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Top 5 Blogging Platforms 2020

It has been over 20 years since Justin Hall created the world’s first blog—, to chronicle his life in detail. By 2013, there were upward of 152 million blogs on the internet.

Blogging has completely changed the way content is created. It has gone beyond the initial function of creating content and making it go live with a new blog, it also refers to a driving force behind how different social roles including individuals, businesses, brands, celebrities, and bloggers communicate with each other in the world nowadays. Blogging in itself is quite amazing, but it is simply wouldn’t be what it is today without the use of a blogging platform, a free or paid content management solution. Blogging platforms have made the process of creating a blog so simple, anyone can do it—all leading to the massive growth of blogging that we continue to see today.

Although there are a lot of blogging platforms available on the web, some of them don’t offer you all necessities to help grow your blog effectively. This is of great importance especially when certain features are related to helping drive traffic to your blog and even generate income for you.

Just below is a list of top blogging platforms in 2017, such as WordPress, Tumblr, Ghost, Weebly and Blogger. Look deeper into the pros and cons of each solution to see why they are regarded as the best blogging platform options trusted by entrepreneurs and business owners.


WordPress is responsible for 60 million blogs and counting! The reason why it is the #1 most popular blogging platform has to do with its great flexibility and unique features.

You can receive ultimate customization with WordPress, apart from rich easy-to-use options that are quite beginner friendly. There are hundreds of beautiful and customizable themes to give your blog a unique look. You can make changes to the layout, background and colors of your blog, in addition to freely adding powerful widgets for the purpose of engaging with followers, friends, or even fans.

Want a mobile-friendly blog site? Just with a simple click, you can update your blog site from anywhere with desktop and mobile apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows systems.

If you look to generate income from your blog, WordPress is undoubtedly the best way to go. It lets you go a very long way with a very small investment, which has been proved that most of the world’s largest blogs that generate significant monthly revenue are utilizing WordPress.

To make things even better, WordPress comes with plenty of cool features and plugins to help make your blog look professional while stunning. The built-in sharing function allows you to automatically send new posts to Facebook, Twitter and more; the rich, easy-to-read stats enables you to better understand your visitors in every aspect. On top of that, your WordPress blog site is search engine optimized!

If you’re tired of the subdomain and limited storage space bundled into the free plan, you can upgrade it to a powerful premium plan that is billed at minimum $4.00/mo only.


Tumblr is a hybrid blogging application and micro-blogging tool. You can use it to publish short posts that include text, images, video and audio which are usually shorter than traditional blog posts but longer than Twitter updates.

A wide variety of responsive themes are available to help customize your Tumblr blog. You can also make any changes with your Tumblr blog theme via accessing necessary HTML code.

You must need a personalized domain name if you want to make money from your blog. Tumblr enables you to have your own domain name that looks more professional and can easily brand your Tumblr blog.

Another highlight of Tumblr is that you can invite other people to publish to the same Tumblr blog. Before the posts are published, you have the right to review and approve every submitted post. And similar to WordPress, Tumblr integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Feedburner and Twitter thus being able to automatically publish your posts to these social media platforms.

As a completely free blogging platform, Tumblr releases you from worrying about any unwanted moneymaking features like ads and logs that a free blogging site may use to clutter your blog and negatively affect your audience’s experience.


If you are looking for a blogging platform that is essentially designed for beginners, Blogger is the best answer.

Blogger is a free blogging platform that is all-inclusive and offers everything you need to start out with a blog. With this platform you can just type your content, add photos and publish while leaving the construction, plumbing, security and infrastructure to the property owner.

Different from other blogging sites for beginners, for instance, Weebly, Blogger enables you to edit HTML and add widgets to your blog if needed.

Since Blogger is a Google service, you will be required to have a Google account before publishing a post on Blogger; as well, you can also benefit from some Google-related add-ons exclusively.


Ghost is an open source blogging platform that features a simple, clean interface to make it very easy to use.

Exclusively, Ghost enables for fast formatting and gives a seamless authoring experience by offering a Markdown based editing environment. No matter you want to add a logo, create navigation menus or inject analytics code, you can have it done with simple clicks in Ghost’s simple site editing environment.

Ghost is superior to many other blogging services as you can invite your whole team to collaborate, with dedicated public user profiles for everyone, including authors, editors and administrators.

All the content is available in an easily searchable archive which can be scanned through at speed. Additionally, it allows for scheduling content in advance.

In addition to beginners, a large number of expert bloggers prefer to Ghost because of its search engine friendliness, accelerated mobile pages, detailed structured data, and subscriptions by RSS, email and Slack.

The downside to Ghost is that the blogging platform is a little expensive, with the Personal plan charging for $19/mo and the Business plan for $199/mo.


Weebly is a great blogging platform for businesses who expect to maintain a blog on their website.

Don’t want to learn coding to make changes? Weebly offers you a wide range of powerful drag and drop tools so that you can create perfect site without any technical skills. You can also have access to a complete set of responsive, professional themes and templates to make sure your blog site stands out, regardless of desktop or mobile device your visitors are using to visit the site.

Also worth mentioning is that Weebly makes it possible to create blogs and websites at the same place since it can be used for both web building and blogging. No wonder why it is popular among business owners.

Like WordPress, Weebly offers both free and paid options to meet different requirements.

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