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Top 4 WordPress Comment Plugins to Build an Interactive Blog

One thing that denotes your blog is successful or not is discussions. If your blog has comments on it then people thinks that your blog is engaging and interactive and they would be like to become a part of your community. But if your blog has no comments, no discussion going on – it’s like a desert then I don’t think people would like to read your blog or spend their valuable time on your blog even if you share world’s greatest content.

So, it’s become very important for us to kill the silence of our blog and make it interactive. But the question is, “How?”

Don’t worry I’m not going to say, “write more engaging and interesting content.” because I know lots of people already talked about it. So, there’s no use in telling it again – and you are already smart enough to know how important content is?

But to get comments on your blog alone content is not enough, you need something more. And that something more is your blogs comment system. You’ve to make your blog comment system easier and flexible.

We all know that people likes to do easier things. And it’s time to take advantage of it.

Here’s how you can make your blog comment system more engaging and interactive by using all these WordPress commenting Plugins.


One of the best commenting plugin for WordPress blogs. Disqus makes it pretty easy for people to comment on blogs by providing them different options to comment like facebook, twitter, Disqus id etc… which makes it more interactive. Lots of big websites like CNN, Fox News are using Disqus commenting system.

So, if you want to get more comments on your blog then choose Disqus as your commenting system.


Engage your visitors by bringing the conversation happening on twitter, facebook to your content. A commenter can invite his social media friend’s right for the comment box, which increases the chances of getting more comments on your blog. Commenter has different options to comment on your blog. Livefyre makes it pretty easy for commenter to share your content on social sites.


If your blog is not getting enough comments then CommentLuv is for you. It encourages visitor to comment on your blog by providing a link back to the latest post of commenter’s blog. And not only this commentluv also detects spam comments and makes your blog spam free.

Reply Me

Reply me it’s a simple plugin. It sends an email to commenter when he/she leaves a comment, thereby making a road for further discussions.

Install WordPress commenting plugin of your choice and make your blog more engaging and interactive.

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