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Top Best Website Design Elements

Every web designer has a general checklist that they always use even when their plans are different. Even when some web designers try as much as possible to use just very few elements, there are some elements that will always surface on the website. The elements could be clear action calls, search functionality, great images and whitespaces. If you want visitors to your website to find their experience on your website one that will make them come back, here are ten website design elements that are very important.


Space is a design tool that is very vital as it adds a number of benefits to the website. Some of the benefits include readability and flow. In more recent times, more innovative ways of using spaces are also coming up. You see websites that have a lot of spaces including open space and more space separating text lines. Furthermore, space is beneficial for the creation of focal point for web visitors.

Simple navigation

A major way of keeping and increasing traffic on your website is to have navigation that is very simple to use and identify. You should also use as few menus as possible to avoid your users trying to look for a particular link and spending so much time sorting between the many menus. This could make such a user leave and never come back. When your site is easy to use and navigate on the other hand, users will tend to enjoy their time on your website and come back next time.

About Us

The About Us page on a website is a very important page, especially for small websites. For multinational corporations, everybody already knows about them. Despite this fact, people could want to confirm particular information about the organization and the About Us page will still serve a very important purpose. For smaller companies, however, people will want to know who they are before patronizing them. The About Us page should give enough information as possible, while the page is kept simple.

Contact Information

You should have a Contact Us page on your website so that visitors can easily contact you, if they need you. You could either have a link to the Contact Us page where you can give adequate information about how you can be contacted as well as a web form that can be filled. Alternatively, you can make the Contact Us information as compact as possible and place it as a footer or header on your website. In both cases, users will be able to easily contact you. The most important thing is making sure it is easy for visitors to locate the website element.

Action Call or Signup

A website gives businesses the opportunity to get contact information, provide information and make sales. For the efficiency of this element, it is important to make a strong and obvious action call. You should know what you intend to achieve with your website and subsequently know how best to request for users to sign up or request for an action call. You might also use space, contrast and color techniques to draw attention.


A visitor could have visited your website some 5 years ago and saw some valuable information. Even though at that point the information was not looking very valuable to him or her, there is the probability that he just needed something in that information and he was able to remember that he saw similar information on your website. The search element will make it easy for the individual to be able to find that information once he remembers your website address and have a general idea of the information he is looking for. This will be much more easier than manually browsing your archives.

Informative Footer

It is possible to get connected to your audience through the information that you keep at your footer. A lot of websites now put several links to the most important or most visited pages of their website at the bottom. Personally, if I wanted to view the About Us, FAQ, Contact Page or some other pages of a website am just visiting for the first time, I just scroll down to the bottom of the page to check first as I believe it will be fastest for me to see the link there.

Button Styles

The style of button you use on your website should be recognizable. The buttons should have the same feel, effects, design and shape everywhere they are on the website. If there are a lot of elements that are clickable in your website and you find it difficult creating different button sets for the website, you can consider getting a design kit that can help you create elements set that is consistent.


A lot of people often love to see great illustrations and images when they are going through a page on your website. You can easily entice visitors to your site by using good quality, light and beautiful photographs to show people and your products. It is important that the image is light so that it does not significantly reduce the loading time of your site. At the same time, it should also be very clear.

Web Fonts

When websites were just becoming popular, there were only few font types, with Courier and Arial been the most commonly used. In recent times, however, there are thousands of fonts to choose from. You should make sure you only use a font type that is easy to read for everybody, compatible with your website and for which you have a license. Fortunately, you do not need a license to use most font types as they are free.


The feel and look of your website as well as the quality of experience users will have on your website will be determined by the elements you use on your website and how you use them. There are some elements that should be present on every website. It is also important that such elements are properly used.

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