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Weebly vs. Wix

With the increased demands on website builders, to choose a cost effective solution from a wide range of options on the market is not a very easy task. Weebly and Wix are both regarded as the Best Website Builders.

weebly-vs-wix Weebly ( has supported more than 30 million customers, ranging from bloggers, developers, artists, business owners to entrepreneurs, since its inception in 2007. Well, Wix ( is also one of the most popular website builder providers, serving more than 73 million customers around the world. However, which one is better?

In below, we are to compare Weebly and Wix from 4 aspects, including pricing, features, reliability and customer support. After reading this in-depth comparison, our readers could figure out the answer.

Weebly vs. Wix on Pricing

Actually, Weebly and Wix are both wise to offer free starting package. And similarly, their free website builder plans both include everything that basic use needs. However, although customers can use free features to build reliable websites, Weebly and Wix require customers to display their ads. Moreover, Weebly and Wix offer the free package under their own subdomains. Considering these two features, we think the free plan is not good to customers’ website future development.

Meanwhile, Weebly and Wix both provide cheap paid packages for customers, and also customers can choose to upgrade from free plan without any extra charge.

At Weebly, the paid plans start from $8/mo. Besides everything included in free plan, the Starter includes free domain, Google Ads, removes Weebly Ads, unlimited storage, connect their own domain, advanced site stats, and basic eCommerce features as well as marketing features.

Weebly Exclusive Deal Weebly Exclusive Deal

At Wix, its paid plans start at $5/mo, namely Connect Domain, still including Wix brand Ads. When upgrading to Combo at $10/month, customers can get free domain and remove Wix ads. Besides, all Wix premium plans include free hosting, domain connection, Google Analytics, minimal 500MB storage, and free setup. If customers choose 3 year contact term, they can get 50% discount at most. Namely, the Connect Domain can only start at $3.50/mo.

Wix Exclusive Deal Wix Exclusive Deal
50% Off

Although Wix paid plans start at a cheaper pricing, Weebly basic paid plan offer more. In addition to that, Weebly offers a 30 Day full money back guarantee, while Wix provides a 14 Day money back guarantee for premium plans.

Weebly vs. Wix on Features, Templates & App Center

As popular website builder providers, Weebly and Wix both offer rich features, easy-to-use templates and extensive app center to customers. Now, let’s check out the details in below.


At Weebly, to create a responsive website, customers can use the powerful Drag & Drop tools. The company also makes it easy to use with mobile device friendly. Customers can build, edit, or manage their site from their mobile device. Complete eCommerce solution, including digital goods, smarter calculator, coupons, SSL security, and more, helps customers create secure and reliable eCommerce website.


Wix often integrates new technology to enhance the power. Besides HTML 5 builder and Flash editor, Wix also include Drag & Drop builder. Mobile friendly also comes for better design and management. Columns are also the new feature included, which make customers split their strips into smaller, smarter and more stunning parts. Form builder lets customers easily create dynamic contact forms RSVPs, and more. Custom domain name is included as well.

Templates & Themes

To perfect website, Weebly also offers customers powerful design tools. Customers can create their own galleries, slideshows as well as custom backgrounds. Beautiful websites can fit different sizes’ screens, and responsive themes are available for it. Weebly also offers fully customizable templates for customers to design their own styles for their brand.

At Wix, it also integrates more new stunning features. Generally, professional fronts, flexible templates, stunning stock images, professional logos, HD video hosting, over 40 galleries, and other more are all available for customers to design a perfect website.


App Center

Weebly can also help customers get in front of the world via its extensive app center, a full suite of SEO tolls, and their own custom domain names. Google Apps, Pinpoll, LiveChat, McAfee SECURE, better Coupon, and more are all included.

Wix offers customers personalized Google Mailbox, ShoutOut email marketing, SEO tools, Google AdSense, social bars, Facebook popup, Pinterest follow, Facebook shared, community forum, social media feeds and more are included to help customers engage more visitors.

Comparing the major features offered by Weebly and Wix, we find that their website builders have their own style. Weebly comes with easy to use editor and full eCommerce solutions, while Wix offers many new features to make the site more advanced.

Weebly vs. Wix on Reliability

Both Weebly and Wix offer premium hosting solution with their website builder packages, and both offer the free hosting services based on stable cloud platform. Although the hosting services are offered free for charge, Weebly and Wix ensure to provide reliable hosting environment.

Specifically, Weebly makes sure that no matter customers’ websites receive 10 visitors or get 10 million visitors, their web hosting offered with the building tools can certainly support them well. The reliable cloud-powered platform also ensure that customers’ websites will not be affected by each other. As for Wix, its hosting solutions also come with high uptime over 99.9%.

Weebly vs. Wix on Customer Support

Similarly, Weebly and Wix both offer many useful information and tutorials in their only help center. Customers can Weebly and Wix can both find the best articles within the help center.

Differently, Weebly also offers real person support for all customers. Even better, as a global company, its support is multi-language, including German, French, and English. Customers can get support via email or live chat anytime. For advanced customers, they can also get quick phone support. At Wix, there is no real person support, but it offers more resources for customers to improve skills and fix issues, like news and other connected social media.

Weebly customer support is more convenient but Wix rich online resources are also very helpful!  If Wix offers real experts support, we think it could be better.

Which Website Builder Is Better?

According to the comparison, we learn that both Weebly and Wix are offering easy-to-use website editor and the best possible website building experience for their customers. Base on rich features and reliable hosting support, we think both companies are good options.

However, if we consider the pricing and support, even though the free plan is available at the both, Weebly offers cheaper paid plans and better real person support. So, Weebly should be better to newbies and individuals to start with. Wix often brings in new features and utilizes new technologies, so we think it fits developers and business owners more.

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