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Below are the list web hosts we have reviewed, sorted by business name.

List Web Host List Price Discount New Price Rating Read Review Visit
A A2hosting $4.99 51% Off $3.92 ★★★★¼  A2hosting Review Visit Site
B Bisend $7.99 64% Off $3.95 ★★★★¾  Bisend Review Visit Site
  bluehost $7.99 64% Off $2.95 ★★★★¾  Bluehost Review Visit Site
D digitalocean $5 $50 off $5 ★★★★¼  Digtial Ocean Review Visit Site
  discountasp $10 50% Off $5 ★★★★☆  DiscountASP.NET Review Visit Site
  dreamhost $9.95 $50 Off $5.78 ★★★★☆  DreamHost Review Visit Site
F fatcow $8.95 65% Off $3.15 ★★★★½  Fatcow Review Visit Site
G godaddy $5 80% Off $1 ★★★¼☆  GoDaddy Review Visit Site
  greengeeks $7.95 50% Off $3.96 ★★★★½  GreenGeeks Review Visit Site
H hostgator $6.95 30% Off $4.86 ★★★★½  Hostgator Review Visit Site
  hostpapa $5.99 50% Off $2.95 ★★★★½  HostPapa Review Visit Site
  hostwinds $4.5 53% Off $3.29 ★★★★☆  HostWinds Review Visit Site
  hostmonster $9.45 59% Off $3.95 ★★★★☆  Hostmonster Review Visit Site
I InmotionHosting $7.99 56% Off $3.49 ★★★★★  Inmotion Hosting Review Visit Site $5 $0.01 First month $0.01 ★★★★¼  InterServer.NET Review Visit Site
  ipage $11.95 83% Off $1.99 ★★★★½  iPage Review Visit Site
J justhost $7.99 68% Off $2.5 ★★★★¾  Justhost Review Visit Site
L linode $10 15% Off $8.5 ★★★★☆  Linode Review Visit Site
  liquidweb $50 N/A $50 ★★★★¾  Liquidweb Review Visit Site
M midphase $6.95 72% Off $1.97 ★★★★¼  midPhase Review Visit Site
N namecheap $3.24 75% Off $0.82 ★★★★¼  NameCheap Review Visit Site
  networksolutions $15.95 38% Off $9.96 ★★★★¼  NetworkSolutions Review Visit Site
S siteground $9.95 30% Off $6.95 ★★★★☆  SiteGround Review Visit Site
  smarterasp $2.95 15% Off $2.5 ★★★★½  SmarterASP.NET Review Visit Site
W webhostinghub $8.99 55% Off $3.99 ★★★★½  WebHostingHub Review Visit Site
  wix $4 N/A $4 ★★★★★  Weebly Review Visit Site
  winhost $4.95 20% Off $3.95 ★★★★¾  Winhost Review Visit Site
  wix $12.95 35% Off $8.25 ★★★★★  Wix Review Visit Site
  wpengine $29 20% Off $23.2 ★★★★½  WPEngine Review Visit Site
1 1and1 $5.99 83% Off $0.99 ★★★☆☆  1and1 Review Visit Site

Web Hosting Review By Type

Want to find the best hosting to host your website? Check out below web hosting review based on the types of hosting solutions.

Find True and Honest Web Hosting Review

These days people could find a lot of hosting review sites all over the internet. In fact, if you would just search “web hosting reviews”, Google will give more than a million results. However, how do you find an honest and true hosting review that will give you the information that you need and help you make the right decision when looking for a best cheap hosting? Here are some tips that could help you out:

Steer Clear of Ad-loaded Articles

There are some hosting reviews whose aim is to get page views or traffic instead of giving readers useful information is not going to give you with the resource and information that you in need in identifying the pros and cons of different hosting websites. More often than not, these articles are superficial and lacking content-wise. You can go over the entire content in matter of minutes and not learn anything valuable.

Be Wary of Reviews with Errors

Poorly grasped knowledge could be the culprit behind this. There are some instances where the reviewer doesn’t have any clear idea on what the hosting service actually is and what it does. They may not have the direct knowledge or simply relied on third party knowledge, thus creating mixed ideas and confusion. This is something that is really not helpful in your situation. So, it is best to opt for reviews from people who actually tried the hosting service to find out if it is a “hit or miss”. They will know first-hand knowledge with the hosting service and let you know if it would work for you.

Impartial Reviews

Some web hosting reviews tend to favour a service provide a bit more than the other given the fact that it is sponsored review. These become a sample of marketing and no longer are a genuine critique.This a two-fold disadvantage. For the reader, you won’t know if the performance is that good and if there are any issues could be hard to deal with. And for the host, even if the their service is in fact the best, if the reader finds out that the review is sponsored, it would create doubt in their minds if the review is trustworthy.

Compare Web Hosts

It makes complete send to start with a couple of quality web host provider comparison and focus on the kind of web hosting that you like such as shared web hosting, dedicated, VPS and more. Use those ideas as a starting point, then proceed to reviews of plans that you want.

Hosting reviews are really helpful. They assist you in making the right decision that could help you with your business’ success and stability. After all, this is something that is considered to be a very lucrative investment. So, do your research well and use the tips provided above to help you make sure that you that hosting review that you are using is in fact truthful and reliable.