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What Are The Best Email Hosting Solutions For Business?

Emails that are sent by the business background must be professional in approach as well as the looks and this can only be achieved by using the email hosting services to send or receive business emails.

What Are The Best Email Hosting Solutions For Business?16-1

Email is an important part of any online business. You need to stay connected with your clients and users and if you do not get a proper channel to communicate with them your different activities regarding your products, services, new launches, offers etc. is definitely going to hurt your business. You may use the traditional personal email for the purpose but sending business emails from a personal account is not a very good idea because first of all it does not give a very good impression of your professionalism and secondly it may be seen as spam or frivolous by your customers. This is the reason that you must have a separate email account for your business and that should be done professionally by using the best business email hosting service.

Email is used so extensively because it is one of the most effective tools to communicate and this is the reason that more and more companies, whether they are big or small are taking to email hosting services around the world.

Advantages of using the best business email hosting service16-2

There are many advantages of using email hosting services such as

  • As soon as a user receives an email that contains your company’s name and logo your email gets that credibility from your customer instantly. The mail hosting services give you a convenient way of creating such addresses that are attached to your domain.
  • You do not need to purchase any hardware or software because all that is provided as well as maintained by the service provider and you can use your available resources for something else.
  • The best business email hosting service allows you to access your email from anywhere and at anytime. You can, therefore, keep your customers involved and informed through emails all the time about various aspects of your business such as confirmations about the purchase, newsletters, offers etc.

There are many email hosting services available on the internet but you must choose the best email hosting service for your business so that you can not only communicate with your clients but also keep them engaged all the time. A few of the many email hosting services are worth the mention here and they are

  1. Zoho Mail16-3

This is a professional email hosting service and is capable of supporting various types of apps for your business. You get a group of web mails that are designed to support an interface that is clean and most of all ad-free. By taking the services of Zoho Mail you not only get benefitted for business emails but also find solutions for various other things such as accounting and CRM to name a few. Zoho Mail gives 50 users free but after that too you do not have to pay hefty amounts to upgrade your storage.  Other features are:

  • Multi level folders
  • Drag and drop
  • Tabbed view
  • Threaded view
  • Filtered view
  • Mass selection
  • Instant chat
  • SAML authentication etc.
  1. Google Apps for Work16-4

You may be already using the free version of this for your personal email needs but using the same for your business would not be a very good idea. The businesses must be professional in approach and that is why you must get a personalized email for your business with the help of Google App Engine. You can get started by just making an account on Google App Engine with the addition of your domain to this account and you are good to go with a new and only Google Apps account that has your domain too. This email hosting service gives you host of facilities such as 30GB storage and calendar that can be shared. Also you get to do video meetings and have business-level security control and most importantly real support.

  1. Big Rock

This email hosting service gives the most basic of all the plans ad that is 10 free email accounts. This is on one hand good for the people who have to use all ten but for those who do not have to use ten accounts it may become a liability. But otherwise this is a great service provider that has great interface that is intuitive and powered by OpenXchange. This interface can be easily accessed by any phone whether it is iPhone or Android. Also you get protection from spam and viruses.

Some of the highlights of this service provider are

  • 5GB storage and backup
  • Online address book
  • DNS control
  • Full HTML email support
  • 100% uptime
  • Vacation auto-responders
  • Easy to use control panel
  1. Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials16-5

This email hosting service from Microsoft is a real good one. This service provider offers you emails of business class but you can access them only using the Outlook Web App. You can have full control over the exchange of your email in your domain with the configuration that you want. You get 10 GB storage minimum and a separate 500 MB storage space per account. The only thing that is important is that you will need to download in your account a full range of Microsoft Office applications. This can be done at Officecom Setup. This email host is very smooth to use and has great applications and support.

  1. Atmail16-6

This email host is viewed as the alternative to Gmail for Work and has better interface as compared to iCloud of Apple. The cost is minimal while the services are no less than any expensive service provider. The options offered by Atmail are

  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • IMAP and POP3
  • One-click iOS provisioning
  • vCard support
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple webmail theme
  • Tools to manage the whole team.

So, some of the best email hosting service for business providers’ names are listed here. You can choose any of them according to your needs.

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