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Top Best Network Security Software

Whether you are shopping, banking or sending an email, there always persists a threat of fraud and theft of data and personal details while working on the internet. You need to safeguard your surroundings for which you need the best internet security software to be 100% safe. There are several anti-virus software which vouch for the safety of your system but a handful of them are authentic. Here is a list of the best ones which you could use to keep your system safe.

Bitdefender Total Security

internet security software

Bifdefener is a premium anti-virus software and has a light system load. It offers malware protection, anti-theft, two-way firewall, file encryption, webcam protection, virtual keyboard, ransomeware special protection and file encryption. For the price it comes for the security software is every bit worth it.  There are four levels of packages which it offers. According to your requirement you can select the package required by you. It covers five devices in one package and comes with a one year license. Your system speed remains unaffected with Bitdefender anti-virus installed in your device.


internet security software

Brilliant internet security software for the protection of your device – Kaspersky has already been established itself as a renowned security software since it was founded in 1997. The package offered by Kaspersky has a variety of anti-virus protection features and cyber safety. Besides the general features which all the security software have to offer Kaspersky also offers file shredder, kids monitoring, online back-up, file encryption and password manager. You can use a package of Kaspersky to secure one device and they offer a license of one year. This security software is reputable anti-virus software which is being used by top companies throughout the world.


internet security software

Another famous name in internet security software is Norton. Norton is a US based company and a common name in almost all the households for security software Symantec’s Norton Anti-virus is now sold in a package which comprises of Norton 360, Norton anti-virus and Norton Internet Security. Internet threats are always there and the products that Norton offers will help you be safe while you work online. From parental control to automated back-up and from mobile device protection to online safety features; Norton’s protection bundle offers your safety often devices in one single pack. It is compatible with Mac, Android, PC and iOS.  You also get an additional 25 GB PC Cloud backup. Norton also offers to its users ransomeware detection. Identity protection, notification of sketchy apps and sites besides being an excellent anti-virus software.


internet security software

Trend Micro is a Japanese multinational security software company which has its headquarters in Tokyo but was founded in Los Angeles, California. Using high technology with some of the top security experts in the line, Trend Micro’s online security is one of the most demanded security software in the market. From a corporate data centre to the comforts of your home PC, Trend Micro offers the best security solutions for internet safety. The spam filter of this anti-virus is quite accurate and its ransomeware protection has been designed to fight all types of upcoming threats. All the corrupted URL’s are blocked, it protects the privacy of its users on social media, there is an anti-theft, protects the children online and also comes with a password manager. Trend Micro is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android and PC. They offer protection for up to five devices in one package. Trend Micro has been reasonably priced.

F-Secure Safe

internet security software

Devices are getting modern everyday and so is the internet. People are looking for ways to bypass the security measures and they also become successful in the event and manage to steal precious data. It is not just an  internet security software that we need to protect our devices but we need something more strong and more effective like F-Secure Safe. The anti-virus software is quite compatible with all the platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. Whether it is a known virus or something which has been newly discovered F-Secure takes care of all. The performance of this software is wonderful and also doesn’t hamper the system speed. It also offers the functionality to locate your device in case you have lost it, both iOS and Android devices can be managed remotely with the help of My Secure.

Panda Global Protection

internet security software

Yet another internet security software which is perfect for all Mac and Android devices along with PC. You can now shop, play online games and surf the internet without having to worry about your details getting hacked or your device getting attacked by malwares. Panda Global Protection software pack comes with one year’s licence for one device. Some of the features of Panda’s security software are – software backup, file shredder, virtual keyboard, file encryption and a dedicated ransomeware protection. You also get around the clock customer support and an online storage of 20 GB. The best thing about Panda is its user interface which can be easily customized.

ESET Smart Security Premium

internet security software

ESET is best known for detecting malware immediately and eradicating them in order to keep your system safe. Using the software is super easy and its speed is unquestionable. The company claims to having developed the software on the best anti-malware technology. With unique features such as getting alerts when your router or webcams security is being compromised and locating your laptop if it gets misplaced the ESET Smart Security comes in as one of the best internet security software that you can use to safeguard your devices. The software also protects from botnet malware, detects malicious JavaScripts which usually come through your browsers and also blocks all types of virus attacks from applications, PDF readers or browsers.

These are the top seven internet security software which will help to keep all your devices safe from any type of cyber thefts or virus which harm your system. Even though the above security software comes with a price they are every bit worth your money spent, for the security they provide your device with.

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