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Ways to Show Live Preview of Links in WordPress Website

Whenever you are referring a link to your users, it would be more intriguing if you the link can show them a preview of the content in it. In this way, user’s interests keep building in which is very good because it is an early sign of conversion. To make the links to automatically give users the preview of respective page content, you can try any of the below options. At first, you can try with plugins to make the work easier for you.

Using WP Link Preview Plugin

The WP Link Preview is a simple plugin that generates screen shot of links using its dynamic properties to allow visitors to have a sight of the link page. The WP Link Preview is a premium plugin that can be sourced from the code canyon and helps to protect spam links. The plugins functional features include changing width support to preview images, 3 editable themes, built in support for 5 animation effects and tooltip from Tooltipster jQuery plugin. You need to preload the images to make the plugin work. Lastly, the plugin will work on all browsers and is compatible with WordPress versions higher than 3.0.

Using WP Live Preview Links Plugin

WP Link Preview PluginThe WP Live Preview Links is another plugin that makes the jQuery mechanism to work to generate snippet of linked page’s content. You will have to take a picture of the content that you will be inserting in the relevant details of the keywords you are hyper linking with a URL. So, whenever a user puts his cursor on the keyword, it will show up in a styled window as snippet for the page. Now about the WP Live Preview Links plugin, once your install and activate it, the plugin will display a new admin panel for you where all the links will be listed. From there you need to select for which link you want to display snippets.

Using Newspaper Theme

newspaper-themeBesides the plugins you can use modern themes that can help you to automate the link preview on your WordPress website. Such a theme can be the Newspaper theme. It is a paid premium theme available on themeforest that not only shows previews of static pages from onpage links but also can generate video previews from links to a video content. As a plus to that, the theme has rating system that will ease the users’ efforts towards rating the page content. The Newspaper theme is highly compatible and customizable, you can use it for multiple purposes and it will result in the best SEO ranking.

Some Helpful Resources

There are two other plugins which can also help to serve your link previewing needs which are freely available from the WordPress repository and highly popular. These plugins are Link Library and WP Gallery Bank.

Besides using the plugins and new generation themes you can manually code the links to show up their snippets however, that will be quite challenging task and may be work perfectly across different OS and browser versions. Therefore, it would be wiser to have professional solutions like getting either the free or the premium plugins. However if your theme support live links previewing then you do not need to take the hassle of extra plugin. So, think about the theme and the plugins, both can give you great ways to show up your links preview.

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