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VPS.NET Review

VPS.NET logo1VPS.NET ( is one of the industry-leading cloud service providers, founded in 2009. It is a part of The UK2Group, a large web hosting service provider in London. Due to this, the company is able to grow fast. By far, the company has developed 22 global data centers to provide premium cloud services to more than 10,000 customers all over the work.

As we all known, an excellent web host is able to provide rich features, reliable performance, and responsive customer support at reasonable and affordable prices. Is VPS.NET a reliable web host? In below post, we will introduce it from features to support, hoping to help customers figure out whether it is a reliable cheap web hosting provider or not.

Special Deals at VPS.NET

VPS.NET now can provide 3 kinds of products, which are Cloud VPS servers, SSD VPS servers, Cloud Sites, as well as WordPress Cloud. We find that the pricing of VPS.NET has become more reasonable and affordable.

For example, its Cloud VPS servers are from $15 per month instead of original $40/mo. Even better, VPES.NET SSD VPS servers only charge at as low as $5 per month.


Therefore, from the change of the pricing at VPS.NET, we can conclude that VPS.NET is becoming cheaper and cheaper. Besides, all VPS.NET products contain a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which takes all the pressure out of customers’ hosting decision.

VPS.NET Review on Price Value

VPS.NET can provide diverse cloud-based VPS products, among which Cloud VPS servers are very outstanding. In below, we intend to take its Cloud VPS servers as our example to show whether it has high price value or not.

VPS.NET allows customers to customize their primary features, which are nodes, CPU core, RAM, bandwidth, disk drive storage, operating systems, and server locations. More than that, they are able to choose the extra resources like storage, Power Pack option, cPanel option, as well as management service options.  The option of Power Pack is able to double customers’ server power including RAM and CPU on demand, and provide unlimited bandwidth as well as free Server Density monitoring.


The minimum starting plan includes 1 node, 1 CPU cores, 0.5 GB RAM, 3.0 TB bandwidth, and 20 GB storage. The storage of VPS.NET Cloud VPS servers is enterprise grade. Even better, the company configures enterprise grade disks in RAID 10 SAN. Redundant disks, Active-Active controllers, and redundant power supplies ensure high availability.

Furthermore, VPS.NET Cloud VPS is really flexible and scalable. The company always prepares for unexpected overuse of customers. The feature of auto-scaling will instantly add resources to customers’ server once they need. This feature can be alternated by the option of Power Pack. Additionally, VPS.NET has the flexibility to add or remove resources easily. These features not only meet customers’ demands but also enhance the stability and reliability of their server.

We are glad to tell customers that the pricing set by VPS.NET is attractive when customers compare it with others, they will understand. Such powerful, reliable and scalable Cloud VPS only charges $15/mo and comes with FREE SSL guaranteeing site security. 30 days of money back guarantee makes it more outstanding in the industry.

VPS.NET Review on Data Centers & Technology

After we introduce the features of VPS.NET Cloud VPS, we believe we should be confident to its performance. VPS.NET is confident to it as well. It takes downtime so seriously that it offers 1,000% SLA.

How could VPS.NET be so pride of its performance? Firstly, we have to introduce that the company has developed 22 global data center in all which are across 5 continents. There are enough locations for customers the select the best and closest locations in order to get faster access speed.

Besides auto-scaling, VPS.NET Cloud VPS has another great feature that is self-healing. To be specific, VPS.NET designs its cloud to be reliable by fixing single points of failure to protect customers’ server against downtime. Unlike some companies deploy customers’ site on a single server, VPS.NET uses multiple server working together to power their site. If one server fails, it will be remove from the cloud, but customers’ site will continue to run.

Customers at VPS.NET have an option of CDN. It can eliminate slow content downloads and deliver lightning-fast content downloads from global servers for customers.

Plus enterprise grade disk configuration, it is no wonder that VPS.NET is so proud of their uptime.

VPS.NET Review on Ease-of -Use

VPS.NET Cloud VPS is easy to use. It contains free Assisted Start-up, full root access, migration, powerful API, and recipes, helping customers run and manage their server efficiently.

VPS.NET understands it is difficult to start a web hosting, especially for those new to it. Therefore, the company offers Assisted Start-up. The company will configure customers’ server, install software and migrate their data. If customers choose the option of cPanel, they can get easy migration services via cPanel.

VPS.NET also offer its customers very Powerful API, which allow them to improve the efficiency in managing Cloud server, such as the operation to creating, resizing and rebooting.

Besides, Recipes in Cloud VPS packages allows customers to integrate custom templates, install applications and combine them with templates. Customer can use it to deploy features for their own clients.

VPS.NET Review on Customer Support

VPS.NET Cloud VPS contains enhanced customer support. The company has a strong technician team with rich experience. Its expert 24x7x365 support team is standby round the clock to help customers. If they need help or just want some advice from VPS.NET experts, they can contract the team by email, chat, or call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other more, VPS.NET prepares abundant online resources such as Knowledge base and FQAs, which are regularly updated for customers to learn.

Is VPS.NET a Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider?

In a nutshell, VPE.NET is very excellent in providing Cloud VPS servers. It contains scalable and flexible features to support an amazing site. Up to 22 worldwide data centers, enterprise-class deployment, high-end options like Power Pack and CDN guarantee VPSS.NET high performance. Considering free SSL and enhance customer support with the budget price of $15/mo, we strongly recommend VPS.NET to customers.

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