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Top Twitter SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings

When you are making marketing for your sites, Twitter is usually one of those commonly used tool, but you may find different from those articles talking about the SETPs ranking, Twitter is always in a different catalog of posts. It is helpful with growing your audience, giving an outlet for your customer service, as well as boosting your audience engagement, but it is not a tool that is generally considered to increase your Google ranking.

Google now still does not develop a wholesale access to Twitter for any indexation purposes, which means it has to crawl Twitter like they do the same thing on others. Google ever attempted to integrate Twitter with firehouse, while it finally failed. After that, Google changes to use 3rd party data streams rather than use its own scraping and crawling engine for their apps.

Therefore, you can still get some SEO efforts from Twitter, if you get the clue to do that. And here, we will offer you a tutorial talking about the tips to help you maximize your Twitter SEO value.

Set a Good Stage

When you are thinking about using Twitter to get your website a higher ranking, the first thing coming to your mind should be to build up a good Twitter account. The following tips can help you set up one.

Fill Your Profile Information As Much As You Can

Try your best to make your profile information as complete as possible so as to give as much information as possible to Google to help rank your Twitter profile as well as those associated presences. Especially, the location filed, display name and website link are important in your profile.

Link to Your Websites

You possibly link your Twitter profile to your websites, but link to the homepage or another good page is also important to make a good Twitter account. Here we recommend you to choose your homepage. But if you do want to link to a flagship page, you can use a pinned tweet. Please take advantage of the pinned tweet slot. Do rotate it regularly to make sure it is relevant all the time.

Make Your Twitter Account Active Everyday

You should know that if you make more tweets, then you will have more content as feed. Each tweet can offer a chance to Google to index you, also these tweets are all chances for users to find you and even engage with you. To get as many chances as possible for the both, we recommend you to release 3 to 5 tweets every day.

Interact with Your Audience

When using Twitter, engagement is the most important aspect of it. Try to respond to your audience and keep those conversations going. Be friendly and useful to your audience is one way to create the opportunities for you to interact with them.

Crosslink and Network

To have a full profile is not enough. You are using Twitter to help you websites have a higher ranking, so if you do not have the links between each other, then it cannot be helpful. It means you have to make the two be associated.

Set Social Media Buttons

Besides posting feed embed box or a link on an about page or in the footer, you have more choices to get people and Google search spiders to have the ability of accessing your Twitter from your own website. It is to use social media buttons on your site. Usually we recommend Social Warfare for its top speed.

Use Crosslink between Your Twitter and Facebook

To use crosslink between the two popular social media is natural to get more feed and audience engagement from each other. However, there is one thing you need to pay attention to, which is the automatic posting. As studies showed, Twitter users like hashtags which they make fun of, while Facebook users don’t. If your Facebook has the automatic posting from your Twitter accounts, then it could decrease the reach as engagement of these posts. So, be careful with that.

Network All Your Social Media Together

Besides the most popular Facebook, the other social media accounts you have can also crosslink to your Twitter. Just be sure to avoid using the proliferation of automation tools more. Network all your social media together, despite of what they are.

Advertise Your Twitter Presence

After setting up your Twitter and making it rolling, you should pay attention to other external advertising sources to get more audience. Once you set up crosslinks and network all your social accounts to your websites, you should have regular people bouncing between them, but to get more audience in that cycle is your goal.

Put Your Twitter in Email Signatures

This method is not very common for all users, because the frequency of using email can have influent on this effect. And the frequency depends on your business. If you are doing the business by using email more than using phones, then this could have a better effect on developing more people for your Twitter. Besides, we know the fact that if you live on email marketing, then there may be up to hundreds of mails sent and that even does not count the black hat dedicated spam campaigns (you’d better not). Even that, our point is that email signature is a good place to put your Twitter link.

Include Twitter’s Username on Your Business Cards

We know that nowadays people tend to less use business cards than ever before, but we recommend you still do this, because if you can find a chance to hand some out, they can possibly bring some value to you! There is a tip that be sure the people you give business cards should be those who have interest in your content, services or business, and don’t waste your business cards to those random person.

Mention Your Username in Any Assorted Advertising

Do grasp the other advertising sources to mention or display your Twitter username. Also, make sure your username is clear, simple, and easy to convey and remember. Then, you just need a impressive, funny and simple Twitter logo, or you can use just “@yourusername”.

Pay for Twitter Ads

Like other PPC traffic, Twitter advertising is the same. It can work as you target: expensive for good effect, cheap for the bad, etc. This is a really recommended method if you have redundant budget. Note, before you make any investment in this, you do need to learn how to use Twitter ads at first.

Develop Your Audience

When you are growing your Twitter account, you want as many audiences on your site as possible to follow your Twitter. To develop your audience, you have a lot to do.

Follow Other Interesting and Relevant Accounts

There are two purposes to do this. One is to induce them to follow you back; the second is to get a number of sources offering the valuable information to retweet for your own followers. Good Twitter accounts do not only offer original content but also share other’s interesting, valuable and relevant content.

Link to Influencers

As you compose an article for your site, you can link to an influencer on Twitter. And then you tweet this article on your Twitter and @the mentioned influencer and say you have linked to him or her in your post. This action offers them a chance to respond. The influencer may retweet or like your post, or link to it on his own blog, or make comments to it. No matter No matter which they do, he brings you value.

Run Twitter Competitions

This is a good way to grown Twitter followers, especially when you have some incentive prizes. Be careful the rules to run effective social media competitions. The last but not less important thing is to fluff up your audience with those who do not want to engage, click the links, or retweet your content.

Refuse Protect Mode

The protected mode is of course a good method to protect privacy, but it is dad to get more people seeing your content and make the audience growth much slower. And, do you know, those people need your approval include Google. So, it is terrible for business Twitter accounts.

Get Google’s Attention

What you all do above have a final target is to deliver value to your website. It means you have to need Google to get you and index you. All your Twitter SEO practices need to happen and take effect.

Use Relevant Keywords More times

Keywords are the essences of the process. They can reside in your tweets, or be used as the hashtags. Every time you make posts, you have to include some so as to maximize the exposure of your brand and the association between these keywords and your brand.

Create Quality Content

Once your website has more quality content to deliver value to your audience, they are more likely to go to your site to get useful content. You can also learn from other blogs to add new value based on their good content, and then make them your new content for your audience.

Make Full Use of Hashtags

This is easy to easy. You just need to find some tags unbranded and having a great amount of traffic. Then, when you use these tags, others can see your message. If you cann’t get those valuable tags, you’d better not to do this, because it is just waste of your time, or even worse.

Make Good Use of Images

We noticed that those tweets with interested and relevant images can go further than those without images. Images can attract people to have the desire to read their captions. So, make good use of images when you are tweeting, which can make you get something different.

Tweet News

We do not suggest you to be a primary new source of your niche, but at least we can deliver the last news happening to your industry and make some comments. This is a good way to gather other people interested in the industry and develop constant discussions. If you can always get them industry news which is new or valuable, then they could consider your Twitter account as the place often to come.

Get Yourself Verified

This is a complex process and takes long time, and the things to be verified are still a mystery, so many people may do not want to perform this. However, now Twitter verification is public, and Google also pays lots of attention to those verified Twitter account than others. For both reasons, we recommend you to do the process.

Get More Retweets

There is data showing that the retweets always have more values than original ones, because more retweets means the message gets more people engaged and they all think this tweet is worth sharing. So, try your best to get more retweets is very important to make your Twitter account get popular and bring value to your own linked website as well.

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