VPS.NET Coupon couponWith the latest provided VPS.NET Coupon, customers will get the highly reliable and powerful cloud VPS hosting at a very affordable price. The coupon offers lifelong 25% off, making the cloud VPS price starts from $30 per month.


As one of the most important parts of the UK2Group, VPS.NET ( has been delivering cloud-based VPS hosting to more than 10,000 customers, in over 180 different countries since its foundation in 2009. VPS.NET is also famous for allowing customers to select from 18 datacenters to host their websites.

VPS.NET Coupon

VPS.NET hosting comes with multiple solutions, for customers who choose 1GB RAM or more core specs, they can take benefits from VPS.NET coupon and receive the service at only $30/mo, 25% off the regular price $40/mo.

If customers have questions about the VPS.NET coupon or VPS hosting, VPS.NET support service can be easily contacted through 24×7 email and phone call. Moreover, the company guarantees a 30-Day Money Back policy to ensure customers a risk-free VPS.NET coupon.

VPS.NET Promotion VPS.NET Promotion
25% Off

The basic cloud VPS solution contains 4.8GHz dedicated CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB storage as well as 6TB bandwidth resources. Customers are able to opt the favorite operating system from CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows and etc.

VPS.NET coupon provides with other some other valuable features, including easily on-demand resource deployment, more than 100 different pre-built configurations, powerful API makes auto operational tasks more efficient and more others.

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VPS.NET coupon supports Visa and PayPal payment methods. For both individuals and businesses who expect powerful and stable cloud VPS hosting, VPS.NET can address their demands with 18 datacenter locations across 5 continents, and the highest availability through 99.9% uptime.

Please visit: to know more information about VPS.NET cloud VPS hosting, and take 25% off advantage of the VPS.NET coupon.


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