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Top 4 CDN plugins for WordPress blog

If tree falls in a forest, I don’t know anybody hears it or knows about it – But when your blog falls, takes too much time to load, crashes frequently, shows server errors frequently, I guarantee you everybody will hear about it and nobody is going to read your blog, share what you share on your blog.

You work hard on your blog, but people are not reading you, showing interest in your blog because your blog takes life to load. You are throwing away thousands of readers and hours of hard work because of a small mistake which can be fixed very easily.

You may wonder, “How you can make your blog faster?”, “Should I invest more to get a better WordPress Hosting?”

The answer is very simple by using CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network).

Content delivery network (CDN) is a service which makes the static content of your blog (Image, videos, JS files, CSS files etc…) load much faster on visitor’s browser.

How CDN Works?

CDN is collection of servers located at different places, normally all over the world. Whenever a visitor types your domain name in address bar and hits enter, then the CDN servers serves the static data from the nearest server, thereby reducing your blog loading time and making it faster. When multiple visitors visit to your blog from different places, then it serves the static data from the nearest servers placed at different places, thereby making your blog load faster.

4 Top CDN plugins


Personally, I like this CDN plugin most, because it’s quite easy to set up and use. MaxCDN is not free; it comes with price tag of $39.95 for one year. And I think it’s not too much if you want to increase your blog performance and make it more interactive, faster for your readers.

The faster blog you’ve the more hits you’ll get. Not only this bounce rate of your blog also decrease, which is one of good single that denotes us we are moving in right direction of creating a successful blog.


The WordPress plugin for cloudflare is free and works pretty well. But the paid version of cloudflare cost 20$/month with very advance features. If your blog receives more than 55,000 hits/month then I’d recommend that go for paid version. If your blog is getting less traffic then you can stick with free version as long as your blog traffic is less than 55,000 hits/month. But when your blog reached to this limit then you’ve to go for paid version, if you want to make your blog smoother and keep it.

Some web hosts, such as Bluehost or GreenGeeks, has integrated CloudFlare into its hosting package as free to their customers.


W3totalcache is another very good free CDN plugin which amazingly decreases your page load time and makes your blog blazing faster. All you’ve to do is install the plugin and configure it according to your needs and you’re done.

Amazon CDN

This CDN is from one of the reputed brand Amazon. And it’s quite reliable. Amazon cloudfront is a paid service. You’ve to cut your pockets to get it working for your blog.

But it’s quite amazing CDN. I’m saying this because I’ve some good memories with Amazon cloudfront.


CDN is a must for all types of blog. Whether you use free of paid it doesn’t matter, what matters is you are using it or not.

If yes! Then it’s great. If Not! Then start using it now and make your blog blazing fast for your readers.

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