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WebHostingHub (www.webhostinghub.com) offers one of the best cheap web hosting solutions for bloggers and small businesses. It’s shared hosting packages come with rich features to help people build a site quickly. In this WebHostinghub review, we will talk about its service from features, reliability, price, and customer support to explain why Web Hosting Hub is highly recommend for bloggers.

WebHostingHub Special Coupon

First, we will shared an exclusive deal from WebHostingHub management team to our visitors only. If people purchase its services via our exclusive WebHostingHub coupon below, they could save up to 57% plus $1.95/mo only for the first 3 months.

WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal
72% Off

The regular price of WebHostingHub starts at $8.99/month, but with above promotion link, people could get a discount price at $3.99/month only, which makes it really cheap and almost everyone could afford. Even better, if you go with a 2-year or 3-year service term with WebHostingHub, you can try out its service from $1.95/mo in the first 3 months with this .

Check how this web hosting coupon works with its Spark plan:

Service Year Regular Price After Discount! You Save!
12 Month $8.99/Month ($107.88/year) $3.99 x 12 ($47.88/yr) $60
24 Month $7.99/Month ($191.76/2 years) $1.95 x 3 + $3.99 x 21 ($89.64/2yrs) $102.12
36 Month $6.99/Month ($251.64/3 years) $1.95 x 3 + $3.99 x 33 ($137.52/3yrs) $114.12

WebHostingHub Review on Price Value

WebHostinghub has 3 shared hosting packages in total. They are rich in features to help customers set up websites easily. For example, all the packages include one free domain for the first year, and support for php 5, Python, perl 5, PostgreSQL, MySQL 5, phpMyAdmin, and .htaccess override. More than that, the host offers storage based on SSDs without extra charges.

In addition to that, WebHostingHub also allows one account to host 2 to unlimited domains, consume unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and create FTP accounts and email accounts as much as its customers want. People will receive up to $250 advertising credits as well.

web hosting hub pricing review

Considering its price from $3.99/mo only, this is really a very good deal for people to host their websites. What’s more, WebHostingHub guarantees 90 days FULL money back. This is the longest one you could get in the industry. And unlike some web hosts who promote “100% Money Back” term and would charge you the setup fee when cancelling the account, WebHostingHub will refund your full money within the first 90 days. It even guarantees a pro-rated-refund after the 90 days.

Multiple Data Centers = Faster

WebHostingHub has 2 data centers: one in Washington DC and the other in Los Angeles CA. When you open an account with it, your site will be automatically routed to the one closer to your location, which makes WebHostingHub faster than most web hosts who have only one data center. Very few web hosts have multiple data centers in different locations. However, if you purchase its Spark plan, you could not get the privilege of data center options.

Besides, WebHostingHub utilizes SSDs for 20 times faster performance as well. This company is a green web  host with efforts to minimize its impact to environment.

For 5 years, WebHostingHub has attracted more than 40,000 customers and counting.

cPanel is a Plus

Managing a web site is a painful task, especially for those web technology newbies. But WebHostingHub offers its customers with cPanel, one of the best icon-base control panel in the industry. With it, everything becomes simple. This icon-based control panel could help everyone manage the files, email, ftp account, and setting up a blog in no time. Users could find a long list of free scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, etc, to build up a powerful site with some simple clicks.

Beyond that, WebHostingHub provides SSH, FTP, and website builder, making it easy for customers to create and manage websites. Many shared web hosts do not offer SSH for the sake of security concerns. As for my experience on managing sites in a shared hosting, it’s really rare that I need shell access, but I do see some people appreciate this feature. So if you fell it is a must, WebHostingHub is just an option.

WebHostingHub Review on Customers Support

WebHostingHub is a company who takes customer service extremely serious. It only hires technical support with 4+ years’ experience, and all the seniors engineers need to have 10+ years experience in the relevant fields. According the feedback we have collected from WebHostingHub customers,  93% of their customers would recommend WebHostingHub to their friends, this is really a great data every web host wants to get.

In detail, its support team is based in US offices, helping people via live chat, ticket, email, phone call and online resources. No matter when people encounter problem, they can contact WebHostingHub and get immediate help.

High Performance PHP Hosting from WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub is offering one of the industry leading PHP hosting, which high very rich features to support all kinds of PHP based applications, especially for WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

All WebHostingHub servers include multiple versions of php  from 5.3.x, 5.4.x to 5.5.x, which could avoid all the possible compatible issues of your PHP applications. Besides, the latest version of MySQL will be deployed as default.

Actually, WebHostingHub offers many advanced features to enable all the potentials of php based CMS:

  • First, mod_rewrite Apache module is installed by default, with which website owners could customize Permalink in their system to make URL more search engine friendly.
  • About PHP, besides offering dual versions of PHP , WebHostingHub also configure php to run as suPHP for increased security. And PHP memory_limit is set to be 512MB, a value large enough to handle a very complex PHP site with a lot of images.
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WebHostingHub server environment is 100% compatible with WordPress, and in below, we will explain why it’s one of the Best WordPress Hosting nowadays.

WebHostingHub Run WordPress Fast

As you could see in above, WebHostingHub offer hosting service with world-class data center plus high performance web servers. So, how fast WordPress could run in WebHostingHub web server? We test the page loading speed from 6 cities around the world. As you could see from below chart, all of them could see the site loaded within 1.5s, and if you are in US, then the average page loading could be very close to 1s.

This is really amazing.


WebHostingHub Knows WordPress Well

WebHostingHub offers very WordPress-friendly customers support.

Almost all WebHostingHub customer support engineers know WordPress well, and have clear understanding on the issues their customers have with WordPress. The team also develops a very comprehensive WordPress tutorials in both document and video format so that their customers could learn WordPress by themselves.

Is WebHostingHub Recommended for WordPress

Yes, WebHostingHub is strongly recommended for hosting WordPress, which is fast, reliable and affordable. Considering what WebHostingHub provides is a Shared Hosting solution, we would like to recommend it for individuals, web developers and small business only.

WebHostingHub is the best cheap way to get a Drupal online presence for any personals and small businesses. Rich features, fast speed, ease-of-use control panel, combined with its Drupal-friendly supports, WebHostingHub is considered as one of the Best Drupal Hosting, it is hard to find one web host to beat WebHostingHub product on price value.

WebHostingHub Drupal Review on Speed

WebHostingHub guarantees 99.9% server uptime, 24/7 monitoring, and rapid running speed to its Drupal customers.

Below is the result of WebHostingHub Drupal page loading speed testing, as you could see, no matter in which continent, people there could always see the Drupal site loaded within 1.5s.


WebHostingHub Drupal Review on Ease-to-Use

WebHostingHub add Drupal installer into its cPanel, which means everyone could create a Drupal site with some simple clicks. Besides, as a web host who consider serving Drupal as an critical feature in their service, WebhostingHub engineers are well-trained to answer all the potential Drupal-related questions from their customers.

We Recommend WebHostingHub for Drupaler

Without doubt, WebHostingHub is an excellent place for small business owners, as well as personals to host their website. Its hosting reliable, fast, and affordable, we strongly recommend it when hosting Drupal site.

In below, we would review WebHostinghub features, Joomla loading speed, customer service, and price to see why it can be recommended as the best Joomla hosting in the industry.

Fast Joomla Page Loading Speed

Can Joomla run fast in WebhostingHub servers? Below is the typical data during our testing, which shows a load time at around 1.562s, which is faster than most of web hosting solutions.


WebHostingHub Joomla Friendly Customer Support

WebHostingHub are full of engineers who have deep knowledge on Linux, PHP, MySQL and Joomla. They know all the potential hosting issues related to Joomla and could help their customers out.

WebHostingHub is Great for Joomla

In summary, WebHostingHub is really a good choice when hosting Joomla website considering its full-featured hosting solution, impressive reliability and usability, and affordable price of only $3.99/mo.

What WebHostingHub doesn’t Offer

WebHostingHub don’t support Ruby on Rail, which is not very popular technology when building a small site. We would treat it as a minor “feature defect” from WebHostingHub. But in case you do need them, you should look at some other web hosts who offer it (such as Bluehost and DreamHost).

When to Consider WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub is designed for bloggers, individuals, small businesses, and web developers. Although you could find many so call “unlimited” features from it, as a natural of shared hosting, they do set a limitation on CPU usage. So, it’s not a good option for eCommerce sites or high traffic web sites.

Here is what we recommend WebHostingHub for:

  • WordPress blogs with a daily page view lower than 600 per day, which is normally true for most of blogger beginners, or a blog with an Alexa ranking lower than 100000
  • Drupal or Joomla sites. What makes WebHostingHub great for these 2 application is that they allow you to set a max memory at 512MB, which will be good enough for you to build a complex site with higher needs on memory.
  • Small Business sites which is used to show the service, introduction, or contact method of a company
  • Family web sites
  • Feature testing for a site before a formal launching.

Do your site fall into our lists in above? If yes, signup WebHostingHub now and save up to 72%!

webhostinghub review


  1. Webhostinghub provides stupendous services of Zend Optimizer and suPHP. You can also manage the control panel according to your choice which helps in better site management. You will also get a service of SSD which helps you to make multiple copies of your data and be safe and secure.

  2. The name says it all, hostmonsteris well known for its amazing speed. I have loved it for the same. It is just perfect for all types of business. The unlimited bandwidth at an extremely nominal cost makes it absolutely unique. hub provides cheap yet the best hosting plans.

  3. I am a blogger, and I am using web hosting Hub for more than 2 years now. Web hosting hub is very economically. Also, I come from a non-tech background and I must say starting up with this was not a tough task.

    • Webhostinghub is known for its unmatched management which will help you with overriding for .htaccess plus you will also get script installer and can customize the control panel according to your needs. You will also get a chance to work on several PHP versions viz. 5.5,5.6, and 7x which helps in great site designing.

  4. Zero downtime, faster SSD and the easy to handle the website through this web hosting service provider made me really happy. I am very satisfied with their service. Also, quick setup process and excellent performance are some of the fact to mention here. I would really love to grow with this service as I became highly loyal towards them.

    • Web hosting hub is not really one of the most popular hosting websites. But it is known for providing cheap hosting services. Web hosting hub is rich in features. Web hosting is mostly loved by bloggers.

  5. I was amazed by the wide range of packages and nominal prices over the website of Web Hosting Hub. It was certainly perfect for my business. All of the packages of the host were rich in features. It provided me with great speed and decent disk space.

  6. Since I come from a non-technical background choosing a web host seemed more like a task to me. But, I am proud that I chose Web hosting hub. Making a beautiful website was no more a dangerous task. The hosting was available for a very nominal price. I was able to grow my audience as well as perform various other tasks on my website.

  7. I am a blogger and initially was worried about taking the charges of web hosting solutions. However, taking the need to develop my website, I opted to WebHosting Hub. It is very economical and beneficial, especially for bloggers. Its customer support is appreciable and makes it reliable for every user.

    • Bundled with rich features, WebHostingHub is my go to when it comes to hosting my personal blog. Not only does it make the process of building a site easy, but it also supported a huge range of technology stack making it more versatile as compared to the other service providers. The cPanel is very simple for a newbie to use as it’s icon-based and quite user-friendly.

  8. Comparatively, their pricing is a little high, but only when you use their services, you realize how good they are. Thanks to them, the SEO of my website is boosted to another level. My website is not visible to almost everyone over the globe. Thank you so much!

  9. Great value for money shared web hosting plans. It is simple, well-guided, onboarding and migration services ideal for the non-techies. All new accounts get a free domain name. It offers a ton of handy websites and e-commerce tools. Longest refund is also guaranteed.

  10. If you are not satisfied with the services of this web hosting provider, you get your money back. This offer is of no use because once you adopt the Hub amenities, there is no going back.

  11. As a professional in website developing, I just got the right thing through their comprehensive hosting reviews. The website not only helped me understand the hosting feature and price terms in a lucid manner but also helped in attaining full understanding of hosting company history, data center locations, and server equipment at the same time.

  12. I was skeptical about going with the Hub as they are one of the most expensive services in the market. However, since I had a decent budget, I went with quality rather than price. Hub has satisfied me significantly. They have made sure that at no point my website goes down. I’ve used their hosting for all my hotel websites.

  13. I have been using their service for years now, and I would definitely say that the service is so great. I am so impressed with their 24/7 online chat that I would def recommend it to everyone around me.

  14. They have unlimited disk space, a free domain name for life and 90 days money back guarantee. Oh! I love it. They have forever ready backup options and are pretty much reliable and lots of happy customers. I am into blogging and with the little budget, I do much more with help of Hub. I would recommend it to all.

  15. Hub has an amazing customer support that responds instantly and guides you to your technical goals. They’ve got a solid VPS hosting which is reliable and is based on Openstack and KVM technologies. Hub also provides great PHP hosting and it supports different PHP versions. Hub also has technologies that make your website more SEO friendly.

  16. If you’re looking for a high-quality web hosting solution, then webhostinghub is the best one for you to provide a powerful work. I myself used its services for my blog and chose the cheapest package from the available one and yet I’m very much impressed by their services.

  17. I run a small time local business and thought a website could really help me attract more people. My friend suggested trying webhostinghub since they’re cheap but reliable and I went for it. I’m very happy to have listened to my friend. These guys offer some of the cheapest packages and they held my hand through the whole process. These guys are dedicated to helping out people like me and I think that is very noble.

  18. I am into blogging. I didn’t have a very high budget for web hosting service. So, an experienced friend recommended WebHosting Hub to me and I didn’t expect much from them at this price. But I was seriously surprised with their services. They are great with their work.

  19. Frankly telling, I am new into this business. When the need came for me to employ someone for my website hosting, I was worried as I had no ideas about the field. Reading a few reviews online and taking a little help from my friends, I decided on choosing Hub for my business website hosting needs. Fortunately, it has been past 5 months and I haven’t faced any issues with them, Completely satisfied with their service.

    • Hub is definitely a nice website hosting platform. Their customer support is really helpful and reliable. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

  20. If you’re looking for a high-quality web hosting solution, then web hosting hub can provide you with a powerful back-end framework! I used its services for my personal blog and chose the cheapest from their three different packages yet I’m impressed by their services. Its feature-rich and has an excellent customer support system.

  21. I am a small town blogger who didn’t have an over the top budget for hosting my website. I was recommended to use web hosting hub and the decision proved to be rather fruitful as their prices best fit my budget and the customer service was top notch, much to my surprise.

  22. The most amazing hosting service i’ve ever met. WebHostingHub’s patient and highly professional support helped me a lot when I transferred from arvixe to the Nitro Plan. There’s no reason that I will leave her if she keeps having such good people working there.

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