WebHostingHub vs. IXWebHosting

WebHostingHub (www.webhostinghub.com) starts to offer web hosting services in 2010. Up till now, WebHostingHub has been focusing on the sole goal: to provide affordable as well as easy-to-setup web hosting solutions. Also, WebHostingHub is reputable of providing cheap web hosting with domains, free web apps, web design, and custom hosting plans. Supported by 2 US data centers, WebHostingHub has served more than 40,000 customers.

IXWebHosting (www.ixwebhosting.com) is always listed in the best web hosting providers. Founded in 1999, IXWebHosting now has launched cheap shared hosting plans, cloud hosting plans, VPS hosting plans in the market. Moreover, customers can also find Windows web hosting in different sizes here.

Looking the background of WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting, we can learn that they are both cheap web hosting companies. To help customer get a better web hosting provider for their online presence, we are to conduct an in-depth comparison between them.

WebHostingHub vs. IXWebHosting on Pricing

WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting are both prominent in cheap web hosting, but which one is cheaper or cost-effective? Let’s figure it out now!

WebHostingHub now designs 3 web hosting plans. Spark and Nitro are the two plans having massive discounts, ranging from 46% to 83% off. Nitro is bigger than Spark which normally starts at $12.99/mo, but via our exclusive promo link, it only starts at $6.99/mo, namely coming with a 46% off discount. Spark is the startup plan, normally starting at $8.99/mo. Through our exclusive promo link, it renews at $1.50/1st 3 months only, cutting 83% off.

WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal
83% Off

Other more, WebHostingHub makes industry leading money back guarantee for customers. It is a 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee, allowing customers to receive a full refund when they ask to cancel accounts within the first 90 days. Even better, there is a prorated refund when they stop the service beyond the first 90 days.

As for IXWebHosting, its shared hosting also comes with great discount, once customers go to purchase it via our exclusive promo link. Regularly, IXWebHosting exclusive shared hosting starts at $.95/mo. When through our link, it will reduce to $1.95/mo. Customers can save 72% around.

IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal
72% Off

Other more, IXWebHosting offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. It makes customers require a full hosting fees refund within the first 30 days.

Besides, IXWebHosting has VPS and cloud hosting available. When customers need to scale up, then IXWebHosting Linux VPS starts at $54.95/mo. Cloud hosting at IXWebHosting is managed and customizable, so the pricing of it depends on the final customizations.

Comparing the pricing that the two web hosting companies offer, we can know that WebHostingHub is cheaper for the first 3 months, but IXWebHosting is cheaper for the first term. In short, both are indeed cheap web hosting providers! If customers need more pricing details about WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting, please chick WebHostingHub Coupon and IXWebHosting Coupon.

WebHostingHub vs. IXWebHosting on Features

In terms of offerings, WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting have one in common, which is the cost-effective shared hosting plan. Therefore, to comparing WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting on features, we are to mainly focus on their shared hosting.

Firstly, let’s see the features at WebHostingHub. 3 shared hosting plans are all small business friendly and each one comes with a free domain name registration (or customers can choose to make use of WebHostingHub free domain name transfer service), free website transfer service, and free but premium website builder.

What’s more, WebHostingHub also offers free 20 time faster SSD hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth, e-Commerce tools, secure IMAP email accounts, suPHP encryption, $250 ad credits, as well as free shared SSL certificate with each shared hosting plan. Up to unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL DB are included.

To help create a website easier, besides premium website builder BoldGrid, WebHostingHub still offers more than 310 FREE applications including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, and more, which all can be installed by just one click. Easy-to-use cPanel is one of the standard features in 3 packages as well.

Well, IXWebHosting shared hosting comes with free dedicated IP, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, and free domain name. Besides, there are popular applications offered, including WordPress, MySQL DB, Joomla, Drupal and more.

What’s more, IX control Panel is also offered with its shared hosting plans, so that customers can get easy control for their site, email, databases, and others.

According to this shared hosting feature comparison, we know that WebHostingHub offer more than IXWebHosting. It makes small business website creation very easy.

Of course, IXWebHosting is a pretty alternative, and it even gives Windows hosting option. Its cloud hosting or VPS hosting can offer customers more power and functionalities as well. If the pricing of IXWebHosting VPS is cheaper, then it will be better a lot!

WebHostingHub vs. IXWebHosting on Performance

WebHostingHub makes its web hosting faster, based on 2 US based data centers and advanced technology. WebHostingHub can automatically optimize customers’ web hosting from data center location. When customers sign up for WebHostingHub, their servers will be automatically chosen in the nearest location, for the fastest speed.

Now, WebHostingHub use free SSDs with all web hosting plans. Free SSDs can make customers’ servers deliver their content quicker with read/write speeds up to 20 time faster than other traditional hard drives.

Moreover, WebHostingHub has good security. All web hosting come with website backups, shared SSL certificate, suPHP encryption, and well as advanced Policy Firewall Protection. Physical security in data center with well-trained maintenance team also contributes to the server reliability and security.

IXWebHosting also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The company takes good advantage of its US data center, which is the backbone for IXWebHosting maintaining the high uptime. Specifically, IXWebHosting data center is tier 3 and all the facilities are designed with the dedicated purpose for high performance web hosting.

Additionally, IXWebHosting takes positive measure in security terms. Customers’ data security is top concerned at IXWebHosting. There are spam filtering, eCommerce hackershield, McAfee secure and daily test, malware monitoring with dedicated malware team, as well as PCI compliance.

For web hosting performance, WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting both do good job, and WebHostingHub even makes its web hosting faster than other traditional web hosting solutions.

WebHostingHub vs. IXWebHosting on Customer Support

Both offer convenient and responsive expert support, and their customers can contact them at any time when they are trapped by tough questions. Phone call, email, and live chat are available at WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting. Customers are also allowed to submit support ticket for help at both companies. Differently, WebHostingHub has Skype call support and zereo-downtime support.

For online help, WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting offers extensive help center, while WebHostingHub even has learning corner, community Q&A, as well as guides & Whitepaper for customers.

Therefore, both companies’ customer support meet standard in the industry, but WebHostingHub is a little better than IXWebHosting in support.

Which one is Recommended?

Comparing WebHostingHub and IXWebHosting, we can know that IXWebHosting offers more types of web hosting options for customers, and its performance and customer support are both standard. However, even though WebHostingHub has only one class web hosting, its rich feature, fast speed, and excellent support can make beginners and small businesses start with a good partner. So, we recommend WebHostingHub to novices and small businesses.

To get more about WebHostingHub, please visit www.webhostinghub.com.

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