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WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy

WebHostingHub and GoDaddy are two well-known web hosting providers in the industry. And both of them target their customers at individuals and small businesses. With so many in common, who could offer better service to their customers?

With this questions of customers’ in mind, we will make an in-depth comparison in below, and this WebHostingHub vs. GoDaddy comparison will cover 4 aspects of their web hosting services, including hosting prices, features, performance as well as customer support. In the end of this comparison, we will give customers our conclusion and suggestion about choosing which company is better for their websites.

About WebHostingHub and GoDaddy

WebHostingHub ( is ranked in the Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting companies, famous for delivering cheap, feature-rich and reliable web hosting to customers. Specialized in Linux web hosting, WebHostingHub web hosting solution is versatile, being able to fit different customers’ requirements. Meanwhile, the company optimized its web hosting for different applications, so that customers can get fine-tuned WordPress hosting, Concrete5 hosting, Joomla Hosting, PrestaShop hosting, Drupal hosting, and more here.

GoDaddy ( is not only a web hosting company, but also a world famous domain name registrar. Different from WebHostingHub, GoDaddy can offer both Linux and Windows hosting plans. By far, the company has launched Linux and Windows shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting as well as Dedicated servers. Other more, there are online marketing services, SSL certificates, domains, and so on.

WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy on Pricing

 PricingPrice is one of the most important factors to influence the choice of customers. To their happiness, the price of the two companies is affordable.

GoDaddy offers 4 hosting solutions for customers to choose, namely Economy, Deluxe Ultimate and Business Hosting recently launched. The regular price of GoDaddy Economy starts from $7.99/mo. Now by using the latest Godaddy promotion, customers can get the service at $1/mo only. It is about 87% off.

Besides, according to GoDaddy Coupon, customers can also have up to 54% off discount available when purchasing other shared hosting plans. By the way, the price of GoDaddy changes frequently, so that customers may get different price at different period.

As for WebHostingHub, its price starts at $8.99/mo. In the latest WebHostingHub deal, if customers sigh up a 2 or 3 year hosting package, they can pay just $1.50/mo for the first 3 months of their service and then $3.99/mo only. There is about 83% off discount.

WebHostingHub $1.50 Promotion WebHostingHub $1.50 Promotion
83% off

In addition, WebHostingHub offers 90 Day Money Back Guarantee which is really unbeatable in the industry. For GoDaddy, it only guarantees 30 days money back.

Although WebhostingHub is a little higher than GoDaddy in terms of prices, considering WebHostingHub offers 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and its $1.50/mo extensive promotion, it can be said that WebHostingHub has a price advantage.

WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy on Features

FeaturesIt is undoubted that rich features are very necessary and important for customers to manage a successful website. In below, we will compare the main features provided by the two web hosts to help customers have a clear idea of what they can get to backup their websites.

In fact, the two companies share something in common, such as one free domain name and unlimited bandwidth. Meanwhile, WebHostingHub customers can get more advanced features to operate their websites, including unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited hosted websites, unlimited MySQL databases, free SSL and .htaccess Overrides and more.

Unfortunately, GoDaddy only offers 100GB disk space, 100 email accounts, 1 hosted website, 10 MySQL databases to its customers, SSI and .htaccess Overrides are not available at this company. What’s more, WebHostingHub also has free SSD included and $200 free advertising credits offered, which are founded in GoDaddy shared hosting plans.

In addition to that, WebHostingHub also offers dual PHP versions, MySQL5, mod_rewrite Apache module, 512MB memory_limit and PHP runs as suPHP for enhanced security to its customers. For GoDaddy, different script languages is also available as well.

As for server management and ease of use, WebHostingHub has BoldGrid, pre-installed WWordPress, business email, easy to use website builder, 1-click eCommerce shop set-up, free website migration, and cPanel control panel given to customers. Well, GoDaddy has 1-click app installer and cPanel offered.

By contrast, WebHostingHub can offer richer features than GoDaddy. In other words, it is easier for WebHostingHub  customers to build a multi-functional and powerful website.

WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy on Reliability

reliabilityWebHostingHub enjoys a high reputation in terms of its speed and uptime, while GoDaddy is still far behind WebHostingHub.

As the best PHP hosting, WebHostingHub utilizes two state-of-the-art data centers that are equipped with 100% Dell servers, redundant power supply, BGP smart rooting, 10 gigabit Ethernet connection and route optimization, trying to offer the best reliable environment to its customers.

However, GoDaddy seems to lack innovation and advanced facilities to meet the requirements of its customers. We find many negative feedbacks about the performance of GoDady. Below is the result of the speed of WebHostingHub and GoDaddy and customers can easily see the differences.

webhostinghhub vs godaddy on speed

WebHostingHub vs GoDaddy on Customer Support

customer_service- webhostinghub vs godaddyIn terms of customer support, undoubtedly, WebHostingHub offer much better customer support than GoDaddy. .

GoDaddy only offers email and phone for customers to contact its support staffs. The most efficient and popular support channel, live chat is not available at GoDaddy. In this way, it may take a long time for GoDaddy hosting customers to deal with their problems.

For WebHostingHub, its support center is famous for providing customers with 24/7 dedicated, specialized and patient assistances. If customers have any problems, they can contact the US-based experts to help them via email, phone and live chat. Owning multiple years’ web hosting experience, the experts can always help customers get their problems resolved quickly and efficiently.

Conclusion: WebHostingHub Is Recommended

According to what we discussed above, it is easy to make a conclusion that WebHostingHub can offer richer features and better customer support than GoDaddy. Moreover, the overall performance of WebHostingHub is excellent, while GoDaddy is standard only. As a result, WebHostingHub is a great choice for customers to manage their websites beyond doubt.

To find more details about WebHostingHub, please visit or check WebHostingHub Review.

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  1. According to my experience, if you want to a new top level domain, then GoDaddy is your choice, while if you just need a cost-effective web hosting to host your blog, then WebHostingHub is yours.

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