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10 Ways To Boost Your Website Ranking with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is no doubt a great way to reach numerous customers and getting the paid traffic to your site so as to have higher return in business. This advertising tool can also be used greatly for SEO purpose so that the website gets higher ranking in search engine and come to the notice of more and more people.

While most of the people are well aware of what is Google Adwords, but the novice might find it a bit difficult to understand. So, we will start with what is Google Adwords and then will highlight how it can impact SEO or the website ranking result.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising service through which the business and organization can display their ads in Google and its advertising network. This service is based on keywords and the business people are required to pay for every click.

Ways to boost SEO using Google AdWords

Google Adwords to research keywords

Keyword is the basis of SEO and you need to research keywords very frequently as visitors are really unexpected. Google Adwords can be used as a useful tool for this purpose as you can make use of Google AdWords Keyword tool for keyword researching. What you need to do is just enter the URL of your site or else some seed keywords in the tool and it will fetch some suggested keywords. Select the ones that seem relevant and have decent global search volume. Next, go to Google’s site and test each of the keywords to see the number of web result.

Now, divide the decent global search volume by this number of web result which indicates the competition ratio. The keywords with the higher competition ratio are the best ones to optimize.

Test the keywords

After selecting the right keyword, it is important to test if the keyword is really performing well. The situation might be like this, you have worked hard to secure the higher position in SEO but still the result is not as expected as the bounce rate is really high and it’s happening just because of the improper keyword. So, what you need to do then is go for another lucrative keyword to see if it can fetch you good result along with securing the higher ranking in SEO.

Adwords to get better CTR

Better keyword, better ranking, lots of traffic but still the result is not satisfied, the reason is low CTR (click through rate). One of the main reasons for lower CTR is the wrong combination of title and description of the ad. Google adwords is an excellent tool to improve your CTR. What you should do is create various combination of title and add description of the ad in your Googel adwords campaign to see which one bring higher result and then the most successful combination can be used in your site page as well to boost the organic search CTR.

Higher quality score

Quality score is another important factor in Adwords that is a function of the CTR, so it will affect the SEO automatically. Keywords with higher quality score are supposed to draw more and more traffic which eventually enhance the conversion rate. So, examine which keyword with high quality score is performing well and that can be used for SEO purposes as well for better ranking.

Destination URLs

The landing page of your Google Adwords, in other words the Google Adwords destination URLs report can help you know actually which URL is working best and offering more conversion rate so that this information can be used in the SEO pages for better website ranking.

Adwords account’s placement data for SEO

The Google Adwords account’s placement data can be extremely helpful to boost the SEO of your site. Examine which of the ad placement such as Managed placement, automatic placement or else Exclusion which one is performing better and yielding you best result so that this idea can be used in the website ranking improvement purpose as well.  Get to know which type of site is actually best for more conversion rate and use this information for content marketing strategies.

For Geographic targeting

Another best use of AdWords for SEO is the geographic targeting. Yes, The Google Analytics tool can be used to compare the different conversion rate of different locations in case you bid on traffic from various locations. After going through the result it would be really helpful for you to see which of country is fetching you good result that is more conversion for the same keyword so that you can pay more attention to that location while you can also go for targeting geo specific keywords for countries that are performing extremely well.

Interest and Demographic data

In the Google Adwords, there is a section called Display tab under which you will find out topic and a subsection ‘Interest & remarketing’. This option let you study the performance of certain content strategies, interest categories and remarketing segments which altogether help you in better understanding the types of prospect such as who are the visitors with high chances of getting converted so that content can be created and target keywords can be used according to that.

Placement tools

Google Adwords placement tool is another best option to boost the SEO of your site. It works very similar to that of the keyword tool while the placement tool let you prospect the link really well. Here you can enter the URL, site or term and get the relevant sites. All those sites that are very relevant and running ads through the AdSense are best link partners probably.

Opportunities tab

The opportunities tab in Google AdWords might not be much helpful for the Google Adwords ad campaign but it can surely help you out in the website ranking by offering some great keywords idea. The reason they are overlooked in ad campaign might be they are expensive and not highly relevant but those can be used in organic ranking due to less expensive and good content ideas.

So, Google Adwords even though is a main tool for the advertisers but its use is not limited to that rather you can use it for SEO purpose as well to have great website ranking.

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