tables has multiple skins included so that you can use them easily.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Tables comes with responsive layouts;
  • It has a pretty search box;
  • The plugin makes those created tables easy to manage.

As for the shortcomings of Ultimate Tables, it lacks customization options and the import/export functionality. Other than these, Ultimate Tables is really an easy-to-use plugin for those websites having a lot of data to deal with.


Being dubbed as one of the most popular Joomla table plugins, Tabulizer is actually a new player in this field. For WordPress uses, Tabulizer is also available now.

One of the most noticeable features that Tabulizer has is the wide range of import/export formats, including HTML, RSS, CSV, Excel, Database queries and plain text.

Besides, unlimited customization options should be another highlight of Tabulizer. For table editing, it comes in both Grid Editor vs. plain text, and the former enables you to create the dynamic tables. Even better, the plugin is easy to use for those who have no idea about coding for it does not require any coding knowledge for the customization tables.

Key Features

  • Tabulizer supports good customization and responsive design;
  • To enhance performance, Tabulizer includes cache mechanism;
  • It also comes with many other features like sorting, pagination, scrolls, search filter, and etc.


To run a better WordPress website, you absolutely need tables which have wide usages to make better presentations on site. You can use it to showcase your information in a more user-friendly way, or making comparison via tables is also better. If you know any other great table plugins, please share them via comments.

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