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WebHostingHub vs HostMonster

To be honest, it is tough for customers to make a choice between WebHostingHub and HostMonster, especially for customers who have little web hosting experience. In this article, we will compare the two companies from features, pricing, reliability and customer support to help customers have a clear idea about the two web hosts and find the best web hosting partner for their websites.

Who are WebHostingHub and HostMonster

webhostinghub vs hostmonsterRecognized as the Best PHP Hosting provider, WebHostingHub ( is a budget web hosting company that offers a variety of web hosting and related products ranging from domain names, website builder, web hosting and free web application to custom solutions for customers’ websites. Up till now, the company is serving more than 45 000 customers.

HostMonster ( is another popular web hosting provider who has been in existence for more than ten years. The company now has grown into one of the most reliable web hosts, which is highly sought after by webmasters. Web hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting are all available here.

WebHostingHub vs. HostMonster on Price

We are delighted to tell customers that they can get the services at an affordable price at the two web hosts. In below table we will list out the price to help customers have a better understanding about their prices. Those are the prices of WebHostingHub Spark plan and HostMonster Basic Plan after applying WebHostingHub coupon and HostMonster coupon respectively.

WebHostingHub HostMonster
1 Year Plan $3.99/mo $5.95
2 Year Plan $1.50 for 3 months + $3.99/mo (21 mos) $4.95
3 Year Plan $1.50 for 3 months + $3.25/mo (33 mos) $3.95/mo
Money Back Guarantee 90 Day 30 Day
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From the table we can see that the price of WebHostingHub is more affordable and competitive, when considering the company sets its price low to $1.50/mo for first three months, and after the first three months, WebHostingHub is still cheaper than HostMonster. Besides, we can find that customers at WebHostingHub offer much longer money back guarantee — 90 days, which means customers can have longer free test period than customers at HostMonster.

WebHostingHub vs. HostMonster on Features

featuresBoth companies come with many necessary features for customers to build their websites. Actually, they have many in common, such as one free domain name, unlimited. Also, they are different. To illustrate their difference in features, we make a table as following, which contains the main features of WebHostingHub Spark plan as well as HostMonster Basic plan:

Features WebHostingHub Spark Plan HostMonster Basic Plan
Free Domain
Free SSD (20x faster)
Free SSL
Websites 2 1
Databases 10 MySQL & PostgreSQL MySQL & PostgreSQL
Storage Unlimited Unmetered
Bandwidth Unlimited 50GB
Email Accounts & Storage Unlimited 5x100MB/account
Sub Domains 25 25
Parked Domains 5 5
Free Advertising Credits $150
SSH Access
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
Price $1.50/1st 3 mos $3.95/mo

Checking the feature table, we can easily figure out that WebHostingHub entry-level plan comes with more resources and many advanced features that HostMonster Basic plan doesn’t offer.

What’s more, we can also find that both companies make their web hosting extremely easy-to-use, including 1-click installer, hundreds of 1-click free applications available, free website builder and so on; therefore, customers can use their web hosting services to start quickly and more easily.

About development friendly features, WebHostingHub and HostMonster are both providing customer rich scripts such as PHP5, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python and ROR , both MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs available, as well as many free tools like we list above. So, customers can use their services create their apps and website effortlessly.

In addition to that, WebHostingHub and HostMonster both make their web hosting eCommerce friendly. Apart from free SSL, customers at the two companies can also get many popular shopping carts and apps, like WooCommerce, PrestaShop. Just with 1 click, customers can set up their eCommerce shop well.

In short, WebHostingHub and HostMonster are both user-friendly to offer customers a wide range of useful features and rich resources, but WebHostingHub upgrades its web hosting with advanced technology SSDs, making it web hosting have better server performance. Then, considering its pricing, we think WebHostingHub has better price value than HostMonster.

WebHostingHub vs. HostMonster on Speed & Reliability

peformanceIn terms of reliability, WebHostingHub and HostMonster are proud of providing customers with a secure and reliable environment for them to host their websites.

WebHostingHub is a green web host that runs two states-of-the-art data centers which are respectively located in Washington DC and LA  CA.  WebHostingHub utilizes the BCP4 smart routing technologies to promptly switch away from network providers who are encountering any downtime. Multiple data centers not only give customers better choice to get closer locations but also enable them enjoy faster response time.

Moreover, WebHostingHub now takes advantage of SSDs which can bring customers 20 times faster server speed that other traditional servers cannot reach. So, customers here can get enhanced speed performance. That’s also the reason that WebHostingHub can give customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

As for HostMonster, the company takes advantage of top of the line data centers that are supplies with 100% Dell servers, 32-core AMD Opterons, two 16-core processors, model 6247 and running at 2.6 Hz equipped with 32 GB of memory.

We believe that both have redundant data center infrastructure for their customers to support their website running smoothly, but we have to learn that WebHostingHub indeed makes its web hosting more reliable and faster than HostMonster.

WebHostingHub vs HostMonster on Customer Service

supportOne of the most distinguishable advantages of qualified web hosts is that they pay attention to the satisfaction of their customers.

The two web hosts employee professional web hosting experts who are committed to offering 24/7 assistance via email, phone and live chat. Moreover, some other channels are also available for customers to find solutions, including knowledge base, tutorials and more.

Even better, WebHostingHub promises to the response time of its phone call and live chat is less than 30 seconds, and email response is less than 12 hours. If customers need transfer their websites, WebHostingHub even offers free services for that.

As for customer support, it is clear that WebHostingHub is better than HostMonster.

How to Choose

In summary, we can see that the two web hosts have their own advantages, and both of them can offer rich features and reliable environment to their customers. However, WebHostingHub has an advantage on price, speed and customer support. So we prefer WebHostingHub over HostMonster, especially for individuals and small businesses.

To know more details about WebHostingHub, please visit or check WebHostingHub Review.

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  1. As I know, WebHostingHub and HostMonster are both famous cheap web hosting providers, and their web shared hosting solutions are both their featured or star products. I checked their official websites, which shows that WebHostingHub really made some progress in improving web hosting performance, and adjusting web hosting features to fit more users. Well, HostMonster is cheap as well, but it does not offer so much surprise to me. So, I think WebHostingHub is better just like this review said. Also, I feel that WebHostingHub web hosting solutions is similar to GreenGeeks’, both feature-rich and affodable.

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