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Ways of Creating Photo Gallery in WordPress

Image galleries are one of the convenient and one of the most modern method to share your pictures with your friends, families, well wishers and close ones on wordpress.com site. Images posted in the gallery are attached to a page or a post written are usually small in size. Readers then click on the image which makes it appear in large size and then by scrolling down one by one at the gallery. Using the option at the slideshow, the images move from one image to another in a quick time.

Styles in Gallery

photo-galleryThere are various styles found in gallery. They are grid in thumbnail layout, slideshow, and layout in mosaic style. The default style found is thumbnail grid layout.

Tile layout are displayed in the following styles

  • Rectangular tiles
  • Circular tiles
  • Square tiles

From the above styles, tiles that are in rectangular and square form provide captions that hover to save space and make the captions accessible.

If you wish to change from default layout to tiled layout, choose from Settings – Media from the dashboard in your blog. Choose the option named Image Gallery Carousel and choose the box next to it namely Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic. By selecting this option, you need to note that the layout becomes default for the blogs that are being displayed in the galleries, which include the previous ones that you have inserted.

On clicking the image, the images in the gallery appear in large size in full form carousel view. This can be customized by selecting the Image Galleries Carousel from the media settings.

To Add a Gallery to the Slideshow

  • For editing, open the page or the post available. If the page or post created is new, do add a title and save before inserting a gallery or slideshow.
  • photo_galleryClick on the button named Add Media.
  • Then click on Create Gallery option that appears on the left.
  • If you wish images be added, you can either drag images into your inbox or choose Select Files so that you can add picture that is to be upload.
  • Once the images are uploaded, you can see the images inside your Media library. You can even select additional images that you would like to add in your gallery or slideshow by clicking them. You can select various images, you can command click or click control on the ones you wish to use.
  • At the bottom, click on Create a new gallery.
  • On the screen, click the image so that you can edit the title, caption, text and description. Reordering the photos by clicking and dragging the photos or you can choose options like Reverse Order or Random Order.
  • Choose the way you want your gallery to be displayed at the Gallery Settings area.
  • Link – This is not applicable to slideshows
  • Attachment Page – A page available in your blog that is specialized with the image in the theme that is selected.
  • Media File – A link that is directed to a full size image that is uploaded.
  • Columns – The columns that is to be displayed is affected by the theme that is chosen. This option is not applicable to slideshows.
  • Types – The options available here consist of default gallery that have thumbnail images, square tile gallery, rectangular tile gallery, circular tile gallery or it could be a slideshow too.
  • Once you have completed editing, click on Insert Gallery.
  • Open the page that needs to be edited and ensure that you are available on Visual editing mode.
  • Click on icon that states Edit Gallery on the gallery.
  • You could find that screen used for editing is same as the one that is displayed when inserted the gallery. By clicking the image, you could drag and drop the images so that you could rearrange them and edit the images title, alternative text, caption and description.
  • If necessary, adjust the gallery settings
  • Before you update other settings in the gallery, make sure to click the update gallery button to save the settings.

To Edit a Gallery or Slideshow

Managing Styles at the Gallery by oneself

You can manage the gallery styles individually. To manage the gallery styles, you need to choose from Settings, option named Media. At the gallery of images, deselect the box that displays your gallery pictures in a mosaic form. Then click the option Save to keep the thumbnail grid layout appear in default throughout your site.

Some of Gallery Styles

Styles in Gallery work only when the checkbox that mentions Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic is unchecked in Media under Settings. To know more, you can see Manage Gallery Styles individually.


If you encounter any problems while creating gallery in your post, you need to initial start by entering the title and save it as a draft before any images are uploaded.

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