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Ways To Analyze Your SEO Competitors

Description: To stay alive and do well in the competitive market, it is always important to keep an eye on the competitor’s move such as their search ranking, social media presence, email etc. to take your business to a great position.

Ways To Analyze Your SEO Competitors

Beating the competitors by analyzing them is one of the key methods to success in business. To get the high ranking in search engine is really needed to drive huge amount of traffic but sometimes it become bit tough to get the ranking due to huge competition and this is when you need to start analyzing your competitors to boost your business. SEO competitor analysis tool is available for this purpose but those are not all and you have to follow some ways along with using the tools to analysis the competitors.

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Here are the ways to analyze your SEO competitors

First indentify the competitors:

This is the first and foremost step as without knowing who is your competitors are actually, you can’t analyze them. Finding out the SEO competitors might be easy or bit tough depending where they are doing their business. For example, if you have an offline business and the competitors are well known to you there, then just check their websites and you will be able to gather huge information about them. But, in other cases it is really difficult to find out the SEO competitors. What you can do is, perform a search in Google using your target keywords and notice what are the sites popping high in the search results. The top ranked sites can be considered as your main SEO competitors.

Check out their sites:

Once you have made a list of your main competitors, just have a look at their site to gather some important information. Find out how their sites are designed, if it is designed in a more professional way, the quality of their content, whether they are using static or dynamic URLs and similar kind of other information. This will help you to decorate your site such way to be loved by Google.

Keyword research using SEO competitor analysis tool:

Keywords are the main factor in SEO and this is the reason you need to conduct a research on what type of keywords are being used by your competitors. Website keyword suggestion is a helpful SEO competitor analysis tool that allows you to find out which keywords will do well for the competitor’s site and see if those are the keywords used by them. Also do not forget to have a check on the density of the keyword while Keyword density tool will help you in that and check the location of the keywords if they are seen in the heading, URLs, metatag etc.

Another way to have a check on the competitor’s keyword is:

  • Type the competitors name in SEMrush to see the list of keywords they are ranking for
  • Also use Spyfu, a SEO competitor analysis tool to have a list of the keywords your competitors are bidding for.
  • And use keyword planner to have a list of the possible keyword related to the primary term.

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Check and download their backlinks:

Backlinks are the other valuable part in SEO ranking and you need to keep an eye on their backlinks for this purpose. Various free tools are available for this such as Backlink summary, backlink Anchor text analysis etc. Look at the number of backlinks, their origin, Anchor text etc, and you too can contact webmaster to get the backlinks from popular websites about which you were not known previously.

Ahrefs is another tool that let you sort by domain rank to see their backlinks from the least to most authoritative and then you can target the quality backlinks according to that.

Analyze topical authority and Other SEO factors:

Apart from analyzing the keywords and backlinks there are other factors as well that is to be analyzed for a clear picture about the SEO competitors.

  • Analyze their topical trust flow to gain knowledge about their semantic link profile using the Majestic’s backlink tool.
  • Establishing industry averages are also important that let you follow some useful guidelines while you start your campaign. Competitive Landscape Analyzer from LinkResearch tool is useful for that purpose.
  • With all these check out what is the page ranking of your competitor site in Google and how they perform in other search engine Yahoo and Bing.

Evaluate the competitors on social media:

Once you are well known of your competitors and have acquired information regarding their keywords and backlinks, the next job is to find out how they are doing in social media. For example, their social media strategy, how often do they share any content on social media, numbers of their active followers etc. Also evaluate their Facebook and Twitter accounts. But unfortunately you can’t see their post until you are friend of them. However, in case their profile are made public, you can have a look at their post and plan accordingly what all things you need to do in social media to be active.

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Analyze the PPC ads used by competitors using SEO competitor analysis tool:

Using PPC is another great idea to drive traffic as it is relatively cheaper and efficient at the same time. Google Adwords is the primary choice that comes to our mind first, however many other networks are also available which could be used by the webmaster. Analyze competition is one of the best tool for this by Google that let you compare how your PPC is doing in comparison to the competitor’s campaign.

So, these are the main ways to analyze your SEO competitors, follow these steps and also try using several SEO competitors analysis tool at the same time that will make your job much easier and you can efficiently win the best search ranking with time by perfectly analyzing your competitors. Besides what we’ve mentioned above, choose to host your website with a best SEO web hosting is also a possible solution.

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