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The following VPS.NET SSD VPS Review will center on the SSD VPS hosting solution offered by VPS.NET, analyzing its price value, performance, and customer support to figure out whether it is worthy purchasing to boost a customer’s online business.


VPS.NET logo1As a part of the UK2Group, VPS.NET (www.vps.net) is a famous web hosting provider specializing in various VPS hosting solutions and services. Besides quality SSD VPS hosting, VPS.NET has cloud VPS hosting, cloud servers, as well as cloud reseller hosting options. A growing number of customers are switching to VPS.NET’s platform as a result of fast hosting experience, premium customer support, and cheap pricing as well.

VPS.NET SSD VPS Review on Features

For any experienced website masters, their priority should be very clear about what offerings a web host is able to provide when considering choosing a reliable VPS hosting solution. VPS.NET never disappoints its customers in this sense.

vps-net-ssdDriven by the latest SSD disks with local RAID, VPS.NET SSD VPS ensures blazing-fast speed and high reliability for each website or application. There are six SSD VPS packages out there for customers to choose from, basic features included in the smallest size plan are 512MB RAM, 15GB SSD disk space, 1TB bandwidth, and 1 core processor.

For those who are planning to build medium sized web shops, complex web apps, multiple busy sites or forums, they just need to upgrade to or move eyes on other larger SSD VPS solutions at the same hosting company. VPS.NET promises to get every customer’s server up and running and data migrated in no time at all.

Given that every customer has his preference to operating system, the web host offers multiple optional OS choices, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows STD EDN, and cPanel+CentOS, either for free or paid. Customers can make the right choice according to their own needs.

Meanwhile, an easy-to-use cPanel control panel is recommended to help handle everything needed to operate a SSD VPS server. Email, file, databases, and software application installing are easily accessed and managed with the click of a button inside the control panel. Furthermore, customers are enabled to change their server spec in the control panel after their have ordered.

In general, VPS.NET SSD VPS is rich featured and can fulfill requirements for different type of online presences.

VPS.NET SSD VPS Review on Pricing

As to pricing, VPS.NET SSD VPS is undoubtedly one of the best cheap VPS hosting services in the industry, let alone the special coupon it comes with.

Regularly starting at only $5.00/mo, the hosting solution has beat most competing products. However, this is not the end. The web host is promoting the hosting service by offering a $10 credit. Just apply the coupon code “GIVEME10” at checkout, all customers can benefit from $10 off regular price to reduce price as low as only $2.00/mo!


vps-net-money-back-guaranteeAt VPS.NET, many payment methods are accepted, like MasterCard, Visa, as well as PayPal. Covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, there is no need for customers to worry about financial risks. If their SSD VPS hosting experience isn’t everything they hoped it would be or if they are not fully satisfied for any reason within 30 days of service, VPS.NET will give them a refund right away.

VPS.NET SSD VPS Review on Performance & Reliability

What makes VPS.NET appeal to so many customers is not just because of the high price value, but also attribute to the fast speed and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Choosing from 10 top of the line data centers in US, UK, EU, and CA, customers are possible to significantly lower latency and speed up page loading times by hosting with a closest SSD-powered server. All the data centers are featuring in Tier 3 classification, redundant power sources, 24/7 security and digital video surveillance, and VESDA smoke detection system. As such, they are able to deliver quite reliable as well as stable hosting experience.vps-net-data-center

VPS.NET also carefully makes use of brand new servers and equips them with cutting-edge SSD technology to accelerate data access time and reduce latency, while remaining good reliability. Combined with the servers are multiple network carriers who offer unsurpassed reliability and performance. As well, customers can also get benefit from VPS.NET’s self-developed Content Delivery Network for eliminating slow content downloads.

With VPS.NET SSD VPS, the security is not extra any more but a guaranteed service. Every hosting package contains free SSL certificate so as to protect customers from spam or malicious attacks thus improving SEO rankings and build a reputation of confidential reliability.

Just from the performance aspect, it is easy to get concluded that VPS.NET SSD VPS delivers fast and reliable enough service allowing customers to have peace of mind when running a business website or an application.

VPS.NET SSD VPS Review on Technical Support

vps-net-supportHowever feature rich and efficient a SSD VPS hosting could be, problems arise from nowhere sometimes. Due to that, having a quality customer support is vital to every customer, especially those new to the area.

VPS.NET has a handy support team with full knowledge of SSD VPS related questions and well-trained to be friendly to all customers. Whether a customer has a problem to solve or simple needs some advice, he/she can get in touch with an expert via email, live chat, and phone call around the clock, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Besides that, there is additional enhanced support with Assisted Start-up and priority response times from its support team included. This support members are ready to help customers install software, configure security, and get the best from their SSD servers.

Is VPS.NET SSD VPS Recommended?

Yes. VPS.NET SSD VPS is an excellent hosting option and is especially suitable for individuals looking for a budget solution to create simple websites, secondary nameservers, or small test environment. It also incredibly advantageous for business owners who need a reliable premium SSD VPS service to help deal with high traffic while maintaining good reliability and security.

If you are still demanding for more details about VPS.NET SSD VPS or other services, please check www.vps.net online at any time.

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