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webs 220Webs ( is well-known for providing premium website builder and professional website templates. In below webs review, we will focus on its pricing, features, templates, apps, performance and customer support.

Webs is initially founded in 2001 and then became a subsidiary of Vistaprint – a leading online provider of marketing products. Since its foundation, Webs has made its goal to provide the best website building tools to make web presence simple for individuals and small businesses.

Webs Review on Price

Similar to other best website builder like Wix, Webs has a plan enabling its customers to create their websites for free with no time limitation.

With this free plan, people can receive limited storage space, bandwidth and other features. And people who use Webs for free are not allowed to access its 1-on-1 customer support and they have to display a Webs advertisement banner on their websites.

In case that people demand for more features, Webs also provides three premium plans for them to upgrade: Starter, Enhanced, and Pro.

Within monthly term, its premium plans charge from $7.99/mo to $34.99/mo. Besides that, each plan needs extra $5 to $15 one-time setup fee.

If people purchase its 1 or 2-year plans, with Webs latest promotion policy, they can save at least 25% off the monthly prices. Taking its 2-year plans as an example, we list the promotional prices as follows:

  • The Starter plan would charge for $4.99/mo along with unlimited pages, basic website statistics, password protected pages, no webs branding, 1GB storage and email support.
  • The middle-level plan is as low as $8.99/mo, consisting of all basic features in the prime plan plus 5GB storage, 20 web store items, premium themes, 3 custom email addresses, and live chat support;
  • The Pro plan needs $11.99/mo, apart from the basic features included in the Starter plan, also coming with unlimited storage, unlimited web store items, premium themes, 25 custom email addresses, search engine submission, $100 Google AdWords credit, SEO booster, plus live chat and phone support.
Webs Website Builder Webs Website Builder
25% Off

Far more than that, all yearly plans come with free domain name which is not offered in monthly plans.

As to payment methods, Webs accepts credit cards (VISA, American Express, Discover, and etc.) and PayPal. And it offers a 30-day money back guarantee on its premium services, which means that people can request a full refund within the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with Webs service.

Webs Review on Features

Webs provides almost everything that needed when building a website.

Its drag and drop builder enables its customers to easily drag modules into their websites, and edit them with simple clicks. Thus people can build their websites just in the way they want by easily adding or re-arranging the drag-and-drop modules.

For people who are going to build online stores, Webs provides them with eCommerce web store. To say that, all the features needed in an eCommerce website can be found in its eCommerce web store. People can add products and categories as required, display products in an appealing storefront page, and accept payments with Stripe or PayPal.

This company also provides SEO Booster within its Pro package. This SEO tool allows customers to optimize titles, descriptions and other functions for their websites. More than that, there is an integrated SEO grader inside its SEO Booster, which can be used to help customers have a comprehensive knowledge of their websites optimization. And they can also easily find the calls out that could be improved.

More than that, Webs gives advanced web analytics, making it clear for its customers to know where their traffic comes from. Or, if people are not satisfied with Webs self-designed tracking tool, they are allowed to move to Google Analytics.

More surprisingly, Webs offers membership site features to its customers. Thus people can build a website membership as they like. Benefiting from this service, people can build a virtual town hall located on the web by organizing people around a cause or event.

Webs also offers other more good features for its customers to build pretty websites. For example, it offers custom domain names so that people can add polish and professionalism to their websites; it also offers HQ video storage to allow its customers to store HQ videos for viewing on the sites.

Webs Templates and Themes

Webs has hundreds of templates for customers to customize their browser websites as well as mobile sites. These templates cover more than 20 different industries including transportation, art, business, religious and etc. No matter where people come from, they can find the right one to their industries.

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Webs App Center

To meet people’s requirements for more third-party features and tools, Webs offers an App Store providing all applications covering business, communications, entertainment, and media. Some apps are free, while some are not. What’s more, there is no need to worry about difficulty in installation, for the reason that all the apps are integrated into its website builder and people can install them with ease.

Webs Review on Reliability and Speed

Up till now, Webs has housed over 55 million websites on its platform. Its reliability and speed are good enough for general website building.

As all the files are hosted in the cloud, Webs makes an assurance for each of its customer to access and edit their sites at any time and at any place. Additionally, Webs provides password protection for its premium customer. This service allows customers to share pages and information with community members or colleagues securely.

Webs Review on Customer Support

As we’ve mentioned above, Webs offers email support for its Starter plan, offers email and live chat support for its Enhanced plan, and offers email and live chat plus phone support for its Pro plan. For people who use its free plan to build websites, they don’t have any other supports as the premium plan customers except the forum discussion.


In general, Webs provides many practical features, enabling people to build functional websites. This product is especially suitable for individuals and small online stores.

Its free plan gives a good chance for customers to have a comprehensive understanding about Webs. If people are satisfied with its service and want more features, applications, and higher security, they are allowed to easily upgrade to its premium plans. More than that, Webs has a 30-day money back guarantee to remove financial risks for these premium customers.

For more information about Webs, please visit to check out.

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