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UK2.NET VPS Review

To meet the growing needs to VPS hosting, we are happy to introduce more reliable and cheap web hosting solutions for those who need VPS. In below UK2.NET VPS Review, we will mainly analyze its current promotion, price value, technology & performance, usability, and technical support. After reading this comprehensive review, our readers will understand whether UK2.NET  is a good alternative or not.

uk2 1UK2.NET (www.uk2.net) is a UK-based web hosting provider, with 20 years of history in the web hosting industry. As a veteran of this industry, it knows web hosting inside out. Now, it mainly offers shared hosting, VPS hosting including VPS Cloud hosting and SSD VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, website builder and some others.

UK2.NET VPS Review on Current Promotion

UK2.NET is a famous web hosting provider who offers more competitive web hosting pricing than most of its competitors. The company always has some promotions to make lower prices.

Currently, UK2.NET is promoting on its shared hosting and VPS hosting. As for VPS hosting, UK2.NET SSD VPS solutions have over 30% off discount. Originally, UK2.NET SSD VPS hosting is from £7.5 per month, while discounting 30% off, customers can purchase it by paying only £5 .00 per month. Besides, if customers buy UK2.NET VPS Cloud solutions now, they will get 1/3 off all specs as well.

UK2.NET VPS Hosting UK2.NET VPS Hosting
30% Off

In addition to that, the company has some high discounts on domain names. If customers need a new domain name for their UK2.NET web hosting solutions, UK2.NET can make save up to 94% on .website domains, so that it only charges £0.99 + VAT; its .online domains include up to 96% discounts, making it start at only £0.99+VAT, too! Besides, if customers already have a website, UK2.NET is willing to offer free instant SEO report.

UK2.NET VPS Review on Price Value

UK2.NET prepares two kinds of VPS solutions, SSD VPS and VPS Cloud hosting. Comparing those two solutions, we learn that UK2.NET SSD VPS is only loaded with Solid State Drives, while VPS Cloud uses Hard Drives for storage. SSD VPS can ensure the fast speed which cannot be influenced by mechanical moving parts of HHDs, while its VPS Cloud is also a cost-effective solution than dedicated servers for those who do not require so many resources.

UK2.NET VPS hosting can support both Linux and Windows distributions. UK2.NET SSD VPS allows customer to customize their operating system to make sure it can work for them well. There are a variety of templates for them to choose, including sPanel, Windows, LAMP stacks and WordPress.

uk2 ssd vps

UK2.NET SSD VPS includes 5 plans for different needs. VPS1GB has 25 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM, 3 TB bandwidth and 4 CPU cores, which is ideal for simple sites, secondary nameservers and small test environments. VPS2GB includes 50 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth and 4 CPU cores, which is ideal for WordPress, Drupal and other CMS, forums and medium sized web shops.

If customers want to use complex web applications or build multiple busy sites and web shops, VPS8GB and VPS16GB are ideal plans, which contain 8 GB RAM, 200 GB disk space, 6 TB bandwidth and 4 cores CPU at minimum.

Likewise, UK2.NET VPS Cloud hosting has 4 plans for different groups. The smallest plan UKV100 includes 1 GHz CPU, 265 MB RAM, 50 GB of HDD storage, which are enough to support a simple website. The biggest plan UKV800 includes 8 GHz CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 120 GB of HDD storage, which can support complex web apps, multiple busy sites, forums or web shops.

uk2 vps cloud

More than that, each VPS Cloud plan is really scalable. If the resources by default cannot meet customers’ needs, they can customize more. At maximum, 12 GHz CPU, 10 GB of RAM, 160 GB of HDD storage are all available.

Recently, if customers choose UK2.NET VPS hosting, they can get more than 30% discount. Its SSD VPS will start at £5 .00 per month rather than £7.5 per month; its VPS Cloud includes 1/3 off all specs. In addition, now UK2.NET offers cheap domain names at £0.99 + VAT.

In brief, UK2.NET provides high price vale VPS solutions for all customers, by offering flexible features and diverse discounts.

UK2.NET VPS Review on Technology & Performance

As for UK2.NET SSD VPS servers, they all include 1 IPv4 address that is allowed to add more. Each SSD server is powered by redundant power supplies, ECC registered RAM and Samsung SSD drives that are built to provide read/write commands instantly. SSD VPS uses Global Network with more than 200 Gbit of capacity, premium N+1 network, and 1 Gbit uplink to Hypervisor. Good and redundant network infrastructure guarantees smooth and reliable connection.

SSD technology is combined with the top Cisco platform coupled with Cisco Rack switches, giving more power to deliver faster speed.

UK2.NET VPS Cloud servers contain 1 IPv4 address and auto failover. Customers can re-size package without rebooting on OS. There are 6 locations in US, Europe and UK are ready. At minimum hypervisor specs, customers can receive Intel Xeon minimum 8 cores, ECC registered RAM, and redundant power supplies, too. It includes enterprise grade storage, powered by HP, having 15K SAS Disk and high levels of redundancy, giving enough space to read/write performance.

High quality server hardware with advanced technology and premium network, VPS Cloud also has stable performance.

Besides, UK2.NET uses excellent data centers. Each of them is equipped with UPS power system and redundant generator backups. N+1 cooling and 24/7 security are the standard features in each center. UK2.NET also has the in-house management staffs, maintaining and monitoring the data centers for best performance and security.

High quality server hardware and technologies, along with premium network infrastructure and data center facilities, UK2.NET guarantee 99.9% uptime.

UK2 VPS Review on Usability

As for usability, the first thing we need to mention is that UK2.NET carefully designs multiple VPS packages, along with optimal features to satisfy different customers, and the company offers scalability for growing path. Compared with some white VPS plans and the fixed VPS plans, UK2.NET VPS packages can save lots of troubles of configuration for customers.

UK2.NET offers control panel for customer to customize server resources and choose templates. Due to UK2.NET intelligent control panel, customers’ OS can boot up in seconds. More than that, the control panel allows them to monitor, reboot, backup or make any changes to servers with ease and in real-time.

Additionally, UK2.NET VPS Cloud hosting includes automatic failover, meaning customers’ data will always stay online regardless of any hardware failure. Each cloud VPS is up and running with Linux or Windows in minutes.

UK2.NET VPS Review on Technical Support

UK2.NET provides proactive support. The team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Customers can contact experts via a variety of ways, which are simple phone call, live chat, email or ticket, to get assistance and advice

Besides, UK2.NET has a help center. Customers can access knowledge base to get the latest information they may need.

Do We Recommend UK2.NET VPS?

By reviewing UK2.NET VPS hosting, we understand why it can be one of the fastest growing web hosts in UK. Its VPS hosting is diverse and fits all sorts of customers. The company has location in 3 continents, along with pretty performance. Plus standard customer support and affordable pricing, we recommend UK2.NET VPS hosting for all kinds of customers, especially for business website owners.

To get more about UK2.NET, please visit www.uk2.net.


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