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Businesses today are majorly driven through the websites of organizations. Deploying website backup solutions is of utmost importance and priority given this scenario. Many customers have a habit of surfing the Internet to know more about companies, products or services of which they are looking at buying. It is like a basic hygiene check for customers. Websites and the content that they hold, say a lot more about the organization than what you can think.

Why is deploying a website backup solution so important?


Imagine having worked hard for an entire day and entire night for an important presentation the next day or having worked on some analysis on an excel sheet that involved thousands of entries; only to wake up the next day morning and realizing that you did not save your work or worked on a downloaded file without saving or maybe accidently deleted your work. You just don’t know what happened! Nightmare! Now imagine the same thing happening to your website! You may have been running the website for 10+ years now and constantly upgrading it with changing needs. And one fine day the website crashes and your host does not have the latest backup or doesn’t have a back up at all. Nightmare would be an understated word then. Mentioned below are 4 compelling reasons for you to have a back up plan for your website.

You cannot not rely 100% on your web hosting company to take care of the face of your organization. They may or may not take back ups of your website; maybe not the latest version. It’s always better to be safe than regret later.

Previous content backup – We are constantly upgrading and developing our businesses. With that the content on the websites is also changing. Below are some of the important changes that your websites go through:

  • Information on products and services – With the increasing customer base, change or upgrade in products and services and marketing gimmicks, the information that you provide on your websites is constantly changing. What happens to the old data then? Wouldn’t it be great to have a backup of all the content on your products and services right from the beginning? History of your organizations progress plays a very important role in defining and designing new strategies and business plans.
  • Design and aesthetics – Like was mentioned earlier, websites act as a face of the organization. You might be constantly developing the design for better flow and easy access to information that the customer needs. What if a new design experiment on the website isn’t working well? Having a back up of the previous design will help you restore the earlier one easily and fast.
  • Customer Reviews, feedbacks and testimonials – Your websites may have content that customers, vendors, buyers have posted. These posts earn your business brownie points. Again, having a backup of such valuable content cannot be ignored.
  • Customer Data – Many of us have subscribers with whom we can connect through our websites. This is more relevant in cases of ecommerce businesses or if you have a membership base. If you don’t have a back up, there are chances you may lose this crucial customer related data like their contact details.

Hard drive and server failures – With so much of advancement in technology, one might think it is crazy worrying about a hard drive or a server failure. But one cannot deny the possibility of something like this happening. The hard drive could crash and the server might fail. And you will be left with no content of your website. Having alternate means of website backup solutions is a sensible thing to do in order to avoid any loss of content in such a case.

Prevention from hackers – You may deploy the best security systems to your website, and you still can’t deny that your website is privy to being hacked. The statistics provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance says so. And many large sized and recognized public and private sector banks have been in the news lately for being hacked. Your website could be attacked by any kind of virus or malware. Your webhosts may not run virus and malware scanners on a regular basis to protect your website from such threats. Having regular backups as a practice will help you in restoring data faster so that you website is up and running.


What are your options?

There are many organizations specially offering website backup solutions for you. It is actually growing as a service business model across the globe. They offer you a bouquet of services related to backups. These people are actually offering you peace of mind keeping you away from sleepless nights without any worry of the tons of data that your website, (i.e. your digital asset) is holding for you.

Besides a regular manual back up on your local hard drive or through cPanel, you can back up your website content on cloud through various options available like backup buddy, drop box, amazon 3, Rsync etc. to name a few.


Besides these automated backup solutions are also available through companies like Backup Machine, Codeguard, Dropmysite etc.

Of course what option you chose from would be depending on various factors like, your budget. Automated back up solutions are costlier; but if you have the money, why not? Also think of how much time and money you will have to spend on recreating a website and all its content, especially if you are running a CRM, in case disaster strikes. The man-hours and the money you might have to shell out will help you decide what option suits you best. You may also have to decide a backup schedule depending on the complexity of the content and activity on the website. Your back up schedules must ensure that you are not hampering the regular operating and usage hours of your website. Having a back up is not enough. You also have to ensure and check the backup file for any virus that may contain.

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