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Top Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

Search engines play an important role for any website. They help in generating traffic by putting your website on the top of search results. There are different points that help in improving the SEO of a website. While it may not be easy to adhere to so many points together you can take help. There are some plugins that help in improving the SEO and if you are looking to select the best SEO plugin for WordPress, then here is a list of them for you to decide.

All in One SEO Pack

best SEO plugin for WordPress

This SEO plugin has been around for a decade and has helped thousands of WordPress websites to improve their SEO ranking. Although there is a free version that can be downloaded, the premium version offers many exciting features. Some features include Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support, any META descriptions can be set and the titles can be overridden, titles are automatically optimized for Google and other search engines, notifies the search engines about changes made to your website and many more such exciting features.


best SEO plugin for WordPress

A WordPress website has many posts and links. There would be guest authors that add links in these posts. Links which are intended to manipulate the ranking of a page or to improve the site ranking of a website is thought to be a scheme and is considered to be violating the guidelines of Google. LinkPatrol scans and reviews all the links and on locating bad links you can chose to strip all links to specific domains or URL’s or just nofollow them.


best SEO plugin for WordPress

With this plugin you can control the SEO of your entire website. The Dashboard will display all your SEO scores and you can also access all your settings and features of the plugin. The XML Sitemap will ensure that whenever your site is visited by the search engine crawlers all the pages are crawled. There are several other features that make it the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Broken Link Checker

best SEO plugin for WordPress

Broken links can harm your website’s SEO ranking. With this plugin, you can keep a check on any broken links on your website. All the pages, comments, post and custom fields are monitored by it. It detects missing images, redirects, and links that don’t work and notifies you through an email or dashboard.

Yoast SEO

Another best SEO plugin for WordPress is the Yoast SEO that offers different exciting features to boost your websites SEO. There are millions of WordPress website users who rely on Yoast SEO to keep their SEO in place. The snippet preview in Yoast SEO lets you see how your page or post looks in the search results. It also features Facebook OpenGraph through which you can link your website to social media and SEO. It also lets you develop easy navigation for users and search engine.

SEO Ultimate

best SEO plugin for WordPress

This plugin is an easy to use and versatile plugin that will import and export data from various sources including third-party SEO plugins. Some exclusive features include monitoring 404 errors in your website, adds codes in the header footer, before and after the content, rich snippets that attract more visitors so they can easily locate your website. Another feature known as the Deeplink Juggernaut allows you to set up keywords automatically for which the plugin will automatically generate internal links within your WordPress website.

Squirrly SEO

best SEO plugin for WordPress

People who are not quite familiar with SEO should go for Squirrly SEO. Besides improving your ranking in the search engines it also helps in providing your readers with the best content. It displays green light when your content is perfect to be published. Squirrly SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that you can have for your website.


best SEO plugin for WordPress

SEOquake has several interesting features that will make working on SEO on a WordPress website easy. Once you install and activate the plugin you get the SEObar where you get the summary of all webpages that you are browsing with this feature on. SeOquake also gives you an analysis of SERP’s and you can get the results exported in a CSV format. You also get a detailed report on all the keywords present in the page.

Keyword Tool

best SEO plugin for WordPress

This is one of the best keyword research tools you can have. There are both free and premium versions that are available for this plugin. The reliability of this plugin has been suggested to be 99.9%. Creating content that is keyword based helps in boosting the popularity of your website, increases your viewers and also helps in creating the best content. The plugin offers several keywords opportunities which are arranged alphabetically – you just need to enter a keyword. There are more than 192 Google domains from which you will have the ability to pull out keywords while using 83 Google language interfaces to create keywords.

Open Site Explorer

best SEO plugin for WordPress

A best SEO plugin in WordPress when it comes to links. You can look for damaged links, look for backlinks and also find out link-building opportunities with the Open Site Explorer. This plugin also lets you check data for other domains.

Premium SEO Pack

best SEO plugin for WordPress

Some of the important features that this plugin has to offer are – Backlink Builder using which you can add your website to the directories of other websites, you can also check and locate URL’s that are leading your visitors to Error 404 page. Using the Facebook Planner you can post your content on Facebook so you get more visitors for your website. You can also keep an eye on the speed of your pages and posts for both desktop and mobile services through Page Speed Insights. It also includes image optimization and SERP tracking. The images are updated with ALT and Title Attributes making them all SEO friendly.

Every plugin mentioned here has a set of their own qualities that will help you make the SEO of your WordPress website better. You can download and activate any one of them that best suits your needs.

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