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WebHostingPad Review

In the article below, we are going to talk about WebHostingPad. This review mainly includes WebHostingPad current promotion, hosting price value, performance, usability, and customers support. After reading this comprehensive WebHostingPad Review, readers can make sense that whether or not their business and websites need WebHostingPad web hosting solutions.

WebHostingPad-logoWebHostingPad ( has been evolved in the web hosting industry for more than a decade, since it was established in 2005. To meet the needs of cheap web hosting, WebHostingPad set out. Up till now, its web hosting solutions include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting. Besides, it also offers some other related products like domain names.

WebHostingPad Current Promotions

WebHostingPad aims at providing affordable web hosting for customers, so let’s check out its pricing together!

According to WebHostingPad website, we have learnt that the company has 2 shared hosting packages, namely Power Plan and Power Plan Plus! The basic plan charges from $3.99/month when customers sign up with 1-year term. In fact, WebHostingPad offers 5 billing terms in all, ranging from 1 year to 5 years. When customers choose the 5-year terms, the entry-level package is from $1.99/month, which is about 50% off discount.

WebHostingPad Shared Hosting WebHostingPad Shared Hosting
50% Off

Besides, WebHostingPad includes 30 days of money back guarantee for customers. Considering 1 year to 5 years of billing terms, we think that although it is cheap, WebHostingPad shared hosting does not include the reasonable pricing with appropriate billing terms.

As for its WordPress hosting, there are 3 packages: WP BASIC, WP PRO, and WP PREMIUM. To the WP BASIC package, it starts at $2.99/month, along with 5 supported sites, 20,000 monthly average visitors, 1X computing power, unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited parked domains.

Speaking of WebHostingPad VPS hosting, it comes with 6 packages. For the Beginner plan, it charges from $29.95/month after discounting about 25% off the regular price of $39.95/month. This discounted pricing is valid for 6-month billing term only. What’s more, we cannot find any information about VPS hosting money back guarantee.

Taking pricing, billing terms and money back guarantee into consideration, we think WebHostingPad indeed offers cheap shared hosting and WordPress hosting, but its billing terms and money back guarantee cannot make sure the safety of customers’ benefits.

WebHostingPad Hosting Price Value Review

We have checked out that WebHostingPad can offer cheap shared hosting and WordPress hosting as well as affordable VPS hosting. At first, we are glad to discuss its shared hosting.

WebHostingPad offers some unlimited features with shared hosting solutions. Unlimited hosting space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL DBs, and unlimited sub- & add-on domains come to customers.

However, WebHostingPad does not guarantee that it will never oversell the resources. Therefore, even though customers pay for unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, it could be impacted be other users on the shared server.

As for email features, there are email forwarding, outlook & thunderbird compatibilities, iPhone & Android compatibilities, secure POP3 & IMAP email, and secure webmail interface. Customers can easily check out their email anywhere and anytime. It is very convenient.

WebHostingPad hosting also comes with some ecommerce features. Free SSL certificate and advanced web stats are available. osCommerce, CubeCart, and ZenCart are included in all packages. SSH, CGI-BIN, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Streaming audio and streaming video all come to customers. Nevertheless, WebHostingPad shared hosting does not include PHP support.

In fact, WebHostingPad still offers some tools for customers, which we are going to talk in usability review. According to the features above, we think WebHostingPad only offers standard features for shared hosting customers. The smaller package is from 1.99/month, including 50% off discount, if customers sign up with the longest 5-year term. Regularly, it charges at $3.99/mo with the 1-year term to start. 30 days of money back guarantee also comes.

As to VPS hosting, WebHostingPad provides 20 GB storage space, 100 GB bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, 1 IPs, and 1 GB RAM within the Beginner package. Free cPanel/WHM, Softaculous, setup, site migration, firewall, and reseller account are included as well. This small VPS hosting package charges from $29.95/month when customers sign with 6 months of billing term.

WebHostingPad is cheap, but its web hosting solutions also do not include many highlights for customers. So, we think WebHostingPad web hosting only include standard price value.

WebHostingPad Hosting Performance Review

As for hosting performance, according to its guarantee, we learn that WebHostingPad tries to ensure 99.9% uptime, which is standard performance. Let’s see what WebHostingPad has done for it.

In fact, WebHostingPad owns private data center in Chicago. The company claims that it can provide full redundancy in power, security, HVAC, fire suppression, and network connectivity. The detailed in-house data center infrastructure is as following:

  • Redundant HVAC units
  • Multiple fuel providers for 48 hours of generator fuel
  • 2N distribution isolation for DC and AC raceways
  • On-site security 24×365
  • Biometric hand geometry readers
  • CCTV with alarm system and access control.

However, we do not have pretty good online experience even when we try to visit its website for more detailed information. The visit asking is responded at low speed, especially the visits to product pages. Therefore, there is reasons for us to doubt its performance.

WebHostingPad Hosting Usability Review

WebHostingPad gives a lot to make its webhosting have better usability. For website building, its shared hosting comes with easy website builder without any charge. To help new customers quickly start their site, it offers a free domain name or free domain transfer.

As for site and resources management, the company provides cPanel control panel that features hotlink protection, phpMyAdmin, file manager, code editor, error logs, access logs and other more. The website builder RVSiteBuilder is included in the control panel. Additionally, Softaculous is included as well, which allows customers to quickly and easily install popular scripts, like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, phpBB, Gallery, MediaWiki, and others.

WebHostingPad Hosting Support Review

WebHostingPad is kind to offer 24 hour support. It has a dedicated team of support personnel, whose staffs are always standby by all day and night. It is to make sure each customer ask can be response effectively.

The major support ways available at WebHostingPad are phone call, live chat, and email. Each method is convenient for customers to contact staffs. Besides, WebHostingPad builds customer portal and support portal, which all can help them handle normal issues.

From the information we can find, we admit that WebHostingPad can support customers well via various ways.


In a word, we have make sense that WebHostingPad is a cheap web hosting with good customer support. However, according to its pricing & billing terms and features, we do not think it is a high quality cost-effective web hosting provider. Considering its performance, we do not want to recommend a web hosting with ordinary, or even bad speed of performance.

Here we have a good alternative of cheap web hosting provider, which is InMotion Hosting! Its shared hosting comes with 2 hosted sites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space with free SSD free drives, free daily backups, stable 99.9% uptime guarantee, 90 days of full money back guarantee, and 100% satisfaction. This wonderful packages only charges at $3.49/month with about 56% discount from normal $7.99/mo.

To look for more about InMotion Hosting, please go to


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