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Ways to Integrate Slack with WordPress

Often working on a remote team which most community members and fellow developers do, lack of proper communication skills has become a major concern. Most business owners have seen a trend where as the business starts to flourish, the communication between the team members starts to become cluttered and it becomes hard for keeping track of the communication through the email.

Often we send normal messages to one another in order to inform each other about the progress happening in the company and the day-to-day task. What we need is a simple means of messaging to one another so that information can be updated with other about the progress of the company. There are lots of means like Skype, email, texting, etc. However, there is a problem. Even though certain progress may require one to communicate to a person and in this scenario, a great amount of transparency is required.

What is Slack?

slack-alert-logoSlack is one of the most powerful communication suites (team suite), which gives you the chance to be quite efficient and less busy. What most individuals never know is that they can integrate the Slack along with the WordPress. And even you have the option to push the available notifications from the WordPress website to the given slack channel. Basically, slack provides an extensive real time communication between the team members and even help in developing the basic ability to archive and look out for messages.

Not only it is an innovative tool, but it is even a great tool for various remote teams and multi-author related sites running on WordPress. Nowadays, various huge corporations are using Slack for building team work and internal communication. Installing the Slack is quite easy and all you have to do is to install it and click on the activate Slack plugin. As soon as it is done, the plugin gets activated. When it is ready, it would automatically add a menu to the given WordPress admin. This is know as Slack. For adding the first integration, you need to click on the Slack button and select Add New.

Basically, if you want to add any kind of integration, incoming webhook data or token would be required. This can be easily achieved if one logs into their slack account. With a simple click on the given arrow which is present next to the given company name, and then selecting the ‘Configure Integrations’, the given webhook tokens can be received. In addition, you would be able to check out the list of the services you could simply integrate along using the Slack. And once that is done, you have to scroll down and continue it till you are able to find out the ‘Incoming Webhooks’ and once that is done, then you have to click the Add button given next to it.

Now with regard to the incoming setup page of the webhook, you are bound to see and get the webhook URL which you would have to copy. The URL is nothing but the incoming webhook token which belongs to you and it will be one which you are going to use along with the Slack integration present in the WordPress website. So, once you have done copying the Webhook URL, then you would have to combine the latest Slack integration page present in the site of the WordPress and simply paste the URL under the URL of the Service page.

Once that is done, then you would need to select the name of the channel from where you ought to deliver the notifications like the #general. Even though most people or trend setters would recommend that you design the custom channel for various automated updates like #stream in order to keep the other channels without any clutters. In addition, you would have to add the username and select the given icon of the bot which would deliver the news.

Sometimes this could be anything that you must have liked or admired before. Once that is done, then the next step is to select the notifications. If you check, by default the given WordPress plugin would just send any notifications whenever the post is published, or when one needs review or as and when new comments are there.

Finally, when the above things are done, you would have to look into the check box which lies next to the Active so that it can be activated and run the Slack integration. Now once that is done, then the next thing that you need to do is click on the save button and try to store the available Slack integration. Once that is done, then the next thing that you would need to do is publish the comment or post so that you can see the notifications present in the Slack channels instantly.

To conclude, Slack is indeed the best tool to be used and can simply help in simplify the conversations.

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