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Ways To Clone WordPress Websites

Nowadays, WordPress (WP) clone is one of the most popular ways to move or copy a WordPress site to another server. Sometimes it is done by taking backup data. Taking the backup is the easiest, fastest and the most secured way to move or copy a WordPress site to another server.

The idea behind cloning is very simple. It saves hours of work in server migration. Whenever one is considering moving the hosting serving provider or shifting from the shared hosting to virtual private server, the cloning will become an essential step to follow. Otherwise re-building a WordPress website from scratch will require serious effort. Using the cloning plugins or backup plugins is the most popular way of cloning the WordPress websites. Using such WordPress plugins help users to make exact copy of a WP site. It ensures that no elements or content of the website will be lost.

WordPress Website Cloning Plugins

Ways To Clone WordPress WebsitesDropbox: Users planning a WordPress website clone can utilize the virtual storage service Dropbox to their benefit. Dropbox’s unique feature of virtual storage and scalable access from any corner of the world makes it sure that users can store the media files, relevant databases and content and contacts on it. Through storing the content to Dropbox, it will be easier for the user to reuse the content in rebuilding a website and cloning an existing one. When cloning a website, the user is actually making an identical copy of a website. There is a Dropbox plugin which the user needs to install to the site that he or she wants to be cloned. After activating the plugin, the transition is automatic and real quick. However if you are looking to have automatic process for restoring the content to newer destination or location, then you will have to do the work manually. The plugin offers backup creation only and for restoration, it does not offer any automatic process.

Ways To Clone WordPress Websites Backupbuddy: The Backupbuddy is a WordPress backup plugin which permits users to backup the data. It allows users to restore the site from backup data as well. For doing this, the user has to install the plugin first. Upon installation, it will add a new menu on WordPress admin panel. It will take the user to the wizard upon clicking on the menu. It is also a user friendly plugin which requires an email ID first and a password then.  It is user friendly, multilingual and has a paid premium version besides the free one. It can work with newer versions of WordPress. Similar to the Dropbox extension, the Backupbuddy helps with faster backup creation without any data loss. However when you need to migrate the same to a newer host or you will be making some modifications to go on with the newly cloned website, then you need to do it manually.

UpdraftPlus: The UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration Plugin is another plugin to backup WordPress site. It has wide range of services. It is a premium quality plugin service which can help you both in creating backup and restoring the same. It generally offers very simple way to restore data with a single click. Site duplication, quick restoration, splitting informative large site to various archives, and automatic and scheduled backup are some of the most popular features presented by this plugin. It requires the WordPress website to run on the newer versions. Unlike the previous two plugins the Dropbox extension and the Backupbuddy, the UpdraftPlus makes the work complete. It not only helps you in creating the backup but also helps you in restoring the same to a new site hosted on a new physical drive location. So, for cloning, this plugin can prove more worthy to users.

However there are a few other popular cloning plugins of WordPress websites like the Duplicator, xCloner and the WP Clone. The Duplicator is very much popular and widely used besides the xCloner. Duplicator can be used to migrate, copy, clone or backup websites while transferring it from one server to another. It is totally free of cost. Contrary to Duplicator plugin, the xCloner is another fairly advanced plugin and particularly useful when a user need to move websites to a new host. It has fully fledged backup creation service besides restoration and transfer and migration system. So, the users of xCloner will always find it to be advantageous for them to use to make all the steps of cloning a website hassle free. It is free but has a premium version with support services. Then it is the WP Clone. The WP Clone is a plugin by the WP Academy – a reputed WordPress plugin developer. WP clone is another user friendly way to copy a WordPress site from one location to another. It offers website backup and moves the site. WP Clone does not require user FTP access. Users are just required to upload and activate the plugin. It helps user to save file uploads.

Besides the automated way, users with advanced coding and programming knowledge can try the FTP based backup creation, modification, migration, transfer and restoring. However, the manual cloning of WordPress can be tedious job if you have a large website to move. The volume of added work or time and effort that you may require to invest in cloning will largely depend on the number of elements, types of content, advanced applications and contacts database etc factors because you will have to move them all in cloning.

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