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Do you wish to have a successful online website and build a great online market out of it? You must consider starting your business with WordPress and installing the best free WordPress plugin. However, if you choose a WordPress plugin to build your website, then there are higher chances of earning great profits both in terms of administration and management. By management, it is meant that you have the power to install the unlimited plugin both premium and for free. Whereas in terms of administration, it refers to the complete control on the creation of several sub-domains and also on the creation of custom-based email accounts and the management of the FTPs.

With the use of the best free WordPress plugin, you are enabled to install the theme as per the choice of your website design. There are various forms of plugins, themes and several custom functions which can be managed with much ease. These specialized features might help in the content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and for building a strong online business.

Let us present you with an insight into some of the best free WordPress plugins which can help in boosting the overall performance of your online business. Some of them are:

Content Aware Sidebars

If you have been using another CMS (Content Management System) for your website like Joomla, there would be a great need to assign or allot widgets to particular pages, content or posts. However, with WordPress, this is not easy. This is where the Content Aware Sidebars WordPress plugin comes into action.

The best part about this plugin is that it comes for free. With the use of this plugin, the users can create and manage an unlimited number of widget areas or the sidebars. These can be then assigned to specific pages, content, categories, posts and so many other fields. The overall function of the Content Aware Sidebar plugin is that it can be used to create a virtual widget or sidebar area which is used to replace the real widget or sidebar for the pages or posts specified by you. Upon the creation of a new widget or sidebar, you can view it on Appearance -> Widgets along with the other sidebar or the widget area.

Enhanced Text Widget

The widget which offers the out-of-the-box text features along with WordPress could serve beneficial. However, it might lack several significant features and services. The Enhanced Text Widget plugin is available for free and it enables a text widget which is filled with exciting features for texts which could enhance the overall use of your website. Some of the striking features offered by this WordPress plugin include:

  1. You can make the widget title visible or hidden using this plugin.
  2. You can even turn your widget title into a link.
  3. You can assign or allot CSS classes to the specified widgets.
  4. This text widget can support PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Flash or Shortcodes.


Be it any website, it would need some form of backup to store the vital information of the website on a periodic basis. It is imperative that the backup of the website should be secure and should be able to be restored easily with no hassle and with many conveniences. This is the exact role of the BackupBuddy WordPress plugin. With the use of the BackupBuddy WordPress plugin, you can create a full or partial backup of the website which has been enabled on WordPress including database, core WordPress, and several other plugins. With the use of this efficient WordPress plugin, you can even schedule regular and periodic backups which can then be stored in various locations like the Amazon S3, local hosting, Dropbox, FTP, BackupBuddy stash and much more.

This WordPress plugin could be considered to be the most efficient backup plugin for the websites running on WordPress as it has several useful features which can support the effective running of the website. The best feature is that the users can restore the backup data within no time and with much ease. The BackupBuddy WordPress plugin comes in a premium package and will cost you $80 for getting two licenses, $100 for getting ten licenses and $150 for getting unlimited access. In addition to this, you can even get the developer license for the BackupBuddy and other plugins of iThemes for $197. Though you might find the prices to be on a high side, it will pay off significantly when you would need a proper backup of the website and would need to restore the important data from the created backup.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The WordPress SEO by Yoast is considered to be the best free WordPress plugin for enabling SEO for the websites running on WordPress. When the users will implement it on the website, they would get complete control of the website especially for the title of the pages and the meta descriptions. This can be done on the basis of per page or per post as well as on the basis of tag pages or category in the particular website.

The additional features offered by this WordPress plugin are 301 redirection and the rules for setting up the search engine features such as nofollow, follow, noindex, index, and much more. By using this, the users can customize the descriptions of Google+ and Facebook for individual posts and pages. This is in case if you would not like to use the default field of the meta description.


Do you wish to combat the inflow or outflow of spam for your WordPress-enabled website. With the use of the Akismet WordPress plugin, this problem can be solved efficiently as it comes along with the WordPress out of the box and can be used for personal use all for free. The users can even set up the Akismet WordPress plugin with much ease and convenience. They can visit the and register their website on it to get the key for the WordPress. Once the key has been assigned, the users can enter it in the settings of Akismet on your website. By enabling this, the users can say goodbye to spam forever.

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