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UK2.NET Review

In below, we will have a comprehensive review on UK2.NET from current promotions, price value, reliability, usability and customer service to tell customers why the company is a great option for customers to host websites in UK. logo

Founded in 1998, UK2.NET has been one of the most reliable, cost-effective and reputable UK web hosting providers. It is one part of the UK2 Group which also has web hosting brands in American and Ukraine, such as Midphase, 100 TB, VPS.NET, etc.

Lets’ come back to UK2.NET. Its products include domain names, shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, website builder and VPN. With rich sorts of online services, UK2.NET has gained popularity and hosted more than 4 million websites for customers from UK as well as other places in the world.

UK2.NET Special Promotion

It is well-known that UK2.NET web hosting is extremely competitively priced. From time to time, the company offers some web hosting promotions to cut its prices lower.

Now UK2.NET Winter Warmers promotion is there to give 50% off discounts. The promotion is available to yearly packages of UK2.NET shared web hosting and WordPress hosting only. Thereby, UK2.NET web hosting starts from £1.97/mo with 2-year contracts while the pricing is set at £3.95/mo originally.

UK2.NET Exclusive Deal UK2.NET Exclusive Deal
50% Off

Its VPS is 1/3 off now, by which cloud VPS is £5.96 and SSD VPS is £5/mo. The dedicated server comes with up to 60% off discounts as well. Hence, to buy it, customers need to pay from £49.57/mo only.

In addition to that, the Winter Warmers promotion makes UK2.NET website builder £1/mo for the first year. Domain names are also sales with discounts up to 94% off.

In short, UK2.NET services have the best prices at present. Let’s continue to see whether the company is worthwhile to go besides competitive pricing.

UK2.NET Sharing Hosting Price Value Review

Thanks for diverse feature-rich hosting solutions of UK2.NET, it is easy for UK2.NET customers to build and manage reliable and scalable websites.

For people to create simple sites, UK2.NET offers budget web hosting that is as low as £0.99/mo. Each account will get 500 MB storage, 1 GB monthly data transfer, and a control panel to build one website.

There are 3 regular hared hosting plans (Essential, Business Hosting, Business Cloud) supporting more powerful websites. For example, UK2.NET Essential plan offers 1 free domain name for life, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. Customers could set up 10 websites as well.

More than that, all regular shared hosting are designed with the latest MySQL with phpMyAdmin, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, cron jobs, SEO tools, and so on.

Please note that the 3 shared hosting plans are 50% off that Essential need £1.97/mo only. Its Business Hosting at a promotional price of £2.48/mo and the Business Cloud plan discounted at £4.98/mo even both include dedicated IPs and SSL.

UK2.NET VPS Review on Price Value

UK2.NET prepares two kinds of VPS solutions, SSD VPS and VPS Cloud hosting. Comparing those two solutions, we learn that UK2.NET SSD VPS is only loaded with Solid State Drives, while VPS Cloud uses Hard Drives for storage. SSD VPS can ensure the fast speed which cannot be influenced by mechanical moving parts of HHDs, while its VPS Cloud is also a cost-effective solution than dedicated servers for those who do not require so many resources.

UK2.NET VPS hosting can support both Linux and Windows distributions. UK2.NET SSD VPS allows customer to customize their operating system to make sure it can work for them well. There are a variety of templates for them to choose, including sPanel, Windows, LAMP stacks and WordPress.

uk2 ssd vps

UK2.NET SSD VPS includes 5 plans for different needs. VPS1GB has 25 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM, 3 TB bandwidth and 4 CPU cores, which is ideal for simple sites, secondary nameservers and small test environments. VPS2GB includes 50 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth and 4 CPU cores, which is ideal for WordPress, Drupal and other CMS, forums and medium sized web shops.

If customers want to use complex web applications or build multiple busy sites and web shops, VPS8GB and VPS16GB are ideal plans, which contain 8 GB RAM, 200 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth and 4 cores CPU at minimum.

Likewise, UK2.NET VPS Cloud hosting has 4 plans for different groups. The smallest plan UKV100 includes 1 GHz CPU, 265 MB RAM, 50 GB of HDD storage, which are enough to support a simple website. The biggest plan UKV800 includes 8 GHz CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 120 GB of HDD storage, which can support complex web apps, multiple busy sites, forums or web shops.

uk2 vps cloud

More than that, each VPS Cloud plan is really scalable. If the resources by default cannot meet customers’ needs, they can customize more. At maximum, 12 GHz CPU, 10 GB of RAM, 160 GB of HDD storage are all available.

Recently, if customers choose UK2.NET VPS hosting, they can get more than 30% discount. Its SSD VPS will start at £5 .00 per month rather than £7.5 per month; its VPS Cloud includes 1/3 off all specs. In addition, now UK2.NET offers cheap domain names at £0.99 + VAT.

In brief, UK2.NET provides high price vale VPS solutions for all customers, by offering flexible features and diverse discounts.

UK2.NET Review on Reliability

With more than 15 years’ research and development, UK2.NET can completely make sure customers high uptime, fast speed and secure online environment.

On the one hand, UK2.NET fully owns one data center located in London. Besides, as a part of UK2 Group, the company also shares hosting infrastructures like data centers and clouds throughout the world. Therefore, UK2.NET has an unmatchable advantage on server locations and meeting high standards of customers in terms of reliability and speed.

UK2net cloud locations

On the other hand, UK2.NET has taken advantage of several top-ranking technologies and continuous innovations. Network comprises 100% Cisco hardware, multiple premium providers, 200 Gb of network connectivity, etc. Servers get connected to ports with 1Gbps based on ample switches.

There are engineers on-site administrating centers, network, and servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CCTV cameras, secure entry, VESDA fire protection, PIR motion detectors and so on play roles of security guards.

UK2.NET Review on Ease of Use

UK2.NET has developed a modern control panel, Client Hosting Interface, CHI for short. It is a highly integrated control panel, in which customers can manage everything related to hosting, like account details, domains, hosting plans, SSH, FTP, submitting supporting tickets, etc.

Moreover, UK2.NET integrates cPanel into CHI so that customers do not need to log in and log out again and again for different management tasks. 1-click installer Softaculous also in CHI takes all the hassle out of installing popular scripts so that UK2.NET customers can install over 100 scripts within minutes. The company is constantly adding new features into CHI, making it more powerful and user-friendly.

UK2.NET Review on Customer Service

It is unquestionable that UK2.NET support center owns considerable experience. Its support staffs are extremely patient, honest and dedicated as well.

At UK2.NET, customers can solve their queries and problems via 24/7 phone call, live chat and tickets. At the same time, the supporting staffs can always give a very quick and effective response.

Furthermore, UK2.NET customers can search the Knowledge Base to find out solutions. With Knowledge Base, customers can handle their issues by themselves as soon as possible. As a result, they can put more energy on their own businesses.

In addition, UK2.NET guarantees customers 30 day money back which means that customers can get a full refund in the first 30 days and prorate money back after that period. Consequently, there is no risk for customers to sign up services in UK2.NET.

UK2.NET Is Highly Recommended

Based on what we have analyzed above, it is clear that UK2.NET can provide customers with diverse web hosting solutions, which all have high price value. Its hosting is easy to use and well supported with risk free money back guarantee. Due to self owned data center and hosting infrastructure of UK2 Group, reliability, speed, and security are leading in the UK. Hence, UK2.NET is highly recommended to customers.

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