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Webhostinghub vs Inmotion Hosting

WebHostingHub is very popular among bloggers, developers and small businesses, while InMotion Hosting is also a reputable Linux web hosting providers, having trust from SMBs, personal webmasters and developers. Both are famous web hosting offering cheap web hosting solutions to customers.

Choosing a best web hosting is not an easy task, even customers have narrowed their web hosting choices; it’s still very hard to make a choice. If customers like to find out the best web hosting between WebHostingHub vs. InMotion Hosting, then they come to the right place. We will bring you a comprehensive comparison between the two companies from their hosting pricing, features, performance and customer support.

Who are WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting?

Based in Virginia, WebHostingHub ( specializes in quality shared web hosting and seems keen to attract small businesses to their services. WebHostingHub has a very good reputation in the web hosting industry of being very reliable, quick speed and responsive customer support. The company is fast growing that provide Linux shared hosting service with unlimited resources and features for freelancers, web developers, bloggers, and small business.

Based in both Washington DC and Los Angeles, CA, InMotion Hosting ( has been in services for over 10 years. InMotion Hosting has a high reputation for fast web server, superior customer service and industry-leading 90 days full money back guarantee. The company has been providing excellent business class hosting for shared, VPS, Dedicated server for many years.

WebHostingHub vs. InMotion Hosting on Pricing

WebHostingHub web hosting is starting at $8.99/mo normally and with the latest WebHostingHub coupon, people could receive a 83% off discount to get it starting at $1.50 for first 3 months. It is very cheap.

WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal
83% Off

For InMotion Hosting, there is up to 57% off discount offered through InMotion Hosting Promotion, which makes InMotion Hosting shared business hosting start at $2.95/mo rather than normally a$6.99/mo. Comparing their prices, we can easily find that both companies offer attractive pricing and WebHostingHub offers a little cheaper starting pricing after discounting.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
57% Off

Below is the price comparison chart between the two companies:

Price 1 Year Plan 2 Year Plan 3 Year Plan
WebHostinghub $3.99/mo $1.50/mo+$3.99/mo $1.50/mo+$3.25/mo
InMotion Hosting $4.49/mo $3.49/mo $2.95/mo

Other more, WebHostingHub and InMotion both offer many freebies and money back guarantee. Free domain, free SSL and free domain names are included. 90 Days money back guarantee can be found at WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting both. So, customers at WebHostingHub or InMotion Hosting can enjoy risk-free and worry-free web hosting services.

WebHostingHub vs. InMotion Hosting on Features

WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting are both reputable web hosting provider and specialize in Linux web hosting. In terms of shared hosting solution, WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting are similar to offer customers three different packages.

WebHostingHub three shared hosting packages are Spark, Nitro and Nynamo, and at InMotion Hosting, three shared Business hosting plans are Launch, Power and Pro. Their packages resources are similar. Both companies includes free domain name, free SSL certificate, free SSD storage, at least 2 websites, unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited email account and storage, free $150 d credits, free easy to use website builder with plenty of templates and themes, and more in their shared hosting plans.

For usability, both companies offers free website transfer services, free cPanel, SSH access, hundreds of 1-click applications, and 1-click installer. Differently, InMotion Hosting shared business hosting also has free backups, pre-installed WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, safe app roll-back service, WP-CLI, easy Google Apps Integration, PHP 7, and more. These features make InMotion Hosting shared business hosting more eCommerce friendly and developer-friendly than WebHostingHub.

Even more, unlike WebHostingHub just offering shared web hosting solutions, InMotion Hosting also has powerful cloud VPS, reserller hosting and dedicated server hosting solutions available, which can certainly support larger-scale enterprises’ websites.

Comparing their features and shared hosting packages, we learn that WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting offers customers with similar hosting packages, but InMotion Hosting makes harder effort to improve its package and includes more features as well as easy to use tools in packages. Also, InMotion Hosting other levels of web hosting solutions provide customers more powerful solutions to support them grow bigger.

WebHostingHub vs. InMotion Hosting on Performance

WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting web hosting services guarantee 99.9% uptime.

WebHostingHub has two data centers that are equipped with 100% DELL servers. Moreover, WebHostingHub data centers are armed with BGP4 smart routing technology which can switch promptly away from network providers who are experiencing any downtime.

InMotion Hosting aims to achieve faster hosting speed, better security and performance makes great efforts to backup and improve its equipment’s and technologies. InMotion Hosting is the only web host that utilizes Max Speed Zones, which increase speeds up to 6x faster. Besides, PCI compliant and Multiple Category A and their data centers are also equipped with DELL servers featuring RAID 5 fast disk, 24 CPU cores, and 24GB memory  etc. That’s how InMotion Hosting ensures their server to be stable and more secure.

Both companies are using more than one top-line data center to support their customers’ websites, and integrate SSD drives into their web hosting solutions to boost their web server speed. So, customers at WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting get faster speed. However, the server of InMotion Hosting is more powerful than WebHostingHub, and they are also faster.

WebHostingHub vs. InMotion Hosting on Customer Support

Customers from WebHostingHub and InMotion hosting are supported by the same customer technical support team. Customers are guaranteed that their questions and inquires will be answered within good time, becuase their support team are well-trained and experienced. WebHostingHub has holding times of approximate 2 minutes and InMotion Hosting has average wait times of 30 seconds. They both provide 24/7/365 US customer service via toll-free phone call, email, ticket system and live chat.

What’s more, both companies have their own online support section named as Help Center or Knowledge base, where customers can search for what they want to know, like the information about domains, cPanel, website building, scripts, and so on.

Who Is Recommended?

As we compared above, both WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting are great hosting companies that customers can trust. Considering WebHostingHub only focuses on shared hosting solution, it is really the best suitable option for individuals and small businesses. And for InMotion Hosting, the company can offer web hosting services to all sizes of businesses.

To know more details about the companies, you can visit and or check out Webhostinghub Review and Inmotion Hosting Review.

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  1. WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting are both good according to my test from their official websites. Also, I found that their shared hosting packages offer us similar resources and technologies. Like free SSD, cPanel, SSL and more. So, if you are planning to start your website, both are good options to try.

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